How good is Ximen Qing? Wu Song hit the body was injured, only to kill him!

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How good is Ximen Qing? Wu Song hit the body was injured, only to kill him!

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Wu Song is an important figure in the Outlaws of the Marsh, and is well received by readers. As for Wu Song's ability, we all know that the most critical one is: On Jingyang Gang, kill tigers with bare hands! In Liang Shan, although Wu Song is ranked 14th, real martial arts should be able to advance to the front!

However, Wu Song’s “Lion House Fight to Kill Ximen Qing” gave people a question as to why Wu Song’s body was injured and finally he was lucky to kill Ximen Qing. Is this Ximengqing this bad man, but also martial arts high strength?

Why did you say that Wu Song was lucky to kill Ximen Qing? There are five main reasons for this issue. Next, let us explain in detail.

(1) Wu Song deliberately, Ximen Qing is not prepared! Everyone knows that there are psychologically prepared and unprepared people who are usually prepared to win. In life-and-death fighting, there is a mental preparation for hands-on, it is more sure. Wu Song is ready to kill Ximen Qing, but the big Ximen officials are drinking in the Lion House!

(2) Wu Song's head is clear and Ximen Qing drunk! After Wu Song killed Pan Jinlian, he killed Ximen Qing. But what about Ximenqing? However, in the Lions Building, he said, “he drank a few pots” in the book. Although the degree is not high, he can’t stand drinking a few pots. Obviously, this has greatly weakened the combat effectiveness of Ximen Qing.

(3) Wu Song holding a steel knife, Ximen Qing bare hands! At that time, Ximen Qing had a drink in the Lion House, and at most only chopsticks and tables and chairs were used as weapons, and Wu Song “has a hand to the head of Jinlian, with one hand clutching a red-embroidered steel knife”. One inch long and strong, obviously Wu Song accounted for the advantage!

(4) Wu Song is a short bunt, and Ximen Qing is big! Because Wu Song is prepared to kill people, she must be naturally dressed. On the contrary, Ximen Qing went to the banquet, so dressed in big clothes and loose clothes. Obviously, in the fight between life and death, Wu Song’s short-sleeved clothes are even more dominant!

(5) Wu Song’s Desire, Simon's Merry Day! Wu Song is a long-term "boy's body." Ximengqing is indulgent throughout the day, apparently Ximengqing is "the body was hollowed out," and even before going out to eat alcohol, but also a Merry. In this case, Wu Song also has an advantage!

According to common sense, there are so manyThe advantage, coupled with Wu Song Wu Yi Gao Qiang, then on the Ximen Qing, "hands a knife" is in line with everyone's imagination. However, the actual situation is: Wu Song and Ximen Qing fighting for a long time, and the use of a mistake Ximen Qing, only took him!

Wu Song went to the restaurant and the enemy met with jealousy. Ximengqing’s performance was: (1) First, stunned , (2) quickly stand up to avoid, the body is very agile! Subsequently, Wu Song holding a steel knife, and unarmed Ximen Qing for a long time, are intractable!

It needs to be explained that in the process, Wu Song also ate Ximen Qing's flying leg and was picked up by him to a beggar. He almost fell down and cut the knife. From this we can see that even if Ximen Qing had an empty hand, he still had fighting power on Shang Wu Song. Wu Song who was playing was totally injured.

However, perhaps afraid of death, perhaps the brain damage, perhaps other reasons, Ximeng actually "jumped to escape" and the result fell half dead! At this time, Wu Songshui returned to the knife and jumped downstairs, resulting in Xi Menqing. In other words, if Ximen does not jump, the final result is still difficult to say!

From the above description, you can see a truth: if there are commonly used weapons in hand, Wu Song may not be Ximenqing's opponent and can squeeze into the top ten of Liangshan. In other words, Ximen Qing is in good health. It's no wonder that you can ride the Jin Ping Mei and other women!

Actually, the book about Ximenqing's martial arts is also explained. Because the big men of the Ximeng had a lot of money, they also asked a lot of famous teachers to point to martial arts, they would play "Seven Star Fist," and they would use sticks to make the two hammers. In fact, there is also a background of an era that is very important. That is, although the Song dynasty was heavily weightless, because of Zhao Yuhui's martial arts, there are still many people who practice martial arts in the Song dynasty. The Ximengqing martial arts is not unusual at all!

Will martial arts, good health, can be romantic, ah, modern people do not always see the romantic Ximen Qing, but can not see people's physical strength, playing Wu Song is a wound!