The Han Emperor Han Dynasty Jiangshan changed color, here is what happened?

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The Han Emperor Han Dynasty Jiangshan changed color, here is what happened?

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Zhou Qin Dynasty, China has experienced a transition from the feudal system to the system of prefectures and counties. The system from the birth of the day, there are dual opposites.

on the one hand, the system of prefectures and counties and the autocratic Siamese symbiosis, its own cruelty. The blood of the six countries in the Qin Dynasty, after the unification of the harnessing of the world's brutality, and the death of the second world after the unification, showed the weakness of the system incisively and vividly.

on the other hand, the system of prefectures and broke the feudal lords (hereditary world counties Shou Ling is the surname), the scholars, civilians are involved in political opportunity in the theoretical and practical aspects are included in "the whole world as one community" ideal.

in this regard, Wang Fuzhi in the "history of reading" commented: "Qin was a crime on Jesus Christ, including just carry on. Qin denounced the private, and wish their children to private lives, and is the world's largest public! "Wang Fuzhi keen to point out that the system of prefectures and counties (with the imperial power (for the whole world as one community) a family of private) between the two tension. After the

Han Dynasty system of Qin Dynasty, the tension of this system was also inherited, and became a haze over the Han Empire. Qin pain, pernicious, sword of Emperor Wu of Han people also have to consider long policy, so the call for all people to learn one step.

and the man who broke the wall was Dong Zhongshu. From the fundamental problem with the Dong Zhongshu Empire, trying to overcome the inherent contradictions of the county system in theory and system level. The first problem to be solved by Dong Zhongshu is the contradiction between the founding of the people's Republic and the establishment of the country, that is, the contradiction between the legitimacy of the Western Han regime and the stability of the ruling order.

is on the Western Han Dynasty to the founding, Liu Bang anti Qin and Chu battle winner, with the Confucian classic "easy" revolution in the words, this is called "Tang Wu revolution, along with heaven and should be between people".

after the Western Han Wenjingzhizhi, national strength has got unprecedented development, but the ruling class contradictions began to intensify (seven rebellion), social problems continue to accumulate, let the emperor had like sleep on "firewood" sense of crisis. How to preserve the world and establish a harmonious and stable order has become the first problem he faces.

for the emperor the sword people, was the founding of the revolution, his loyalty is the foundation of our country. Obviously, there is a contradiction to the coexistence between revolution and loyalty. At the time of

, Dong Zhongshu had a hand. Dong Zhongshu wrote "don't move Yao Tang Wu don't kill" one article, from the theoretical level to solve this problem. In this essay, Dong Zhongshu changed the Confucian Yuangu Sheng simply from the argument from the public attitude for or against, "destiny" argument. This much more, because the moral legitimacy of too much emphasis on the public attitude for or against the violent revolution, it is easy to follow by the world, and destiny transfer theory are difficult to learn more.

's transfer theory first confirm the "emperor" as "the lofty position of the son of heaven" and the sacred dignity, and it is pointed out that the emperor as the son of heaven, is the day for the throne, you cannot refuse, not just for others. For example, the abdication is not just Shanrang, but God let you make way; wuwangfazhou not usurp, but God let you stand.

this way, Dong Zhongshu will Mencius and Xunzi's theory on the public attitude for or against successfully converted to destiny, self realization of the sacred legitimacy will be awarded on the government of the Western Han Dynasty, from revolution to seize to divine. So, what makes God Emperor Liu? By virtue, Liu had enough to make people live and work in peace of virtue. In order to solve the

Dong Zhongshu emperor awful problem at the same time, also buried a eggs -- with fate to imperial power constraints: the emperor as the emperor, to listen to heaven, can not recklessly Oh, otherwise God will alarm.

's historic single surname clan in the village of Jiangxi province Wujiang Blood River Liukeng village, is a descendant of Dong Zhongshu. (Photography / Zhou Shaogang)