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Think of Zhang Daqian's guest in Taiwan. The studio is called Dafengtang.

He is good at eating and creating various dishes. Every time he has good food, Zhang Daqian calls friends.

There is often a big head among the seats. When he sees Mrs. Zhang's hair, she has unique features, and she does not pass on her daughter. In the future, the big bag wrote a novel, transforming “Mrs. Xu” into a martial arts handwritten into a book. He wrote this:

“At that time, the world’s best carpenter was said to be the middle of the Sui Dynasty. Madame Xu of the Gate, Tangmen’s poison weapon concealed her four-hundred-thousand-year-old world, and she has always known that she is not a daughter. Madam Xu was the long-billed monk of Tangmen, embroidered with craftsmanship and weapons, and was known as a dynasty.


This novel is called “The End of the World, the Moon, the Knife.” This big head was originally known as Xiong Yaohua, but the world is more familiar with his pen name:

The ancient dragon.

▲ "Bear's head" is indeed well-known

Many writers love to write friends into novels, and Gu Long is no exception. Zhang Daqian's stalk, and then he once again used it, is in the "White Tiger", the protagonist Zhao Wuji belongs to the Jianghu school, he was named Dafeng Church.

If Gulong is alive, today is his 80th birthday. He sang songs every night before his death, and his friends all over the world often wrote loneliness.

It is the most difficult to leave because of the solitude of loneliness.

▲ Cologne

However, the time is most ruthless. If he really wants to manage his eighties birthday and wants to find a lofty loneliness, he will not look for it. Instead, he will look around, and everyone will fall.

Not to mention Zhang Daqian and other older generations, even if Gu Long’s forging of an old age, and the “minority generation” of the disciples and friends, were all made on May 5 this year, they could not wait until Gu Long’s eighty birthday.

The years are really frightening. For Gulong fans, Ding seems to have been a young man. He can die of esophageal cancer and is actually an old man in his 60s.

The endless Cologne circle of friends is drifting away, leaving behind countless stories for my generation.

In Gulang's circle of friends, the highest frequency was in the form of Ni Kuang. The second is the Niu Ge couple.

Cow brother is not a cow, and the name Li Feimeng is an animator. Only born in the Year of the Ox, since the number "cow brother." Born in Hong Kong in 1925 and died of illness in Taipei in 1997.

His cartoon is known as the island's number one. He has written many fiction novels, has been a director, has worked as a writer, and even played a niche in person.

Cologne's Cologne

After Nicholas's nine-year-old birthday party, Niu Goe performed a cologne out of a joke


The burdock is an elder sister of Gu Long, named Feng Nani. Her grandfather, Feng Delin, is Zhang Zuolin's eldest brother. His father Feng Yong is a second-generation official who is far more efficient than Zhang Xueliang. Feng Yong University, which has exhausted his wealth and created his own office, is the first private university in the Northeast.

Feng Nani was a schoolgirl of the year, and she was very tender and young. She was still young at the age of 40. However, it is a straight temper, often claiming to be his aging mother, drinking heroes, see things that have to be flat.

The Niu Ge and his wife took good care of Gu Long, allowing Gu Long, who had suffered from family changes since childhood, to feel the warmth of the family.

Gao Long once said that "Li Xiaodao" is based on the prototype of Niu Ge. And A Fei, a swordsman who was abandoned and lonely in his childhood, is a portrayal of Gu Long himself. As for Sun Xiaohong who understands and cares for Ah Fei, it is naturally the embodiment of Feng Nani. Sun Xiaohong is the second lover of Li Xunhuan. Feng Nani is also the second wife of Niu Ge.

▲ The prototype of Li Xunhuan and Sun Xiaohong is the cow calf

< /p>

As for Ni Lan, it is the first friend of Gu Long. Gu Long fame, Ni Kuang also contributed a lot, it was he who chose to serialize the "predecessors of the double arrogance", only to make the unlucky Cologne into the ranks of everyone.

▲ After Gu Long had a knife cut in his mouth, Ni Lan flew from Hong Kong to Taipei to see him.

Cologne, whose life has complicated emotions and countless women, has always longed for a stable and harmonious family life. He is also very envious of the life of the couple. He once wrote: "No matter what Ni Kuang says, Ni Dazhao always looks at him with patience, and his eyes are always filled with care and affection." But later we learned that what really cannot be separated from is Ni Kui; As soon as he left Ni Dawei, the bright and smart Ni Kui would immediately become lost and even be a little disappointed."

▲ Ni Kuang Couples

Is this scene familiar? In ancient times, Gu Long actually wrote such emotional relationships in his works. For example, Su Ying and Xiao Yuer, Ye Kai and Ding Linglin, Zhu Qiqi and Shen Lang......

Ni Lan and Gu Long are mutual friends. Together with San Mao, it is called the Iron Triangle. Ni Zeng once wrote an article "A Fighting Man: Long Marching to the Moon," and wrote that he had a "covenant about life and death" with San Mao and Gu Long. "Three of them, who passed away first, their souls, Every effort must be made to contact and communicate with others in order to solve the mystery of the secret." The results Gu Long and San Mao left early, did not give him a dream.

Lin Qingxia once wrote an article and recalled that one day at the Cologne family, a group of people gathered together. Wearing a halter-backed Sanmao, he stood on the bar and called back on the crowd. Under the spotlights, the shoulders and lines were very beautiful, and everyone was amazed. Ni Lan and Gu Long actually meet "One on each side, to bite." San Mao turned around and said, "Well, both of you must have one to me." The two immediately cut the stone cloth. Three people are familiar,This shows that.

When the ancient dragon died, San Mao's eulogy was: “It was a multi-coloured one, and it was gone without a trace. We did not forget to be drunk on the earth. The other shore may be slightly, feel relieved for a moment, and we bring the wine later” .

After a few years, San Mao passed away and wondered if he had brought wine.

Creating Hong Kong Long Titles with Dragon Tiger Gate for more than 30 years The manga record of Huang Yulang is also a Cologne drinker. When he first met Gu Long, he knew that the former was a very heavy drinker and he was going to do a good job. He took six bottles of XO to the banquet. Cologne saw him put the wine on the table, but only smiled. A few minutes later, Huang Yulang knew that the original Cologne had twelve bottles. Everyone eats food and drink, Wang Yu joins halfway, and several people drink up 18 bottles of wine and get drunk.

At that time, Taipei was popular with XO, smuggling imported for a bottle of 2,700 TWD. Twelve bottles in the Cologne are worth more than TWD 30, which is a huge sum. You know, the royalties for some books at the time were only a few thousand Taiwan dollars.

Gao Long had highly evaluated Wang Yu's drink: “Not only can I do more than a dozen cups, but I can fight for a long time.” Moreover, Wang Yu has another unique skill: "City-kicking is also a top player. If the wine isn't a winner, it's just that you don't get drunk. It's still the same thing that can put you down."

▲ Wang Yu is a playwright of the "One-Armed Knife" Fang Fanggang.

He can overwhelm the ancient dragon. He is more than Wang Yu. Gu Long's "The first time he was drunk." It was folded in the hands of a man named Cai Wenjin, who was the manager of the Taipei Ballroom Overseas Chinese Club. He was a very heavy drinker, and he took down Gu Long's time and was drinking Taiwan's old black pine soda. After Gulong had become famous, he had also done such "inequality" matters, but it was his turn to fool other people and fill the other party's three big glass of brandy - Zeng Zhiwei.

In addition to Wang Yu, Gu Long is most admired by Xu Shaoqiang. Xu Shaoqiang drinks XO without adding water and does not add ice. He directly falls into his stomach.

▲Zhao Wuji, played by Xu Shaoqiang in "Wu Zhuang Yuan Su Tong Er"

Young Jackie Chan had been accompanied by wine because of the crew's request for play from Gu Long.Every time I drink unconscious. Sammo Hung also said that the Gulong drinker was too strong, so that their group of people who had taken military exercise and had to drink all day had to avoid Gulong.

One more time, someone specifically challenged Gu Long to drink alcohol. Gu Long poured the wine directly into the basin, sipping the pot, and the challenger retired without fighting. Lin Qingxuan and Gu Long Duo wine, often regardless of victory and defeat, and later simply poured six bottles of wine into the washbasin, the results fell almost at the same time, is still undivided.

On Lin Qingxuan, there is an allusion that is purely a biography. He once worked as an editor of the early Gulong work “The Lovers Arrow”. Gu Long was writing a draft and he hadn’t finished yet. Lin Qingxuan simply came to himself and wrote an ending, killing everyone with explosives. This matter did exist, but to say that Gu Long was dissatisfied, he wrote a “Xuan Xuan Dao Chang” in the novel. He had no evil and no evil. He was finally cut off and hung on the flagpole. It was pure nonsense.

Among the drinkers, the oldest is Chen Dingshan.

Gu Long participated in the dinner of Zhu Tingyu, owner of Taipei’s China Press. The guests were mostly traditional literary and drawing figures in Taiwan. Being invited to participate in such a dinner, it is a symbol of "being mainstreamed." It is also exciting to have talents such as cologne. A few days later, he wrote the opening chapter of the "White Tiger", which was "Date on March 27th. All things are appropriate." This is exactly the same as the opening of this feast.

Amongst the guests, there are Zhou Zaizi, the first person in Taiwan's old poetry, Gao Yihong, a famous painter, and Chen Dingshan, who is 80 years old.

Chen Dingshan's original name is Chen Yin, and the words "Butterfly Field" and "Kocho" are forty years old. He and his father Chen Diexian were once hailed as China's Alexandre Dumas and Dumas. He had given two pairs of Gu Long couplets, embedding the name of him and his wife, Mei Baozhu. First, “Ancient Long Yaoqiu said the sword, Baozhuzhujuan night makeup”, and one was “Baozhuzhu Spring Audition, Gu Yaolong. Sword Night Paper. The old man was quite fierce when he drank wine. When he was in his seventies, he still poured most of his whisky directly into his mouth.

Coron's BookThe room, with Chen Dingshan's inscription on the wall, "Bao Xizhu Spring Performance Audition, Ancient Qianlong Jian Night Thesis"

1987 Chen Dingshan passed away at the age of 90.

For eating, Cologne is more casual, but it is not unintelligible. He once said that "in all the ingredients for cooking, the taste is the best, and unlike other ingredients, it's better to get the weight right, because the ingredients are always better and better." Punch.

Gu Long's friends are not all greedy. Gu Long once wrote: "Although Li Hanxiang is also proficient in diet, unfortunately, he prefers to drink and chat. As for the gentleman, such as Jin Yong, he has almost reached the realm of eating without food. Even less is it that these people can understand us. It's time."

Speaking of Jin Yong, Gu Long has always respected him. When Jin Yong was forced to leave Hong Kong and avoid Switzerland, he had invited Gu Long to take over his serial novels in Ming Pao. Fortunately, Ko Lung did not disgrace his life and used the "Meteor, Butterfly, Sword" to storm the entire territory, continuing the myth of the "Ming Pao" serialization.

In 1972, Jin Yong sealed the pen after the serialization of "Lu Ding Ji". At this time, Gu Long was at the peak of the game, and it was the Lu Xiaofeng series that was handed over to Jin Yong.

After Gu Long died, Jin Yong wrote a eulogy: “Gu Longxiong is generous and bold, with a lot of ease, a lot of change, and a lot of excitement. If you happily and read his book, you will not see him or her and you will not be able to read it. You will regret it."

▲ Rare Coron Jin Yong with the frame photo, from left to right: Gu Long, Ni Lan, Sun Daning (pen name peasant woman), Jin Yong, Jiang Weiguo, in Shihmen Reservoir Hotel in Taiwan.

In addition to Ni Kuang and Jin Yong, Xiang Jiangsi Another of the great talents, “Never Wen”, Huang Zong, had the same affection and sentimentality as Gu Long, but unfortunately he did not have much contact. Zeng Shu had talked to Gu Long that they were “cognitive but not deep-rooted, but they also I had several dinners together, and his martial arts novels can be highly conclusive. Writing characters really has a hand. But to write a plot, the imagination is rich.I don't like it myself. “The only thing that makes Huang Zong appreciate is that Gu Long did not have the habit of persuading Taiwanese people to drink. He was not forced to drink but he was not forced to drink. He only drank himself.

However, although Huang Zeng did not like reading Gu Long’s novels, The theme song of Gulong drama is actually quite a few words. The most famous one is "Chu Liu Xiang," and the phrase "One Thousand Hills and One Mountain and I Don't Have to Send One Another" has been sung so far.

The "Laughing in the Sea" is Zhan Shu and Jin Yong. The fate of the song may be that when he died, the mourning song of the mourning church was on the side of saying, "I am alone and I don't have to send them."

It is said that peers are lighter than each other, and Gu Long's circle of friends cannot be compared with peers. Will everyone be different?

This varies from person to person. More typical are Taiwan's martial arts "Three Musketeers" - Wolong, Zhuge Qingyun and Sima Yi. These three predecessors caught the first shuttle of Taiwan's martial arts trends. When they became famous, Gu Long was a junior, and returned to the three. Gunners.

▲ from left to right Wo Longsheng, Zhuge Qingyun, Gu Long

After becoming a famous Gu Long, he will not discuss these three positions.


Actually, the three swordsmen's novel Wolong students are rather meteorological, Zhuge Qingyun occasionally has wonderful works, Sima Yi is even known to some people as "the originator of reasoning," but the gap is really too great compared to Gu Long. When Gu Long created a new martial arts After the times, these three have long been eliminated by the era.

This drop will inevitably lead to estrangement, not to mention that Gu Longben is a person of temperament and can insert both ribs for those who like it, but not even for those who like it. Do not take a glance at it.

Someone guessed that Gu Long was a ghostwriter for three generations and ran after the run. However, the trio did not have any real support for Gu Long, and perhaps there was repression. Chilling.

Some people also said that the separation between Wo Long Sheng and Gu Long originated from the latter's horizontal sword and love.Students like Anna, a dancer, often go to join in, who knows that Anna was chased by Gu Long. Wolong was furious.

Of course, Taiwan is a small place. The Three Musketeers and Gu Long are peers. They do not look up and bow their heads. In this case, they each refuse to refer to each other, and they are even more alienated.

It's not like our circle of friends. The list is long, but there are always some people who are not real friends.

However, it has already gone with the wind. In 1989, Sima Yi passed away. In 1996, Zhuge Qingyun passed away. In 1997, Wolong died and the era was already over.

The late Cologne frequently involved in the field of film and television, In addition to the copyright adaptation of the work, he also created a script and set up his own company. However, the best person to change the ancient dragon martial arts, is the director of the original Chu Yuan.

The relationship between Chu Yuan and Gu Long was also due to Ni Kuang. Ni Kui initially recommended Gu Long to the great director Zhang Che, but Zhang Che did not favor the Gu Long works of the time. So Ni Hao turned to find Chu Yuan, hit it off. At this time, Zhang Che's tough kung fu film gradually appeared tired, it is precisely the original series of Chu Yuan's ancient martial arts set off another climax.

▲ Chu Yuan's "Amorous Swordsman's Ruthless Sword"
< /section>

However, although Zhang Che did not take Gu Long Wu Xia, the relationship with Gu Long was not bad. Gu Long once wrote a remark to advise Zhang Che: "I know Zhang Che is a very strong and very stubborn person... People with stubborn personality are always a bit stubborn. The proposal is very difficult to accept, so once you take the wrong path, it will be difficult to turn back."

These words are indeed correct, once the director Shaw’s number one, Zhang Che, later became incapable of doing it. But in retrospect, Gu Long himself did not like this? Hasn't his cup and indulgence allowed him to turn back?

The filming skills are lackluster, but they can hold red Li XiaoLong and Jackie Chan's Rowy, and Gu Long are also good friends. The Hong Kong director met with Gu Long, due to a plagiarism. He wrote a column named "I stole the Gulong ..." and exposed the movie "Longmen Gold Sword" to "steal" the Gu Long novel. Gu Long thinks Luo Wei is honest enough to become a good friend.

When colognes became popular, publishers loved and hated them. Love him talented, printed his book is like printing money, hate him for delaying drafting, sometimes even writing a good start to play missing.

However, Gu Long himself dragged drafts, but he was blind to other drafters. Only Pan Lei is an exception.

Pan Lei is also a legendary figure. He was originally born in Vietnam and his family was well-to-do. He returned to China to fight as a mechanical technician during the War of Resistance. In 1949, he founded his own "Treasure Island Literature and Art" in Taiwan, and was the only large-scale literary publication in Taiwan. His autobiographical novel "The Red River Trilogy" is also called an epic.

He later entered the film circle. Yehliu, who is often visited by tourists in Taiwan, is the location for his directorial debut, Lovers Stone. He also worked for Shaw Brothers in 1968's old version of the "New Passion", also founded the "modern film and television experimental center studios", designed by himself to even run Sha Yifu are interested in the studio.

After being used as a cowboy, Pan Lei had been unable to write because of being edited by the editor. He actually sat crying at home. Cologne wrote down this matter and said that Pan Lei has a "lovely heart."

The heart of the child is the most important criterion for Gulong's friends.

Compared to Wolong Sheng et al., Cologne obviously prefers to help his younger generation. This is related to his character and also related to his early shooting experience.

What's very valuable is that Gu Long's younger generation is not on the shelf, but rather used to deal with his seniors.

For Coron, the rebellious and youthful youngsters seem to have left their homes and gangsters themselves. Indulgence in life like him, to take care of Ding like a father, he cut the long hair and beard of Ding love, let him put on a normal dress, no longer embarrassment. He brought Ding Qing to various occasions to introduce this "talented young man." Even the name of Dingqing was also from Gu Long. He put the pen in his hand and let him start writing.

▲ Ni Kuang, Gu Long, Ding Qing

But Cologne's care for Ding seems to be limited to pulling him back from the road, giving His confidence and goals did not interfere with his growth.

In the case of Cologne, freedom is like breathing, and the freedom of others is the same. Like Ye Kaikai, he had an authentic biography of Li Xunhuan, but he was still an independent person.

In the creation of martial arts novels, Ding’s feelings were lackluster, and he even spent all his life eating the old books that Gu Long left for him in his youth. But is this important? Cologne saved a young undergraduate and gave him a new life. This is enough.

Maybe even more embarrassing is Wen Rui'an. When he was young, Wen Rui'an was extremely talented. He was like the best successor in the martial arts world. Gu Long and Wen Ruian got acquainted later, but when they hadn't met yet, they had already expressed a "reward of friendship" to them. In 1976, after reading Wen Rui'an's "Hunting" and Huang Ying's "The Thirteen Killers", Gu Long said: "I like young people. Their achievements must be higher than I."

Wen Ruian It was recalled that when he was studying in junior high school, he was fascinated by ancient dragons. Gu Long was his enlightenment teacher of martial arts novels. In his early novels, he often even saw the rivers and lakes under the ancient dragon. The series of Shenzhou Qixia mentioned Tang Yu and Dafengtang in the "White Tiger". In the series "The hero is the hero", Sun Yubo and Li Xiangchuan in "Meteor, Butterfly, Sword" are mentioned. In 1977, he met with Gu Long for the first time. Gu Long once said that “Williamian has only had to focus on the martial arts novels again, and his luck is better. Afterwards, the martial arts novels will look at him.”

If Gu Long sees today's Wen Rui'an, will he be filled with emotions?

As for Huang Ying, the mainland pirated book of the “Shen Shengyi” series was named after the ancient dragon. Unfortunately, he died prematurely in 1992 and died very badly. He was said to have taken a loan from a loan shark. He was beaten to death without money. After a few days at home, his body was stinking.

Another rumored Gu Long disciple shattered Mei and once wrote "White Jade Carving Dragon" for it, but unfortunately it was written in a mess and the level was not as good as it was. It is generally believed that Shen Meimei is Xue Xingguo.

The Xue Xingguo writes a fictional level, but it is a very good media person. The reason why Gu Long took him as a friend is also very interesting. The two just met and Xue XingThe country was drunk and slept directly in the Cologne family for one night. Gu Long thought that he was not wary and was magnanimous, and he became a good friend.

"Taiwan Internet Godfather" Zhan Hongzhi also had a fight with Gu Long. In 1978, he had just entered the workplace. He was the assistant editor of Renmou Newspaper. He used alcohol to make submissions, Gu Long became famous, and he had to The editor-in-chief had a holiday. Of course, he would not immediately agree to the immediate kid. He just took out a bottle of whisky. Mr. James Hung, who did not drink any wine, said nothing. He drank a full bottle of whiskey and immediately poured it on the wine table. Gu Long laughed and said, "The children are good, this manuscript I wrote."

▲ Gulong Handbook

After Gu Long died, friends in the circle planned a funeral for him, which was extremely grand.

Ni Hao said that the best article in his life was an obituary written to Gu Long. However, the most famous lyrics or Jo Qi's sentence was "Li Xiaodao's knife is absolutely loud, but he never passed away."

▲Nan Hao felt painsore at the Cologne memorial service, and San Mao soothed.

Qiaoqi was formerly known as Xiong Xiong, who wrote martial arts novels, detective stories, and the Black Cats series of legendary women's books. He even wrote more than 60 titles, and he is known for the Chinese world. Because he and Gu Long both bear their surnames, they are called "two bears on the island."

Another Cologne friend, Goyang, wrote: “In the past there was poetry: How did one drop go to Jiuquan? Today there are 48 bottles of the world's best wines, which are infiltrated on the land of Taiwan.

This “48 bottles of fine wine” refers to the 48 bottles of XO that Wang Yu had specially brought for the Cologne. However, the value of the 48 bottles of XO is amazing. Everyone is the anti-theft tomb and they gather near the remains of Gu Long.

▲ Cologne spent his life drinking alcohol. His knights also loved booze.

Think about it. This is Gulang's favorite farewell. Because he is afraid of loneliness.

He once said: "I got everything in one pen. Even I didn't deserve it. It was loneliness. Even if he had such an awkward circle of friends."

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