Exploring the old custom of the northeast, "Langbang set", why do two men have a wife?

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Exploring the old custom of the northeast, "Langbang set", why do two men have a wife?

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OF: Chener Hu

a "help pull sheath" intended

There is a swearing word in the northeastern region, which is a kind of swearing and swearing.

However, what is the meaning of this "strap"?

The original meaning of "pull-up" is that when a horse-drawn carriage is loaded with weight, it is afraid that a horse-drawn carriage will not move. In addition to the horse that is being driven, a horse is placed next to it to help pull the cart. The carriage must be driven by a horse. Two or three horses in front of it are called "small horses", which can increase the weight. The horse is an important means of transportation in a small time.

Second, the real "pull sleeve"

In the folklore, the “pull-set” refers to a couple. Because of the heavy reasons, another male “plugs the door” to the family, and the second man has a wife. This will later bear the main labor of the family.

Speaking of the northeast region, the geographical characteristics are very obvious. This is a region where many ethnic groups and "immigrants" merge. In history, Bohai people, Qidan people, Jurchen people, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui people, The Korean, Oroqen, Ewenki, Daur and Han ethnic groups flourish here. There are also white bloodline tribes in the history, intermarriage, integration and optimization of the race.

Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the number of mainland Chinese Han people who came to Guanwai to make a living has gradually increased. It has been called "Suiguan East", and the Northeast has become a "concentration of immigrants". It began in the middle and late Qing Dynasty, from Shandong and Hebei. Waiting for the climax of the Northeast to make a living, the masses of the family to take the mouth, but still dominated by men, which also caused the imbalance between men and women in the Northeast, men more than women, causing many poor people's men On the wife.

At the same time, some wealthy men have married their daughter-in-law, or because of physical condition or because of lack of labor, A malformed practice of two men "co-wife" to solve the needs of life and reproduction. The latter is called "pull-set", that is, working, of course, in this place. To do the work, the work in the house is to be done, and the husband and wife must do the work.

Can be said that women in the Northeast, passionate and righteous, have blood and flesh, generous and free, soft and soft, bold and sultry, no shortage of wit, no falsehood, less market anger. While maintaining his own habits, he is quite open and there seems to be no burden.

When their husbands can't live in the house for various reasons, they will not abandon their husbands and this family, they will choose a relatively capable young and strong man to help support their families and take care of the young and old. Three people live together and call it a "pull-up". There was no insulting meaning at that time.

Three, the man who pulls the sleeve

The men who pull the gangs are almost all very poor, unable to marry their wives, and have to complement each other. The family who chooses to pull the sleeves is relatively wealthy. There is room and land. The male owner may be sick or infertile, and another man is needed at home.

The people who were chosen to "pull the set" were almost all honest and honest, kind-hearted, old-fashioned men, poor at home, and despising their wives.

Come on the "strap", not only the work in the home, but also the birth of a child with his wife, the succession of the child, the birth of the child with the male owner's surname.

There are also some old men who have fewer wives, or men who can’t do anything. Women have a good relationship outside, and they have an extramarital affair. They are reluctant to leave this house and they will be brought back. One wife.

This "pull sleeve" is a product of a specific period. I heard that there are still brothers who share a wife in a remote mountainous area. It also shows that when productivity is low and men and women are not evenly distributed, A metamorphosis of social malformations.

[Author] Chen Erhu, the pen name is Hongye, the Khitan in the Mongolian. Deputy Secretary General of Wengniute Banner Writers Association.


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