When was Liu Bang's murder of Han Xin? It's too early for you to believe

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When was Liu Bang's murder of Han Xin? It's too early for you to believe

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Worried Chu Han's Han Xin: The Dogs of the Down (20)

The main pen: The happy children of the rivers and lakes

In the early years of Han Dynasty (204 BC), Han Xin was in Jingui. The battle defeated Zhao Jun by 200,000, killed Chen Hao, Zhao Zhao and Wang Xie, and Megatron. Later, Han Xin took Li Zuoche as his adviser. From his calculations, he did the following:

The first step: to send troops to four slightly Zhao Di, incorporated Zhao Jun, An Cheng and the people, to build a wartime harmonious society.

Step 2: Immediately pose to the North, and write a handwritten book. The messenger sent Yan Guo and Yan Wang to Han Xin's power. He really did not fight because of the wind. . Yan Zhao’s people avoided the venom of a soldier and the Han soldiers’ soldiers were also given the opportunity to recuperate. This is a win-win outcome.

The third step: The messengers reported to the Hanwang, and asked Zhang Liwang to be the king of Zhao and the town to ask Zhao Guo.

There are no problems with the first two steps. The key is the third step. Han Xin's behavior is worthy of discussion.

Let Zhang be the ear king. This personnel arrangement is no problem. The Zhao kingdom was different from the Wei Dynasty. It had a vast territory and had more than 50 cities and towns. It was also an aborigine and did not send a high-priority vassal king to caress. It was indeed impossible. Zhang Er is the older generation of anti-Qin revolutionaries and the future relatives of the Hanwang. He has a wide network of contacts and deep roots in Zhao. He is the only candidate for Zhao Wang. Even if Han Xin does not mention it, Hanwang will sooner or later appoint Zhang Erwei. What's the precedent of Zhao Wang’s and South Korea’s Hanwangxin?

The key is that this extremely sensitive matter cannot be mentioned by Han Shin, a high-powered general who recommends himself The deputy to go to become kings, is this appropriate? Hey, if your Han Xin is so terrible, you can make your deputy the king. What should you do? Obviously, he wanted to draw Zhang Er and draw a stone to ask for a path.

No matter what kind of consideration Han believes it is, what is certain is that when the Hanwang learned that Han Xin went down and down Zhao, he passed it and set it offside, and he wanted to stand offside. His heart must be very different. Taste: Han Xin ah Han Xin, have you been so proud that even a king of a country must be decided? You can really let the widows feel uneasy!

The Hanwang did not criticize Han's offside move. Instead, he praised Han Xin and agreed to seal Zhang Er as Zhao Wang. After Zhao Guo officially established the country.

The news came that Zhang Er accepted the congratulations of Zhu Jiang. When he did this, he looked at Han Xin with deep meaning. His eyes were full of gratitude and sympathy.

Zhang Er is old and not very talented. His people are not scared. It is nothing for him to be a king. The key is Han Xin. He is the one who truly makes the Han King doubtful!

In addition to Zhang Er, Hanwang has received rewards for Zhujiang, Cao Sen was named Zhao Xiang, and Zhang Cang was promoted to On behalf of each other, Zhu Jiang will be delighted, and the voices of each other will always be heard. Only Han Xin will sit side by side with his expressionless expression, as if everything is not related to himself. No one knows what he thinks in his heart.

In the absence of Zhao Yizheng, Hanxin failed to defeat one-tenth of the enemy’s troops and broke Zhao Jun’s 200,000. Ping Dingyan Zhao Wanli Territory, his prestige in the Han army, and Japan, both without a moment, a large number of officers became his loyal fans.

The great general Han Hsin today is truly worthy of his name. After the death of Zhao Zhizhi, his men have already had more than 200,000 troops. This is enough to control the world. The terror forces of the situation not only convinced the princes, the princes were afraid, the Hanwang scruples, even the king whose eyes were higher than the top, had to admire his former subordinates.

Xiang Wang also knew that Han Xin was a capable person, but he never expected that Han Xin would have been so powerful. In just four months, he had settled on his four allies. It doesn’t work. It seems that I’ve got the invincible Chu soldiers to play.

So Wang Xiang had to withdraw a part of his forces to cross the Yellow River and unite the remnants of the Wei, Dai, and Zhao kingdoms to engage Hanxin and Han forces on several occasions in an attempt to recover some of the sites and ease the military pressure in the north.

King Wang still looks down on Han Xin, neither personally, nor does he send dragons, and Zhong Qi and other generals, but send some small colors to deal with Han Xin, then it can also discuss the cheap? In less than a month, Han Hsun will easilyThese small beggars were picked up. By the way, they also captured some sites in the State of Chu. Xiang Wang was very annoyed. He decided to send his top general and the dragon to the horse and give Han Xin some color.

However, Xiang Wang was miscalculated. At a critical moment, the Hanwang made a move to insult the Jiujiang Wangyingbu. The Chu Army’s backyard caught fire, and the king had no choice but to transfer the dragon and revenge. Han Xin Seize the opportunity to clear all the Chu troops in Zhao and open up the passage between Zhao and Liyang, and continue to send troops to reinforce the horrible Han king who was attacked by Xiang Wang.

Hanwang finally got a chance to breathe with the help of Hanshin and Yingbu, but it wasn’t long before. Long also defeated Yingbu and incorporated his army. In a victorious position, he was reinforced to the frontline of the Chu army in Fuyang. Xiang Wang then set Han Xin aside, and went all out to attack the Hanwang. The Hanwang was in danger, but he ordered Hanshin to lead the troops to help.

It seems that the incident has only been shelved. In the spring of the third year of Han Dynasty (204 BC), Han Xin and Zhang Erfan led the army of 200,000 troops southwards to Hanoi County, to Xiuwu, the southernmost town in the Wei Dynasty. He was stationed here because of the heavy rain at the time of the fall of King Wu. Named after practicing martial arts, this is located in the county of Hejia County, Henan Province.) The garrison, across the Yellow River and the Xiangyang and Chengyu line of the Han army, responded to the situation in order to resolve Liu Bang's urgency.

But Han Hsin did not immediately take the initiative to send the main force to the south, because now is not the time for crossing river and Xiang Wang to confront each other. As a soldier, he never played insecurity.

Moreover, Zhao’s situation has not yet stabilized. Should he and Xiang Wang become involved in the flames, the alliance will take a long time. Yan Qi will take the opportunity to attack Zhao and Wei Daiyu will move again and again. The situation in the north will A splendid encounter, when Han Xinjin entered, the path to retreat was cut off again. In these few months, the excellent situation in which the taximen exchanged blood and lives will be ruined! And Liu Bang’s side, from Yangcheng County to Gong County and Luoyang, is still very deep, and it should still be able to circulate for some time.

So, the best way for him now is to wait and see, and look at the development of the situation. After all, Peng Yue, who was behind Xiang Yu, had not yet moved. He lived by moving the situation.

Liu Bang left anger, regardless of whether Han Xin’s eyes are only the overall situation. Anyway, this boyThere are no strangers in the eyes. This kind of thing is absolutely not allowed to occur in the Han army. Therefore, he decided to show his superb skills of mastery and give Han Xin a good political lesson!