This person passed through the Sixth Dynasty emperor and was reinstated by the great eunuch Liu Ye after five years

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This person passed through the Sixth Dynasty emperor and was reinstated by the great eunuch Liu Ye after five years

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Liu Daxia is a famous minister of the Ming dynasty. He has upright integrity and has spent six years of emperorship in his entire life. Because he was against the evil eunuch, he was repeatedly jailed by eunuchs, but each time He is making a comeback again.

The struggle between Liu Daxia and the eunuch Liu Hao was the greatest. In the fifteenth year of Hongzhi, Emperor Xiaoting of Ming Dynasty ordered Liu Daxia, who had resigned from his hometown, to re-enter the Ministry of Military Affairs. After Liu Daxia took office, he comprehensively rectified the bad governance, especially the eunuch institutions, and drastically reduced the expenses of the eunuchs, Guanglu Temple and other eunuchs. The move was like a hornet's nest. The eunuchs hated him and wanted to put him to death. Then fast.

After the Ming Wu Zong ascended the throne, the eunuch Liu Hao took over the power. Liu Daxia's bad luck followed.

In the three years of Zhengde in July, Liu Xia accompanied Liu Daxia with former Qiang Bu Shang Shu Ma Wendao and dozens of others. He was taken away as a citizen and the charge was that they had recommended the Nanjing Book of Residence as a clerk. In fact, Hao Tai is a person with both ability and political integrity. Just because he refused to cling to Liu Ye, the result was that four days after he took office, he was forced to resign. Liu Daxia and others once recommended him and he was also involved and was cut.

However, Liu Hao still has not resolved his hate. He soon ordered the arrest of Liu Daxia.

Liu Xia's imprisonment was naturally framed.

The accusation Liu gave him was completely "not required": In the 14th year of Hongzhi, Pan Fan served as The governors of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces, the southern Sien prefectural government and the prefect of the prefectural government, Ren Meng, sent each other to attack and kill. They attacked Tianzhou, and Meng Meng immediately sought help from the Ming government. Pan Fan ordered his retreat. Do not listen. Pan Fan was then led by the army and he was killed. Afterwards, Pan Fan played on the proposal and asked Meng to go back to Tianzhou. He was reduced to the same knowledge because of his dereliction of duty. Liu Daxia, who was then the Secretary of the Military Affairs Department, opposed it. He believed that Meng was fierce and he should not return to the old office and should be reduced to one thousand and moved to Fujian. Xiaozong then dealt with Liu Daxia’s opinion.

After the Ming dynasty emperor took office, Meng Meng jumped out again and the plaintiff claimed that the Nanjing Military Department was still in the state of Pan Fan. He is very scheming and spendsGolden bribe Liu Ye. Therefore, Liu Biao pretended to examine Pan Fan’s handling of Meng Qin’s meditation on the game and also reviewed Liu Daxia’s comments on the essay. After that, he falsely transmitted the imperial edict, allowing Meng Meng’s return to Tianzhou as an acquaintance, and Liu Daxia’s invasion of the southern soil. The official rebellion was the culprit of the mutual annihilation of Sui and Meng, and he imprisoned Liu Daxia.

Afterwards, Liu Xi was ordered to copy Liu Daxia's home, but nothing was gained.

After the incident, the university student Wang Ruyi spoke and defended Liu Daxia; the prime minister Li Dongyang also rescued him from euphemism, and he did not obtain anything from the confession. Liu Xi sentenced Liu Daxia to death for constitution and had to change him to At the same time, charge the army to send to Gansu.

Liu Daxia is 73 years old and is still a commoner when he leaves home for Gansu. As he was usually an honest man, he walked out of the capital's Daming Gate, and many people fell down and cried. Whenever he went along the way, ordinary people sent for the strike, and he prayed for incense. He wished him longevity and survived.

After five years, Liu Daxia was once again taken home.

Soon afterwards, Liu Hao collapsed and he was reinstated. At the age of 78.