This Qing dynasty Xiaozhi County dared to kill the imperial minister, Jiaqing anger: I want the murderer to die very hard to see

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This Qing dynasty Xiaozhi County dared to kill the imperial minister, Jiaqing anger: I want the murderer to die very hard to see

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The imperial concubine is the most cattle official in the feudal society. Why do you say this because this official representative represents the emperor, but in the Qing Dynasty, there was a lieutenant named Li Yichang who was responsible for the disaster relief. He went to Shanyang County to investigate the number of corrupt officials and deducted When the imperial court rescued the silver case, it was killed by a small local magistrate.

The killing of the imperial concubine is equivalent to killing the emperor. It is absolutely the same as the rebellion. The Jiaqing Emperor is angry. Then, the action of a slaughtering begins... You want to know the passing of the matter, then let Xiaobian give you a A secret.

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A day in early August of Jiaqing, the two governors of the two rivers will pay an expedited memorial and send the horse to the capital. The Jiaqing emperor will look at it. After the memorial, I quickly passed down a sacred purpose: I immediately sent 200,000 disaster relief funds to Shanyang County (Huai'an).

The emperor of the feudal society was most afraid of two things. The first thing was that there was a man-made counter; the second thing was the earthquake, the disaster and the flood. This kind of unpredictable natural disaster is likely to cause the people to rebel.

When the Qing Dynasty, there were four major rivers: the Jishui, Huaihe, Yellow and Yangtze. The Huaihe River was flooded with at least 50,000 refugees.

But the Emperor Jiaqing sent 200,000 relief funds to the disaster. One month later, the words were fierce and blamed the imperial disaster relief. The memorial, like the snow flakes, flew to the capital.

200,000 silver, if it is sent to the hands of 50,000 refugees, one person and four silver, even if the disaster area is expensive, it can eat for one to two months, but the corrupt officials of the Qing Dynasty, layers of deduction The number of victims is falsely reported. In the end, the money is in the hands of everyone in the disaster. It is only one or two yuan in the district. That is to say, the rice can only be eaten for about 5 days.

Jiaqing ordered the ironclad to be strictly investigated. The iron security company sent Li Xinchang, a newcomer to the new division, to represent himself and go to Jiangsu on behalf of the court, to investigate the disaster-stricken money, and who fell in his pocket.

Li Yuchang’s family is poor, knowing the suffering of the people at the bottom, he is a very just person. After receiving the task, he decided to check As soon as he emerged, he must make the corrupt officials visible and live up to the trust of the court.

Li Yichang came to Jiangsu, he decided to focus on the investigation in Shanyang County, and from the bottom, he personally went to the affected village, found the land insurance, and let the land security hold The flower roster of the village gathers the people together and names them according to the head.

He is a stupid method, but there are only about 10,000 people in Shanyang County. He gets 2,000 people a day. In five days, he will figure out the total population affected by Sanyang County.

The county magistrate in Shanyang County is named Wang Shenhan. He learned that Li Yuchang is engaged in the real roster of the county. It seems that a thunder is on his head, and he was blinded at the time, because he also had a roster of sinister disasters. The number of victims was more than 20,000.

Li Yuchang got the real flower roster of Shanyang County and came to the county magistrate of Sanyang County. He immediately proposed to check Wang Shenhan’s request for a fake disaster record. Wang Shenhan rushed to take it for his life. The roster, but the roster was not taken, but it took a silver ticket of 10,000 yuan.

Li Shuchang did not accept the purchase, and Wang Shenhan reprimanded him and told him that he didn’t want money... Wang Shenhan suddenly realized that Li Shuchang was not called Li Yuchang, his name was Yu Wang, he went Shanyang County is going to come by itself.

Wang Shenhan couldn’t buy a life with one thousand two silver tickets, and he decided to want Li Weichang’s life. Li Yuchang came to Shanyang County to bring three classes and bodyguards. Their names are: Li Xiang, Gu Xiang and Ma Liansheng.

When Wang Shenhan shot 9000 two silver tickets in front of the three of them, the three men decided to kill their masters only after a moment of ideological struggle.

The three despicable guys, why are they so easy to rebel? Because they are employed by Li Xiaochang, they don't have deep feelings with their own masters. What's more, the Qing Dynasty is so big, with 3,000 two silver tickets in hand, you can spend your life comfortably when you hide.

The three guys first smashed the cream in Li Yuchang’s tea bowl, and then Li Xiang used the rope to kill Li Yuchang. Wang Shenhan gave them three thousand and two silver. These three guys sneaked away at night. It’s gone without a trace.

The imperial man was hanged and killed (the scene of Wang Shenhan’s forgery). After Xiongfutai learned the news, he soon came to the mountain. In Yang County, Wang Shenhan’s corrupt silver, 60% was given to Xiongfutai. Xiongfutai had no choice but to confuse with Wang Shenhan. He had a case against Li Zhaochang in the court, fearing that the court would blame the crime and commit suicide.

Wang Xiong and I thought they would do things seamlessly. In fact, they are La Tieliang and Jiaqing as fools. With the martyrdom sent by the capital to Sanyang County, Li Xiaochang’s death was quickly smashed out. Li Xiang, Gu Xiang and Ma Liansheng were also arrested.

After the Jiaqing emperor learned the truth of the case, he hated the corrupt officials, and his teeth were biting. It is. He wants to make this group of people die very hard to see...

Wang Xiong and two were arbitrarily beheaded, Gu Xiang and Ma Liansheng were executed by Ling Xiao, and Li Xiang was directly taken to the graveyard of Li Yuchang, Ling Xiao, Wu Yi The six internal organs are placed on the table to comfort the soul...