Why did Napoleon go to Russia?

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Why did Napoleon go to Russia?

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Napoleon, we all know the great men of the nineteenth Century. In the words of the later people, there are two great men in nineteenth Century, one is Napoleon, the other is Helen Keller. Of course, that's what the people who touted Helen Keller said. We know that Napoleon could say that he had never failed several times in his life, but one of the wrong things he did was to go to Russia. In his last almost The whole army was wiped out. From France badly hurt. So why did Napoleon go to Russia?

said that Russia, from the hand of the Peter I reform, could be said to be an expansion. This is the road southwest of the Caspian Sea, the sea to the tsars target. East to the Pacific. It can be said that in Napoleon, the country was already a giant. It's very scary. To tell you the truth, you're going to keep your muffled money, but the country is far away from the European center.

Napoleon, after his expedition to Britain in 1805, could say that it could no longer organize the Navy's expedition to Britain. So the blockade of the British continent began. In simple terms, everyone was not good at playing with him. We were playing together. But we know that although the British did not complete the industrial revolution at that time, it was also in the forefront of the times. What they produce is needed by all countries. Even within the French army, many people use things produced by the British. But although Napoleon did not call the European countries and Britain to play, the Russians did not take care of him.

first Russia away from the center of Europe, my advantage is far from you, is really choices. You can not control me. And you are the emperor, I am the emperor, and why listen to you. And your emperor is not bad. And at this time Britain told Russia I had money, give you money, do you play with me? At this time, the Czar Alexander I didn't want to think about it. It was sure to play with you. I'll play with anyone who gives me money. So in Napoleon's blockade of Europe, the Russians ignored it and continued to play with Britain.

these Napoleon do not see, you do not listen, I am the old man how to mix. And you and the British are playing with me and how to play Britain. So he decided to go to Russia. But Napoleon did not think that he will resist because Russia in the border desperate, then French breakthrough busy, Alexander finally I will stay in Moscow, they were in the last battle. As a result, the Russians did not eat that, and they found a few times on the border to find it could not, but run. Anyway, my land was so big that Napoleon came to Moscow easily. The results of the Russians to Moscow burned, is an empty city, finally because of the cold weather, and the supply line to keep up with Napoleon had to withdraw.

but after France weakened after the failure of the alliance in the war.