Li Shimin has a stunt that ranks first in the Sui and Tang dynasty. No one is his opponent.

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Li Shimin has a stunt that ranks first in the Sui and Tang dynasty. No one is his opponent.

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Before talking to Li Shimin, first talk about the folk customs of the Shanxi Taiyuan area (called Jinyang in the Sui dynasty) where Li Shimin was born. The "Old History of the Five Dynasties Zhang Xian Biography" records: "Oh, Taiyuan has a side-by-side service. Many people are martial and disgraceful with their studies. The youths next to the city are brave and brave. They fly like a fly. The people, as far as the women are concerned, are busy with bows and bows to prepare for nothing.虞". Mr. Lu Sijun said, "Shanxi is close to Di, and it is still martial arts." That is because Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, joined the Turkic community. In order to prevent Turkic people from playing "Autumn Breeze", the people in the territory began to practice martial arts, including women and children, especially bow archery. Not to mention. The three brothers of the Lijia Brothers were very good at martial arts. When they did nothing, they took a group of younger brothers to go hunting and spent a very good childhood. Boss Li built a free-spirited love sword, because the sword is the king of the soldiers, playing up Jianqi vertical and horizontal, when Ren Xia Ren. Li Ermin, the second child, likes archery. Because of strong arm strength, the standard arrow can't meet his requirements. Therefore, he lets the weapon expert give him a special four long arrows, which is longer than the regular arrow. It is equivalent to the width of a four-finger juxtaposition of a normal adult. It is equipped with four large white arrow feathers that can close a big hole in the gate of the city gate. Therefore, it is called "big white feather." He felt that his technique in the field of archery had already reached the frontier. When the emperor followed Xiao Qiang, he bragged: "I don't want to have a good bow, I think I can do my best." I am definitely an expert in the field of archery. I call it second. No one dares to call it first. Li Shimin looked at him with a high hat, and the people of the rivers and lakes claimed to be holy. The fourth old Li Yuanji had a good shot and ten people couldn't stand close.

Li Shimin Wang Shichong of the Outer City Wars in Luoyang, reconnaissance battlefield of Wei Xuanwuling, was Wang Shichong The cavalry was surrounded by more than 10,000 people. Wang Shichong's squadron went straight to Li Shimin with Shanxiongxin, and Li Shimin took a big white feather arrow with a bow and fired a single shot at Shanxiong's gun blade, sparking out. The male monk held by the male flag is also a special one, and the name is Hankubai. When Xiong Xinxin was young, he planted a jujube tree in the courtyard of the school of enlightenment. By the time he reached the age of eighteen, he was armed and cut a gun. He had a length of seven feet and seven feet. It can be seen that the students in the small singles have not worked for more than ten years in the elementary school. They just pondered the tree every day. Yu Chi King Tak looks forward to seeing, and Yuema comes to save his life and shouts as he walks and stabs Xiong Xiongxin. Afterwards, the cold bones were taken from the white and empty hands and folded into two sections.

Hu Jianhuai and Dou Jiande, personally leading three Chivalry Cavalry Go ahead and scout the enemy. Li Shimin and Yu Chi-Jing-te said, "If you have my bows and arrows before you hold the long-winded, though, the millions of people will be able to help me." They also said: "The Xia Jun sees that I can know things and go back to them. I am considered lucky." Four people shouted in front of Dou Jiande's camp wall and shouted: "I am the Qin Wang Li Shimin and sent out the troops that you can fight and singled out." Then he took a bow and shot a general of Xia Jun. Xia Jun thought that Li Shimin was just an ordinary investigation captain (reprehension) of Tang Jun. He heard that Li Shimin had reported himself home and was shocked and happy. He immediately pursued five or six thousand cavalrymen. The rest of the two people who followed Li Shimin to investigate the enemy’s situation were embarrassed to see it. The feeling of panic was on his face. Li Shimin said: "You must go back and report the letter. I and Hou Chiking are behind the house." Li Yuji did not panic and did nothing to push Xu Xing. As long as there were chasers who forced too close, they shot and shot them with arrows. After chasing the soldiers and catching up, the two men fought and retired, and directly lured the Xia army into the ambush circle of Tang Jun. For a time, Tang Jun ambushes and smashes and kills more than 300 Xia Jun soldiers.

Li Shimin once went to the imperial garden to hunt for the emperor and the pig's garden administrator released a herd of wild boars. Let him shoot, Li Shimin bends his bow and shoots, and shoots all four shots. Four wild boars fall to the ground and die. Suddenly a boar breaks through the blockade and goes straight to Li Shimin. The ministers were shocked. Li Shimin had no panic and he took out the long sword with his hand and cut the wild boar head with his sword. Looking back and laughing, "Didn't you see me playing against the enemy and seeing what you guys are all scared of?"

Finally, the battle of the Xuanwumen to decide the fate. Li Er singled out Li Da, Li Dad and left, Li Si raised his gun straight to Li Er. Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji's move is called survival. Because they know the strengths and shortcomings of Li Shimin's martial arts. After analyzing the above we know that Li ShiminIn long-range, shorter than melee. If the two men run together, it is obviously Li Shimin’s live target. Li Shimin’s arrows are all enhanced versions, with one arrow, and the two have no hope of survival. Can not run out of Li Shimin's range. Now the two can actually come up with a combat plan to run a counter-fighting match between the light and the fire. It shows the closeness of the cooperation between the two brothers. If Li Shimin shoots Li Yuanji, then Li Jiancheng has the hope and possibility of running out, because the city gate is open. As long as there is a way to go out, people outside of the city are their own people. If Li Shimin shoots Li Jiancheng, then he may be killed by Li Yuanji at the same time as he put in the second arrow and has no time to shoot. Li Shimin chose the latter solution. He knew that if Li Jiancheng was run out, then everything would be finished. Li Jiancheng is more dangerous than Li Yuanji. If Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji were to kill Li Shimin together, then Li Shimin’s first arrow would be Li Yuanji, not Li Jiancheng. Because even if Li Jiancheng is close, Li Shimin can pull out his sword to compete with Li Jianjian. Li Jiancheng's technique of close combat is not necessarily on top of Li Shimin. The battle situation was just as expected when Yuanji was built. Li Shimin was too late to shoot the second arrow and was taken close to Li Yuanji. He knew that his close combat techniques were not Li Yuanji's opponents at all, but he had to run away and was followed by Li Yuanji in the woods. Seeing that he could not run, he had to take out his bow to meet. He was captured by Li Yuanji and he had to choke his neck and saw that he would be strangled. It was also Yu Chien’s arrival and yelling. Li Yuanji was defeated by Yu Chik-kung. When he saw Yu Chih-chung's fight, he had no choice but to let Li Shimin get up and run. Yu Chih-kung was chased and killed.

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