Zhang Xianzhong opened the imperial examination in Sichuan. After the championship high school, Xie En and Zhang Xianzhong said: Killed

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Zhang Xianzhong opened the imperial examination in Sichuan. After the championship high school, Xie En and Zhang Xianzhong said: Killed

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The peasant army uprising emerged endlessly at the end of the Ming dynasty. There were also many leaders of the rebel army. Among them, Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong were the most famous ones. The story of Li Zicheng is familiar to many people. “Li Zicheng's visit to Beijing” has become a classic story. The reputation of Zhang Xianzhong, another leader of the peasant uprising, is slightly lower than that of Li Zicheng, but it is also a controversial figure with legendary stories. Zhang Xianzhong led troops into Sichuan in 1640 and established the Daxi regime in Chengdu in 1644. The story of Zhang Xianzhong in Sichuan must inevitably mention the history of Zhang Xianzhong’s indiscriminate killing in Sichuan. There are many mentions of his history and history. Among them, one story is more legendary.

Zhang Xianzhong

According to historical records, Zhang Xianzhong was emperor in Chengdu After the release of the order to open the imperial examinations to select talents, after the examination, 120 lucky winners can be high school cadets. Zhang Da, a senior citizen of Huayang County, Sichuan Province, was a champion of high school. This man was thirty years old and seven feet in length and was quite good at bowing. All the ministers flattered and flattered Zhang Xianzhong, and they all congratulated Zhang Xianzhong and played on it. “Congratulations on the first ceremony to get the world away. The Wizards, this is really the help of the heavens and daggers, and they will soon realize the great cause of dominating the world." Zhang Xianzhong was very pleased and immediately summoned Zhang Daqu, and sure enough, as others have said, Zhang Da was impetuous, young and strong, and his costumes were beautiful. . When the ministers saw Zhong Zhong so happy, they also deeply praised Zhang Dazhe. They all agreed that he was an unprecedented and unprecedented wizard. Zhang Xianzhong listened very well, so Zhang Da was given a dozen rewards such as gold coins and sword horses.

In the early morning of the second day, Zhang Dayi entered the court and sent him to Xie Zhong, thanking Zhang Xianzhong for making him a member of the court. The civil and military officials also took the opportunity to praise the wisdom and ability of Zhang Daqu, and all the skills of poetry, poetry, painting, calligraphy and painting were omnipotent. Zhang Xianzhong listened very happy, then gave the dinner in Zhang Dachen, ordered the ministers to feast, happy day. During the feast, Chongzhong rewarded Zhang Dazhu with all the gold and silver utensils on the banquet.

High school champion

The next morning, Zhang Dayou was again In the morning, Xie En, the ministers once again made a statement to Xian Zhong:"When you are under the new nation, Heaven has given me such a wise man. It shows that our country has a prosperous and prosperous year. Your Majesty should consider its image and spread far away; let them know that there are such strangers and strangers in our country. Then the enemy can win without fighting." Zhang Xianzhong listened very happy, and he immediately summoned paintings to paint portraits of Zhang Dazhe. There were also banquets and ministers, and all the people in the room unanimously praised Zhang Xianzhong and Zhang Xianzhong, who also enjoyed Zhang Dazhong's beauty and four servants and twenty servants.

In the early morning of the fourth day, the situation changed dramatically. Zhang Xianzhong sat on the church and Wenwu officials were rushing in. Zhang Dahuang, the top scholar of the new division, was thankful outside the lunch hour. At this time, Zhang Xianzhong was a bit angry, and he said: "This donkey raises you and you love you. But as soon as you see him, the old man is a little scared to see him. You'll pack it up for me. Don't call him again. Come to see me!" Then, innocent Zhang Dayou was immediately killed. It can be seen that Zhang Xianzhong’s moody person was a man who was deeply loved by him but was sullenly killed for a sentence. Not only that, Zhang Xianzhong also ordered that Zhang Da was killed and no one was left behind by the entire family. The origin of Zhang Xianzhong's killing heart is so ridiculous that it is simply irritating.

Serious Scene Stills

There are many killers in Chinese history Most people kill for political purposes. But to Zhang Xianzhong here, many murders are without merit, which is why Zhang Xianzhong has a relatively poor reputation in history.

Reference: “Southern District of the Ming Dynasty”