After Song Jiang's death, why did Wu Song not be sad at all, only said six words coldly?

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After Song Jiang's death, why did Wu Song not be sad at all, only said six words coldly?

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In the “Water Margin”, if the first half is pride, then the latter half is sad! In the second half of the year, accept Song An from Song Jiang and then fight Fang La. The tragedy of Liangshan Heroes has come!

In the process of conquering Fang La, Liangshan heroes died and most of them died. In the end, there were only 27 left, which was a great loss! However, after this war, Song Jiang was the official transport prosperous, because repeatedly made battle, it was sealed as Wude doctor, Chuzhou comfort!

It should be noted that in the film and television drama, Fang La and Wu Song fought off one arm of Wu Song. After a bitter struggle, he was paralyzed by Wu Song and played a popular Wu Song. One arm Fang Fang wax." Of course, Lu Zhishen was captured in the novel.

About Song Jiang's nature, (1) Gong Sunsheng and others saw it very clearly, so they tried every means to leave. Song Jiang, (2) Most people only saw Song Jiang after accepting recruitment in Song Jiang. Lin Chong and Wu Song, for example, strongly opposed it.

Objectively speaking, Song Jiang is an “official fan” who wants to be an official with one heart and one mind. There are two things that illustrate this issue very much! Obviously, Song Jiang’s ideals are extremely inconsistent with Lin Chong, Wu Song, and Lu Zhishen, who were “forced to be on the hill” because they were all forced to fall into trouble. Lu Zhishen and Lin Chong were originally officers and men!

(1) Song Jiang treated the Wusong with a broken arm, but said the words in a cold way, "Anything from your heart!" In other words, casually, love it! Imagine that when Wu Song was severed, Song Jiang should think about considering his brother’s livelihood, but Song Jiang did not care about it, but he wanted to accept it as soon as possible.

(2) Song Jiang knew that the court could not accommodate him. After he wanted to kill him, he first poisoned Li Yu! why? The reason is very simple. Because Jun wants to die, Song Jiangning would like to die instead of letting him be poisoned. Li Zhen rebelled and destroyed his reputation!

After conquest of Fang La, Song Jiang also did something unfeeling: Lin Chong suffered a stroke and could not follow Song Jiang. After returning to the capital, Song Jiang took Lin Chong to take care of Wu Song. Wu Song himself needs people to take care of, but also take care of Lin Chong? Song Jiang as a big brother, this is not arranged, still big brother?

In the eyes of Song Jiang, it may be very important, that is, a worthless brother, it can be abandoned! Therefore, after Wu Song's severed arm and Lin Chong suffered a stroke, Song Jiang did not want to, and even said "unwillingness to your heart."

Song Jiang treated his brethren so indifferent that Lao Jiang Hu Wu Song looked in his eyes and felt sad. In the temple of Liuhe, with a light like a bean, Wu Song looked at the leopard's head Lin Chong, who was almost a vegetative man. How could this one get desolate!

More importantly, in the years that followed, Wu Song, Lu Zhishen, Lin Chong and other brothers had never visited Song Jiang. In other words, Song Jiang basically forgot his former brother! Perhaps the former brother was just a stepping stone to his promotion!

So, when the deaths of Li Lan and Song Jiang came, Wu Song was not sad at all, but said coldly six times. Words, namely: It's all over! Obviously, from these six words, it is possible to interpret a lot of content, but one thing is certain: Wu Song’s long-term commitment to Song Jiang has never stopped!

About Wu Song, there are three backgrounds to pay attention to, that is: (1) Wu Song spends half a year taking care of Lin Chong with hatred, (2) Lu Zhishen, Yang Zhi, Sun Erniang and other good brothers of Erlong Mountain. In addition to his death, (3) Song Jiang had never visited his brother before, but he was busy repairing the grave to build a temple for the nine-day Xuan Nv to build a temple for the emperor! Therefore, when Wu Song heard of the death of Song Jiang, he only said this sentence coldly. Then the Qing Buddha ancient Buddha meditated in meditation and lived to eighty!