Three Chinese who have visited the United States and caused a sensation

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Three Chinese who have visited the United States and caused a sensation

2018-08-05 20:25:27 753 ℃

In modern history, there will inevitably be many exchanges between China, the world's most populous country, and the United States, an economic and military power. In the history of conscience, Sino-US relations are generally good, especially in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, when the Chinese national power declined, the United States gave China considerable help, such as the establishment of Tsinghua University and Union Hospital, and China during the Anti-Japanese War. Aid and so on, I think I still have to talk about conscience. But many times, China is a country that is both strange and mysterious to the United States, so whenever history coincides with its meetings, Chinese elements often cause a whirlwind in the United States.

The first Chinese political dignitary to visit the United States is the famous Li Hongzhang. Although in the modern history, the old Li was not the same, more often it was turned into a traitor. But it was not the case at the time. Lao Li and Japan's Ito Bowen and Germany's Bismarck became the world's three prime ministers. He is regarded by the Western world as China's most powerful and visionary politician. He is regarded as the successor of Prince Gong in diplomacy and is the spokesperson of Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu.

The Qing government, which was defeated in the Sino-Japanese War in 1896, decided to change its mindset and use another way to deal with international affairs. Diplomatic relations. After attending the coronation ceremony of Russian Emperor Nicholas II, Li Hongzhang decided to tour the world and caused great sensation in European countries. People have shown great interest in this 70-year-old man from the ancient and huge China. He is very funny and very familiar with the etiquette of Western countries. But the most grand and grandest visit is in the United States.

On August 28, 1896, Li Hongzhang arrived in New York, and the whole of New York instantly boiled. There were thousands of people on the streets, and people rushed to the docks and squares to see the elegance of the elderly in the East. Since this was the first Eastern monarch or politician to receive in the United States, almost all the headlines of the newspapers were occupied by his name. At that time, Li Hongzhang was dismissed from the governor of Zhili because of the defeat of Jiawu, but all the United States at that time. People still call him Mr. Governor.

Under the boat, the son of Li Hongzhang’s old friend, former US President Grant, was greeted. The welcoming ceremony was almost unprecedented. grand. Li Hongzhang stayed in New York, Philadelphia and Washington for ten days. He used the body of the seventy-year-old to make the arrangement extremely compact. I went to see General Grant’s cemetery, participated in various speeches and gatherings, and met with famous figures from all walks of life in the United States and Chinese overseas Chinese. At the time, the question-and-answer record between Li Hongzhang and the US interviewer, I feel that every Chinese person is going to read it. It is indeed thought-provoking and quite shocking.

For this unprecedented visit, there are a few points that I think should be particularly emphasized. In fact, Li Hongzhang is at home. In fact, there is no real power. The titles of Zhili Governor and Beiyang Minister have been dismissed. At this time, the country has also set off a wave of killing Li Hongzhang. In addition, when Li Hongzhang left New York, the local Chinese had used the sacred gift to send the prime minister off, although he was ridiculed by many Americans at that time. However, I feel that the country has been ruined to this point. The Qing Empire, which has a population of 40 million, needs such a ruthless old man to support the crisis. On the other side of the distant earth, Li Hongzhang is definitely worthy of this overseas Chinese. kneel.

The second Chinese whirlwind in the United States is when China is more critical, China’s first lady, Song Meiling, visits the United States For the support of the Roosevelt government. The most famous of these is the speech of Song Meiling in the US Congress on February 18, 1943. As the second woman to stand on this rostrum after the Queen of the Netherlands, his speech shocked the entire American political arena. In order to improve China's international status, gaining US support and assistance, and accelerating China's war of resistance, it has made an indelible contribution.

Song Meiling stayed in the United States for a full seven months, during which he visited the major cities of the United States and Canada and sought everything. Seek help. Because of her activities in the United States, it has largely contributed to the large amount of international aid that was later acquired by the Chinese battlefield and the fact that China became one of the world's five largest powers after the war.

While the third visit to the United States caused a sensation was Deng Xiaoping, I believe that every Chinese person has a history of that No stranger. The documentary "Spinning the Nine Days" released in previous years details the process and experience of his visit to the United States. The degree of popularity in the United States is also conceivable. For the results of this visit, everyone should touch the mobile phone in the pocket and look at the computer on the desk.