Where did Jin Yiwei go when the Ming Dynasty died? Some surrendered to some countries

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Where did Jin Yiwei go when the Ming Dynasty died? Some surrendered to some countries

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Jin Yi Wei is a group of people who are arrogant. Wherever they appear, it will set off a storm of blood. This is not an exaggeration. Two of the “Hongwu Four Major Cases”, the “Hu Weiyong Case” and the “Sapphire Case” were directly planned and handled by Jin Yiwei. Before and after the two cases, there were more than 40,000 people.

That is more than 40,000 living lives.

Jin Yiwei’s power is enormous. In theory, they have the right to arrest anyone except the Emperor himself: whether you are a royal family member, a noble prince, or a general soldier. Therefore, the role of re-encountered, they met only share of far-reaching.

In the movie “Emperating the Spring Knife 2”, there were such scenes. The three brothers of the Jin Yiwei were ordered to chase and kill Wei Zhongxian’s Dang Yu Xu Xianchun, and they even scared the heads of the two Five-Star Warriors. On weekdays, the Five City Warriors and Horsemen also walked sideways. When they met with Jin Yiwei, they were scared to death. What about other people?

In addition to Zhu Yuanzhang's brief cancellation of the Weiyiwei, the Ming Dynasty has been active in the past 300 years. It can be said that Jin Yiwei truly achieved the same fate with the Ming Dynasty. Then, in 1644, when the Ming dynasty was destroyed, where did the Wei-Jian Weiyi go?

Commander makes Luo Yang surrendered to the Qing court

King Yi Wei’s chief is commander of the command, and he belongs to the Third Class. In the court, it was only lower than the six books of the second article. The last commander of the Weiyiwei Guardian called Luo Yangxing, and the Luodu Sexual Official to the right of the second product, Zuo Dudu, sat on an equal footing with the six books.

The greatest contribution made by Luo Yangxing in the Chongzhen dynasty was the impeachment of Zhou Yanru, the cabinet's first assistant, by the impeachment of the Governor of Beijing and brought down the three-year veteran. In March 1644, Li Zicheng’s army captured Beijing. Luo Yang was arrested by the peasant army and was chased out by 30,000 silver. Later, Dole衮 led the Qing army to drive away Li Zicheng and entered Beijing. Luo Yang’s surrender to the Qing court. Dorgon immediately appointed Luo Yang as Governor of Tianjin.

In the appointment of the Governor of Tianjin, Luo Yang has done a great job for the common people in Tianjin. He requested the Qing court to pardon the various taxes and payments made in the last years of the Ming dynasty. Only positive fees and fire costs were levied. Dorgon replied: "Immediately banned leather, such as illicit consumption increase, that is to say fall foul!"

Later, Luo Yang was subjected to dismissal due to unauthorized access to the left-wing ambassador of Nan Guang Hong Guangdi. However, the Qing court expressed its appeasement by adding to him the false duties of the Prince Edward Taifu and Zuo Dudu.

Commanding Li Ruojun to commit suicide and committing a crime in the country

The deputy chief of the Jin Yiwei called commanding and knowledge, generally setting up two people, belonging to the three products. Li Ruojun was a Wu Jinshi in the first year of Chongzhen (1628). After entering the Jinyiwei, he served as a commander and acquaintance. Li Ruo is an exception in Jin Yiwei. why? “Chang'an Shi Min’s factory guards are like tigers, and they see Gong Bingzhengzheng and praise themselves.”

Li Ruoyu was once pursuing the purpose of contracting Yuan Chonghuan and interrogating a suspected carpenter of Yuan Chonghuan. Li Ruoyu feels awkward. Because Yuan Chonghuan's power, even if there are two hearts, do not need to find a carpenter doing it? After repeated trials, the carpenter said the truth. "They took a bitter punishment and told them to say so, or they dismissed it. At that time, I was pinched. I was from Shanxi. I was a carpenter in Beijing. Did I ever go to Liaodong?"

Li Ruoxi confirmed the carpenter The lyrics are reported according to facts. The Chongzhen Emperor did not believe that the life of Kam Yiwei Liu Qiao retrial. Liu Qiao’s trial came back and reported that the carpenter was indeed Yuan Chonghuan’s spy. Chongzhen Emperor believes it is true and will Yuan Chonghuan delay execution. Li Ruoxi was "lost 2" due to loss. But he disapproved and said with a smile: "I don't use a man to command an official. In 1644, Li Zicheng’s army stormed Beijing, and Li Ruoxi insisted on Chongwenmen and eventually committed suicide. He left a desperate word before his death: “Death! That is today's business; sad! Why do people know later?

The Jinyiwei Agency was incorporated by the Qing court

In addition to the nourishment And Li Ruojun, what happened to the rest of the Jinyiwei staff?

Some of them surrendered to the Qing court like Luo Yang. If the commander Wang Pengqi and Joe are available at the church, they all surrendered to the Qing court and took office in the Qing court.


Some of them were killed and killed by Li Zicheng’s army, such as Xi Sifang’s admiral Sun Guang, Xi Sifang’s command on Liu Yingchi, Ma Guojun, Qi Changguo, Bei Zhen Fu Si’s criminal command Liang Qinghong, and the East Plant’s seal of command. Zhao Yuzhou and others were tortured to death in Li Zicheng’s military pursuit operation.

Some escapes, such asBei Zhen Fu’s pleading commander Wu Bangfu fled to Nanjing after breaking Beijing City.

Some of the arches defended the south court, such as Guangdong commander Ma Jixiang. He successively embraced Long Wudi and Yongli Emperor and became commander of Jinyiwei. In 1657, he was transferred to a college degree, and later was promoted to the top of the cabinet. Ma Jixiang thus created a record: He was the only minister in the 300-year-old Daming who became the first and second minister of the cabinet.

After the Qing dynasty entered the customs, the official names of Jin Yiwei and Jin Yiwei were all adopted, but the functions of the detective and prison were cancelled and they became the emperor's guard of honour. One year later, the Qing court renamed Jin Yiwei as “Ruan Yi Wei.” Since then, Jin Yiwei, who has existed for nearly 300 years in the Ming Dynasty, has forever disappeared from the long river of history.

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