This gate is the official gate of the Forbidden City. Someone can only walk once but never enter the gate.

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This gate is the official gate of the Forbidden City. Someone can only walk once but never enter the gate.

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When it comes to the gates of the Forbidden City, the number of gates in the entire Forbidden City is believed to be clear. However, there is a door that everyone must be familiar with. It is the Meridian Gate, which is the official gate of the Forbidden City. What do we know about this door besides knowing that "the launch of a deputy on the Meridian Gate?" What is ridiculous is that we all know that it has never happened before the Meridian Gate. Little is known about what really happened.

There is such a person who can walk through the doorway in the middle of the door once in her life and it seems to be very glorious. Actually it is the beginning of the tragedy. Near the Meridian Gate, there appear to be only three door openings from the front, and in fact there are two or more front doors on the front, one on the side of the East and West Terrace, one facing the west and one facing the east. These two openings reached eastwards and westwards respectively, then turned northwards and went out from the city’s Taipei side. Therefore, from the back of the Meridian Gate, there are five door openings. In the middle, this is the only way the emperor can go in. The one who can walk once in a lifetime is the queen (only once in a lifetime). When the emperor was in the big wedding, the empress carried the door through the gate. From then on, the emperor could not enter this place.

A woman can enter the Forbidden City from the main entrance of the palace and the emperor's way, seemingly big Glory is actually the beginning of one's own tragedy. Throughout the history of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which of the queens who entered from the main entrance received a good end? Take the last queen who entered from the Meridian Gate, she was Long Yu, Queen of the Emperor Guangxu. Her tragedy lasted for many years. She believed that many people knew what she was. She was not outstanding and she was of a soft personality. No pet, no favor in the palace was given to Empress Dowager Cixi, and there was not much prestige on the weekday when they met with the mistresses. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, she seemed to have ended the Daqing dynasty with one hand, and the unhappy days of the day. At the time of the death of Changchun Palace, it was only 46 years old.

Standing in front of the Meridian Gate, don't know what kind of feeling you would have, the main entrance to this palace, the story Too much. We know too little about it. When we walk past it, we only see it as tall., majesty, other we know nothing.