From "Li Guangguang Feng" to see how severe the "Feng Hou" is to officials.

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From "Li Guangguang Feng" to see how severe the "Feng Hou" is to officials.

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"Preface of Teng Wang Ge" "Feng Tangyi Lao, Li Guangnan Feng" YesWang BoPair I'm fortunate, ill-fated < /font>sigh. "Yan Yuanchun""Make General Lee, meet the Emperor, and hesitant!"Yes Liu Kezhuang Pair When I was born out of date, I was flustered by .

General Li Guang, a young soldier of the army, was involved in more than 70 fights with the size of the Huns. He had not been sealed for the rest of his life. He became a literati. Representing , he became an unfairly treated victim. What was even more surprising was that Li Guang repeatedly asked Han Wudi to fight for the age of more than sixty years old. As a result, General Lee, who was in a strong position in Phi Phi, sued himself during his last expedition. The main reason for Li Guang’s anger and self-exhaustion is that he believes that in this life, there is no longer a chance to perform meritorious service.

“Feng Hou” dream shattered and smashed his neck, showing that “Feng Hou” is the top priority in Li Guangxin's heart. As for the reasons for “Li Guangnao Feng”, there are many reasons for this. Open a text, and then discuss with you, this article first talk about how much benefit the Feng Hou in the end.

First talk about people's focus, moneybags!

When he failed to seal his case, Li Guang’s income was his salary. According to the rank of the officials, the officials were different. Let us see what officials Li Guangdu had been.

The Han dynasty, the Huns invaded Xiao GuanLi Guang used his status as a son of a benevolent son to fight the Xiongnu. His historical records stated that Li Guang served as the guard of the Han Wendi and was praised by the Han Wendi.

When Han Jingdi was in power, Wu and Chu were in chaos in the seven countries, Li Guangren was riding a bridle, and he was rebellious with Taiyue Zhou Yafu. He made meritorious deeds. However, because he personally accepted the general's seal of Liang Wang Liu Wu, Han Jingdi did not give him a reward. He only promoted him to serve as the northern prefectural county chief defender. He served as Shanggu County, Shangjun County, Lingsi County, Yanmen County, Daixian County, and Yunzhong County. The highest executive.

After the Emperor Hanwu was ascended the throne, both the right and the left officials believed that Li Guang was a famous star and recommended him. As a result, Han Wudi transferred to the Central Government Li Guang, who was the county's top guard, to serve as Weifang Palace defender. The Western Han Dynasty emperor Habitat Weifang Palace,Guarding Weiyang Palace is the duty of defending, it is equivalent to the current deputy military region Front Defender , visible Han Wudi still highly valued and trusted him 's .

DefendersThe position of the slain is similar to that of the county.Yes "Two thousand stones", but press to get meters per month180stone, a year!2160 >stone (actually more than 2000stone). At that timeevery stone120 jin,a catty is now half a catty, conversion Every stone in the Han Dynasty was 30Kilogram.

With organic rice, special rice or high-quality pollution-free riceas an example, 5 publicload of general online shopping prices, about the value of RMB70 Yuan, 2018year4month is a reference,Defender< /font>Monthly salary is 75600RMB,annual salary90-100million .

We look at the income situation after Feng Hou.After Han Feng Houhou has his own fiefdom, the fiefdom produces a tax country to not support it. Hou was sealed. Yu Yue's "The Former Han Dynasty ·Wen Di 2 Years" contains the words on the wrong words.曰: "The family of five farmers today, but their authors, but two people,can not cultivate till 100 acres .Hundred acres of harvestBut 300 stone." According to historical records, the average yield of arable land 3Stone, a family can cultivate a hundred acres of land.Follow Flourishness"Thirty tax one"The implementation of the policy, assuming the tenant is the case,the year's total revenue is three Font>Million stonegrain's 1/30,just10millionStone,Equivalent to RMB4000More than 10,000.

Everyone maymight say that ten thousand households are a minority,and indeed in Hanwudi North Korea, the only remaining million households before the DPRK were Pingyang Hou and Hao Hou, together with the new closure of the Changping Hou Weiqing , champion Hou Hu go to the disease, a total of < /font>Fourbits. Therefore, the above algorithm may be higher according to the tenants' calculations. Han Wudi is the seal of Li Guangwei and it is impossible to seal it as ten thousand Houhou. Then we compare the situation of Li Guangtang and Li Cai. The Han court once used it. With 6,000 households and Fengcai as the "Lee Houhou", 1600 households, one year's total incomeequivalent to RMB670million We see that this number is also far more than the 'two thousand stone'.

More important is the concern for people who want to eat and eat!

In ancient times, the social hierarchy was rigorous,according to the level ofofficial, >
Clothing, food, housing, entertainment, ceremonial treatment, security measures are also different. For example, there is a strict system
of of the official out,,, >A few horses, what car, how many people lift the sedan, a great difference! As a result, sounds have opened their way. Flags, cards, umbrellas, fans, , guards, entourages, etc., have strict usage regulations. For another example, housing standards, office space will not speak, even if they funded built housing, floor space, architectural style,construction The font>scale should also be built according to their own level, notcapableagainst< Font>. () In my previous article, ", "How is Kaifuyi with three divisions? How big is the official?".)

Seal Hou as a honor, which is the ruler's praise and affirmation of the recipient. Also is a representation of and .

After , talk about the greatest benefits of Feng Hou.

Front HouNot an officerChild, The officer is actually working for the emperor. ThislandThe output is high again,The peoplemore taxes are paid, except To the nation's ,is to local governments, not to officials. Officials go to work on time to receive salaries, but also have leadership responsibilities and management responsibilities.

But FrontHou is not the same, Hou Hou is equal to the shares! Give you ten thousand, The ten thousand households have become you's Treasurers >,You just need to sit and collect money. You don't need to work. You don't have to take responsibility for management. And alsoLao Zi died, his son inherited, as long as the incense never ceases, also do not violate the law and discipline, offended Font>The emperor,YouBefore youHave a fairy day .

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