Why was the “Huaihai Campaign” originally conceived by General Su Yu not a “cooked rice meal”?

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Why was the “Huaihai Campaign” originally conceived by General Su Yu not a “cooked rice meal”?

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Compared with the Liaoshen Campaign and the Peace Tianjin Campaign, the Huaihai Campaign was considered a relatively special strategic battle in the three major battles of the Liberation War. According to historical records, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party did not think that the Huaihai Campaign would evolve into the main battle of the entire Central Plains. Therefore, the PLA’s pre-war preparations were not particularly sufficient. Chairman Mao dubbed the “sandwich rice”.

What is interesting is that the proponent of the Huaihai Campaign, the deputy commander of the East China Field Army, Su Yu, is an outstanding military who is good at playing "the fairy god" Home, the Huaihai campaign he originally envisioned was not the later "sandwich rice." So what exactly does the "Huaihai Campaign" originally conceived by General Su Yu look like?

With the Liu and Deng army marching into the Dabie Mountains, the Liberation War entered the counterattack stage. By 1948, the national situation had become more and more favorable to the People's Liberation Army. Therefore, Chairman Mao asked General Su Yu to lead the seven columns to cross the Yangtze River and push the front line further behind the reactionary rule. However, General Su Yu believed that it would be more advantageous to stay in Jiangbei.

After listening to the advice of General Su Yu, Chairman Mao canceled the order to cross the river, but asked Huaye to win more battles in Jiangbei and accelerate the liberation of the country. Process. General Su Yu did not let the Central Committee and Chairman Mao disappoint. He successively played several battles and defeated a large number of enemy troops. He liberated the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan, from September 16 to 24, 1948.

One of the main goals of Huaye’s campaign to launch Jinan is to attract the main force of the Kuomintang army in Xuzhou to “be a siege”. However, because the Xuzhou Kuomintang army "does not move as a mountain", the goal of "surrounding the city to fight aid" has not been realized, and the two-thirds of the main force that Huaye used to fight for aid did not participate in the war. It is not a matter for hundreds of thousands of officers and men to sit, so General Su Yu will immediately consider the next operational goal.

The general Su Yu decided to liberate Huaiyin, Huai'an to Haizhou and Lianyungang, namely Huaihai. There are two goals for General Su Yu: First, to annihilate the two Kuomintang reorganizations stationed in this area; second, the liberation of the Huaihai area can connect the Northern Jiangsu Liberated Area with the Shandong Liberated Area. Because the campaign target is the Huaihai area, this battle is called the "Huaihai Campaign."

Chairman Mao basically agreed with the campaign idea put forward by General Su Yu, but thought that using the two-thirds of Huaye’s main force to annihilate the two Kuomintang troops was somewhat overkill. It is believed that the Huang Baijun Corps near Huaihai at that time can also be listed as the enemy of the battle. Therefore, the goal of the PLA Huaihai Campaign Plan was determined to annihilate the Kuomintang army, which is dominated by the Huang Baijun Corps, and to liberate the Huaihai region.

If it is only to annihilate Huang Baizhen, Huaye has a great advantage in overall strength, and it is not a "cooked rice". However, the Huaihai Campaign Plan of the People’s Liberation Army and the Kuomintang’s “Xu Wei Battle” plan have produced a wonderful chain reaction. The Huaihai Campaign has also changed from “Xiaohuaihai” to “Dahuaihai”. "Puzzle rice."