Japan has played big this time, and the three ambitions are clear, Trump may never think of it!

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Japan has played big this time, and the three ambitions are clear, Trump may never think of it!

2018-08-05 10:25:32 149 ℃

The first military Author: days Langge

There is no doubt that the world is entering a moment of confusion and uncertainty growing: Trump strategic competition powers came to power provoked, is It has had a major impact on the peace and stability of the world. It has not only led to the rise of traditional geopolitical competition, but also changed the interdependence of the countries of the world brought about by economic globalization. The cornerstone of global strategic stability has been shaken, as a relationship between major powers. The economic base of the cabin stone has been severely weakened.

Confusion and uncertainty mean the advent of a certain crisis. The strategic competition and trade war between big countries has become the symbol of the crisis of the post-Cold War era. At this critical juncture, the United States relies on absolute power to maintain and consolidate the hegemonic order dominated by it. The traditional European powers are swaying between the United States and the United States. Emerging market countries are maintaining the international order centered on the United Nations. And is committed to saving the trend of economic globalization from being reversed - the outcome of this contest will largely determine the basic pattern of the world in the future.

At this uncertain moment, Japan’s frequent shots have become major gainers.

In economic terms, Japan used the chaotic waters made by the United States to fish, and became the actual leader of the scaled-down TPP after the United States withdrew. Japan has recently reached a free trade agreement with the European Union. Under the background of the impact of Trump's trade protectionism in all major countries, Japan has clearly expanded the space for economic activities in Japan.

Politically, on the one hand, Japan has used the United States to provoke the strategic competition of big countries and has increased its position on the needs and reliance of allies; on the other hand, in the case of the United States constantly showing strength, Japan has a relatively soft posture, eased relations with major countries in the surrounding areas, and strengthened its ties with Russia, quietly changing the situation of isolation for many years.

Militarily, Japan "actively responded" to the demands of the United States, continuously increased military expenditures, expanded its armaments, and achieved the goal of letting Japanese military forces go out by borrowing ships to the sea. At the same time, Japan took the opportunity to turn the Self-Defense Force into an offensive "combatable force", strengthening its military capabilities from both defense and offensive, and taking substantial steps on the road to re-arming. .

The history of the world for nearly 500 years shows that the second decade of each century often has major events that affect the world's pattern - the past The historical experience is that these events usually become the beginning of chaos and conflict, and the behavior of profit in some countries is a troublemaker.

Now, the second decade of the 21st century has not yet passed, and the chaos and uncertainty of the world have already been revealed. If the United States is the maker of major contradictions and troubles, then Japan It is the most important part of trying to profit from it – history shows a striking resemblance to the same period of the last century.

The problem now is that the United States still has to target the two countries of China and Russia, and has caused a lot of chaos in the world, and the US ruling party is shackled by ideological barriers. The zero-sum thinking, the foreign policy is becoming more and more rigid, the preference and dependence on the military alliance is getting stronger and stronger, and it is increasingly becoming the source of instability in the world.

And Japan has exerted its political speculism to the fullest, coupled with its political right-wing conservativeness and the continuous expansion of military power, its strength and expansion of genes under the cover of the "soft posture" mask Under the swell, the two sides are behind the expansion of selfish desire and greed - some countries that cannot see through their hearts are still dreaming of trying to hide their skin with the tiger.

The biggest lesson in history is that at the critical juncture of world turning and uncertainty, the dominant state not only fails to fulfill its due responsibilities and obligations, It is also based on the contradictions of one's own private intensification, and those speculators who are trying to take advantage of the fire will eventually become the arsonists who set off the crisis. Try to see the behavior of the United States and Japan today, how similar! So, will the historical disaster still happen? I would like to hear the advice of two historical celebrities.

Roosevelt: The Japanese are the most despicable and shameless people I have ever seen.

Dao Gaole: Japan, this is a sinister and deceitful cruel nation. This nation is very snobbish. Its crazy bloodthirsty is similar to that of the medieval European vampire Dracula. Once you see the weakness, the throat The tube will be bitten by it immediately, and no life is possible.