Whimsical: An emperor who dreamed of immortality but was poisoned by the long-lived meds

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Whimsical: An emperor who dreamed of immortality but was poisoned by the long-lived meds

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Fantasy: An emperor who dreams of immortality but is poisoned by the longevity of dynamol.

People want to live forever. Not surprisingly, the peddler is still on the verge of death, and the high officials and nobles are even more like the emperor. However, if you believe that taking medicine can last forever, and are obsessed with it for many years, it is not far from the disaster.

Sima Yi, the eldest son of Sima Yan, the emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the cousin of Sima Yi, Jin Mudi, initially sealed off the evil king. During the five years of Shengping (361 AD), Jin Mudi died of illness and had no children. The Empress Dowager claimed that Sima was the emperor and Sima Yi became the sixth emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. When Sima Zeng entered the throne, he was twenty-one years old and he was an adult. In addition, he was enrolled in the system under the identity of “ZTE orthodox, Mingde, and his relatives” (see “Jin Shu”). The real power of the Empire was controlled by the general's temperature. Sima Yi was an emperor and he was similar.

The princes were enemies, the imperial powers were on the sidelines, the political frustrations, and the wills were depressed. Sima Yi, who had originally been “elegant to the old man” (see “Jin Shu”), became fascinated with the teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. In the area of ​​Buddhism, "Ai emperor weighs the Dharma, and sends two to diligently solicit him. He has the potential to visit the palace temporarily, that is to say, "Grand Masterpieces", and the Shang Chaoshi, and you can swim in the Imperial Palace." See the biography of Gaochun.) In terms of Taoism, Sima Yi listened to the words of alchemist and took immortality. He hoped to immortalize and become immortal. Just like taking opiates, Sima Yun gradually became addicted and relied on immortality.

The reason why Sima Yi is obsessed with and taking sham drugs is due to his family's early death, in addition to his personal reasons. Sima Yi’s grandfather Jin Mingdi lived 28 years old, his father Jin Chengdi lived 22 years old, his uncle Jin Kangdi lived 23 years old, and his cousin Jin Mudi lived 19 years old, both of whom died young. Sima Yu caused a great psychological shadow. Sima Yi is a jealous man. It is difficult for him to accomplish major political tasks. He hopes to live longer. In addition, Sima Yi is twenty-nine years older than Quan Chen’s wife, and as long as he can survive, it will not be a day in the future.

The Eastern Jin Dynasty was a frenzy of Jin Dan's refining process. Jin Deng Taoist ancestor Ge Hong lived at this time. The so-called immortality drugs are made from minerals such as stalactites, white quartz, and sulfur, plus realgar and female yellow. They are highly toxic. Once eaten too much, they can easily be poisoned and die. By Ge Hong's "Bao Puzi. Nei Pian. Jin Dan," "its turnoverLess, their drug power is not enough, so the service will be used more often than ever. The number of revolutions, the pharmacy power, the use of the service, and the speed of Xianfu, and so forth, and so on, such as remarks, Sima Yi did not listen to the near-champions of the lungs and exhortations, obediently clinging.

In order to immortality, Sima Yi still insisted on taking the drug, and even once “cut off the valley, bait medicine for longevity” (see “Mirror”), did not eat, only taking the drug, in the hallucinations look forward to rising cents. In March 364) In March, Sima Yi took an overdose of Danyushi in a one-off manner and his body developed a poisoning reaction. He took too much and was poisoned by cesium (see “Jin Shu”). Due to the onset of drug toxicity, Sima Yi’s body functions seriously. If you are damaged, you can't come to the house to listen to the government. After the Queen Mother, you had to face the regent. "The emperor took medicine and couldn't take the opportunity to take advantage of the situation." (See the "Mirror").

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