In the Southern Anhui Incident, the most powerful division of the National Army, a brigade commander was killed by a brigade commander, and lost more than half.

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In the Southern Anhui Incident, the most powerful division of the National Army, a brigade commander was killed by a brigade commander, and lost more than half.

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In the famous Southern Anhui Incident, the Kuomintang army engaged in large-scale human tactics and besieged the New Fourth Army with eight times of force, causing the New Fourth Army to suffer heavy losses and shocked China and foreign countries.

In fact, the Kuomintang army itself lost a lot in this war.

For example, the 40th division who played the most fierce and hardest. In the battle, a brigade commander was killed, a brigade commander was injured, and the whole division lost more than half.

What is this?

The injured of them is the 3rd Battalion of the 5th Regiment of the 3rd Division of the New Fourth Army. The battalion commander is Chen Renhong.

In January 1941, in the transfer of the New Fourth Army, the 5th Regiment of the third detachment where Chen Renhong was located was directly commanded by the Ministry of Military Affairs and was responsible for the task of the central column of the military. The second battalion led by Chen Renhong was the avant-garde of the 5th regiment, following the military.

At the dawn of the 7th, the new Fourth Army, which was marching, was suddenly ambushed by the Kuomintang’s stubborn army, and the avant-garde forces immediately fought with them. In the afternoon, the 5th Regiment was ordered to change from a defender to an avant-garde, opening the passage for the retreat of the entire army. Unexpectedly, at midnight, the entire marching force suddenly turned back from the original road.

It turns out that the whole army has been surrounded and there is no retreat.

The commander Ye Ting came to the 5th group and ordered the 5th group to rush to Litanlun overnight to seize the high Ling, who stayed for 3 days, shielded the military and large forces from the direction of Jixian.

On the second day of dawn, Chen Renhong led the 2nd Battalion as a 5th group avant-garde, eliminating the first battalion of the 79th Division of the First Arrival and occupying Gaoling. Then, the whole regiment adhered to the dangers, repelled the stubborn army and counterattacked again and again, stubbornly persisted for three days, and completed the task assigned by the commander.

On the 10th, Chen Renhong led the entire camp to follow the regiment from Gaoling, catching up with the military department trapped in Shijingkeng. At this time, the surrounding hills were full of gunshots, Ye Ting was commanding the battle, saw the 5th regiment, immediately ordered Chen Renhong to lead the 2nd Battalion to the Dongliu Mountain in the southeast of Shijingkeng to take over the defense, and replaced the military teaching team to cover other troops. Break through.

Chen Renhong ran to Dongliu Mountain. After receiving the defense, the 3rd Battalion of the 5th Regiment also came up the mountain and was ordered to return to Chen Renhong.

The fierce battle between them and the enemy started on the morning of the 11th, lasting two days and two nights. In line with Chen Renhong, it is the 40th Division.

The National Army that participated in the attack on the New Fourth Army in southern Fujian has a total of six divisions, namely, 52 divisions, 108 divisions, 40 divisions, 79 divisions, 144 divisions, and the new 7 divisions, among which the most powerful and fiercest. It is 52 division, 108 division, 40 division and 79 division. Chen Renhong fought two of the divisions - the enemy 79 and 40 divisions.

In the two-day and two-night battles, according to "Chen Renhong Biography":

< p>"Chen Renhong commanded the troops to retreat dozens of offensives, killing and injuring one of their brigadiers, causing more than half of their injuries." (p512)

This record is not allowed.

There are only two battalions led by Chen Renhong, and it is unbelievable that the enemy is a division and has achieved such a record. But this is the case. If you don't believe it, you have to believe. Chen Renhong’s combat talents can be seen.

Because the officers and men are fighting out, Chen Renhong is also seriously injured in the battle. A bullet hit the left side of his chest, and the military uniform was stained with blood. He bit his teeth and insisted on command. Subsequently, the deputy battalion commander Ma Changyan’s left arm was also seriously injured, and he fell into a coma due to excessive blood loss. At 16:00 on the 12th, the deputy director of the regiment, Zeng Yongyuan, came over and took over the positions of the two battalions. Chen Renhong and Ma Changyan were carried down the mountain for rescue.

On the 13th, at dawn, the military ordered five regiments and two battalions to break out after dusk.

In order not to increase the burden of military breakout, Chen Renhong offered to conceal the injury on the spot. Later, he and Ma Changyan took a scouting class and some medicines, food and a well-cooked lard, bid farewell to the troops and hid in the deep forest.

After the mountain, the mountains and the mountains are full of enemy troops in the mountains. They lurk in the hidden places of the deep mountains and mountains. They dare not make fire and cook. During the day, they are afraid of smoking, and at night they are afraid of the fire. They have to use salty salt. Mix rice with lard and eat wild vegetables.

Why does Chen Renhong experience so rich?

After the Red Army’s Long March, he played three years of guerrilla warfare under Chen Yi’s hands. After

, he led everyone to cleverly escape the stubborn army and search again and again, relying on a can of lard, a dozen people even lurked in the mountains and forests for several months, spent the winter, ushered in the spring, It was not until the Ching Ming Festival that the enemy troops withdrew, they went out of the mountains and broke into the team.

After returning to the New Fourth Army, they realized that most of the officers and men of the 5th regiment were sacrificed in the breakout. Chen Renhong and others were concealed because of the injury, but they survived. In the Southern Anhui Incident, Chen Renhong and others wounded the two enemy brigadiers and survived themselves, creating a miracle.

In the future war, Chen Renhong has been the nemesis of enemy officers.

In November 1948, in the Huaihai Campaign, Chen Renhong was the division commander of the 16th Division, and led the enemy to defeat the 100th Army and a division, forcing the 150th division commander to surrender. The 40th Division of the Enemy in the Southern Anhui Incident was also smashed in this battle.

In the summer of 1949, in the battle of Dujiang, Chen Renhong was the commander of the 70th Division. He led the deputy division commander in Tongling, and the commander and chief of staff of the 4th Army in Zhenjiang, and the deputy army of the enemy. Long Li Ziliang.

After the founding of New China, Major General Chen Renhong served as the deputy commander of the 66th Army, the commander of the 24th Army, the deputy political commissar of the Beijing Military Region, and the deputy commander of the Jinan Military Region.