The front street after 1949 is the way we remember

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The front street after 1949 is the way we remember

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speaking of the old Beijing's Qianmen Street, people first thought of the first commercial street of Beijing in the period of the Republic of China. Even the Qianmen Street, which is now reformed now, is reformed with the old photos of the 20s and 30s of the last century. However, I have seen the old front door and the old front door after all, after all. And Qianmen Street, in the memory of more people, is the front door from 1949 to 1980s. After the socialist transformation, although it does not want the Qianmen Street in the Republic of China, it has the characteristics of Beijing, but it is more people in the memory of the front street. Under

, the article came from the Internet, and the little editor did not find the name of the author, but he wrote many memories of Qianmen Street after 1949. If the author sees don't mind, we really love your article. You see, please leave a message in the background. I will tell the big guy is your masterpiece --

1965. Feng Wengang took

front door rental station.


1965, the front gate to the north. Photo by Feng Wengang

front door.

old Beijing four cities, the chessboard street, innumerable alley, there are hidden in the Jane Street alley courtyard courtyard, build the life of old Beijing, painted this ancient capital style, to express the endless yearning for the Beijing accent.

I was born in the quadrangle, played in the Hutong, and studied at Hutong primary school. In the morning, when the melodious bell "Bell Tower and Drum Tower gallops" Chung rang, pull the car, carrying, work, school, people began their day with a. Accompanied by the knock, street cries, play in the case of chanting copper wood ringers, the old city of Beijing at once flourished, you listen to: "fresh fish, vegetables! Almond, tea! " The cries of a hit off as one falls, another rises, while the "picture of custom".

as the saying goes: one year old year after year, selling the cry of one's ware, complex scene.

these sparse scenes, presented in the old Beijing "nine outside the seven Imperial City four" area, circulated in the streets and lanes inside and outside the walls of the city wall. Especially the familiar axis - Qianmen Street aroused the ancient and prosperous.

1956, the front door WIKO Temple middle street kindergartens children are building blocks.

1964, Qianmen Tongyi Xing department store cosmetic group Li Fengyun is to the old salesman salesman consulted.

front door wet well Hutong neighborhood committee to organize children to study.

Yu magnet Qianmen Street Hengsheng bamboo willow products to customer store offers a large number of summer.

Qianmen Dashilan fifth watch repair service station set up a repair by.

in childhood, parents of a child myself Oh (the old Beijing dialect, riding in the back of the neck) and hand in hand, how many times the cruise to Qianmen street.

looked curiously, the towering along the front floor of two winds to the polished tracks, soon come and train ringing in the tram. Thirsty, hungry, looking for a peddler voice: "drink - porridge! Sweet and sour fermented soybean milk "Le, cries, in the immediate vicinity of fish alley (fresh fish alley for the said) with hydron blue fermented soybean milk cart and sat down. Honest shopkeeper carries two bowl of hot boiling a thin old Beijing fermented soybean milk, kohlrabi silk pickles. I sat in the little white stubble on the wooden bench, hands holding the rough thick black bowl, imitate people suck yo drank the sour sweet and sour fermented soybean milk, a nose mouth feel comfortable after the viscera. A two cents a chewing ring is fried, crispy. I really do not know, scattered in the rough rice stall beside the big people, where the "attraction", several hybrid is rare in two words or three brother face. Even with gestures said to talk with sea bridge "eight strange" juggling folk happy laugh; interested to ridicule "flyover goods - fake; flyover lip - type". The old Beijing gossip saying, "funny child cough" boredom.

grew up slowly. Still sly partners, playing on the front street.

Steamed Pork Dumplings both front door.

has just fallen into the front door hotel.

front door train station waiting room crew is pouring water to the passengers.

front door building in front of a fruit stall.

on both sides of the street, time-honored shop stores, row upon row of. The business is booming on the street. Dazzling to see, on the green stone stairs, pillars are red green window "huifengtang" restaurant (the famous old Beijing halal Museum). A pair of Dragon carving balcony hanging on the probe is visible, the blue is drifting (Han opened the red poster). The restaurant hall door hanging "horse" and "taste stopping" wooden sign. This Sapporo, let me memory grandpa "Zhuzhici" cloud: "under the guise of high store row, 32 words calceolarias sign". There is a street in Port Road Steamed Pork Dumplings Museum, gallery head upon a piece of eye-catching tiger plaque "have a" three black gold Chinese characters, can distinguish the Qianlong imperial brush left the mobao. More curious is that we travel through the crowded Qianmen commercial street, to enjoy the naughty "Tongrentang" Chinese herbal medicine shop, put soaked in syrup in a small baby deer in wooden counter; like the growth of arms and leg growth of ginseng baby filled in the box; brocade box Cordyceps, hippocampus pearl.

soon graduated from junior high school. He often slips up to the front street alone.

through the streams of people busily coming and going crowd into the road east porch is typical of Rome Xinhua Bookstore Building materials. Love to read the song of youth by Poyang; Luo Guangbin, Yang Yiyan's red rock and the beautifully printed "people's pictorial". And a copy of the book of love. Especially with kids comic book, seventy-two became "Monkey King Sun Wukong"; great magic "gourd secret"; "the secret spy thriller drawings. On this street, what attracts me most is the two porcelain stores next to the big palisade street. A transparent glass window, exquisite art porcelain, porcelain, antique jade and porcelain painting life. There are old people, Beijing Cacalia Lord, lacquer and cloisonne items is voluminous, a superb collection of beautiful things. At that time, walking into these porcelain stores, often met the blonde and the different complexion of foreigners, they scrambled to buy China's exquisite porcelain. Here, I also know the porcelain every little bit of what is "white as snow, Bo Ruzhi, such as chime sound; how to identify the accumulated under glaze and glaze color; make clear" open ", the Cizhou kiln and Liling Xiangci etc..

in Qianmen watchtower following cleaning pupils.

front hand industrial cooperatives 91 units in four pests.

front door wet well Hutong neighborhood committee to organize children to play.

Qianmen Quangyechang salesman to sell shoes to customers.

walk in Qianmen Street, it is called "one step three city, adjacent to the store, amazing.

then there were more names on the streets and lanes on both sides of Qianmen Street. For example, at the time, the grain shop street is originally called the jewelry city street. The reason is that the streets of gold, gold, jewelry, jewelry,. In prosperity, has been extended to the front door of the Langfang headlines, even the West River area. To the south, the first is the Chen Shi lane. The elaborate, from an old Beijing dialect is the meaning of the old ragged clothing. This is the old lane, Beijing city street yelling: "I buy junk," the distribution of land. But here, regardless of the size of the store opened for business, the business is about a "Friendliness is conducive to business success". Respect the old, Yan (words) two "price of commercial value.

walks in the Qianmen Street, the cultural accumulation is heavy, the literary style is prosperous and the world is admired.

as everyone knows, have two famous Chinese old firm, is operating with similar products and shoes, that is: Sheng Xifu and tongshenghe. When it comes to a head cap Tongshenghe Zhuang, written for its couplets long circulating, today is still intriguing. This may, the "concerted efforts and success, promotion crown multi sources". This is a wonderful classic couplets, creator of consuming effort. Remember, Zhengyang Hong Ji Zhuang tea shop Ceng Chuanyou: "Xianlu cloud midsun Taeshina, excellent Ya sentence copper bottle stone tripod ascoba wind". More front brought both Steamed Pork Dumplings hall, the old Beijing is rely on the operation of the Qing Dynasty started the pub. It is the rumour that it left over, such as: "the Kyoto is a common paging, Hugh asked the name of the true or not." There is a version that said: "a cup of a cup of wine from the complex, both try to".

with great nostalgia mood, memories of past life, no smoke. To think of the historical changes, make people more attached to the old Qianmen Street. Now, I have some Laoyanhunhua to walk again in Qianmen Street, will often find some old people young people, the people of Beijing residents, Chinese foreigners quietly sitting on the bench beside the bed. In the light of the sun, we looked at the Qianmen Street in a thoughtful way and pursued the previous world of Qianmen Street.

I think people think differently. Guess one thing is the same, is to pay attention to this old and full of new life, Qianmen street.