The most hated female traitor in World War II killed countless compatriots but didn't expect its end

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The most hated female traitor in World War II killed countless compatriots but didn't expect its end

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knife reading: the traitor is a group that is abhorred by all people, but frankly speaking, it is in all countries and nationalities. The reason why traitors are traitors, though they are different, but the same is that they all betrayed their motherland and ethnic group, and even hurt their motherland and ethnic group even more than the enemy. Yugoslavia's traitor is the best proof.

night, the German team a group of young people who are ready to hit parked in the square, while the Sarajevo watch shop owner beautiful young daughter Azra was among them, and her fiance burgui to participate in the operation.

suddenly lit up numerous searchlights on the square, all cars were tarpaulin rolled up, like a storm of bullets poured into these young college students be caught off guard.

they were not even able to take out their weapons and were swept down, and the people in the back began to retreat. Azilah already ran out of the shooting range, but when she saw his beloved burgui when hit, fling caution to the winds running back, "pull, don't come too late, however, Azra eventually fell on her lover's side......

in the morning, the square was filled with corpses, just a few hours ago or a group of young students are now full of vigor and vitality, their bodies lay on the cold cement ground.

was gloomy German officer Bischoff stood before the corpses, sinister eyes swept away the crowd, "the citizens of Sarajevo, the German commander Department issued a final notice to you, the parents or relatives come to claim the body." And Bischoff, the wicked command of the sergeant Schindler in the party, "noticed that who came and killed him."

is the first out of the crowd is Sarajevo watch shop owner schede, Cab Bogdanovic's full name is called chede.

in the presence of all the people, the heart is schede - Kapoor Darrow Albion, looked at her only daughter lying there, he can not help but although he was torn with grief, tears trickling down cheeks, also received a "don't in the past, you will be killed" warning. With more and more people coming, the Germans began to panic, and handler asked his officer "what to do?" Captain

Bischoff finally issued a withdrawal order.

go to the mosque in the street, the people who continue to salute the respected Xie De hat, even the day immersed in the loss of female grief in Xie De, but the calm at this time.

's watch shop is a rebel underground transportation station, and he is an experienced guerrilla, "trembled in the air, as if the sky is burning", "yes, there was a storm coming". When

learned that he had fallen into schede renegade, only now can make up for it, "Walter" only save him, think of his beloved daughter died, Xie Deyi irrevocably made a sacrifice of their own choice.

at the mosque, he saw that the spy disguised liaison in shade thought for a moment, immediately go toward spy.

can't wait to ask the spy shade "where is Walter?" "He asked me to bring a letter." "What's the letter?" "I am the last time for you and me!"

did not fall, shad took out a pistol and shot him, and the spy fell to the ground spasmodic. Suddenly, an ambush in the clock tower at the top of the MG42 machine gun instantly with a hail of bullets, when a group of dove into the sky, Xie De Cab Bogdanovic, the veteran guerrillas also never fell, and all this is thanks to a traitress gift.

night, the widow milna suddenly woke up from a nightmare, but see Keith smiling on his bed.

was originally a real Walter saw through the enemy's plot, and dig out the hidden in the resistance inside the female and the female traitor, traitor, Schott's widow Mirna is a pseudonym.

glistened with rage, and Mirna smoked her face. Every time she slapped a face, she said a name that was killed by her. The last reason Mirna gave was "they beat me, and they all wanted to die."

knife uncle view: "please let the woman go away war, when disaster comes, the yield of this woman even sometimes let no ground for blame, sympathy, but like Mirna traitress, there is absolutely no sympathy for her, even the enemy will not sympathize with.

when the fake "Walter" Condel in ambush really Walter, Mirna sent a signal to run away to Condel, in the critical moment, Condel shouted "no" should be grateful to Mirna and take her away, but Condel shot and killed her. Although

Mirna is a traitor to siyouyugu, what time will not have a good end, but this Mirna traitress known today, and regret past doings?

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