By dragging Wu Wang and Wu Sangui to death, you can avoid the chaos of "seven countries, three shackles"?

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By dragging Wu Wang and Wu Sangui to death, you can avoid the chaos of "seven countries, three shackles"?

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The above "Su Shi Qin Guan and other people think that "wrong mistakes are too urgent", right? Not right", we talked about the Song Dynasty Su Shi, Qin Guan and many other literati in the middle and late Song Dynasty to reflect on historical conclusions, then, Is there any deeper ideological background behind this?

(1) The Song Dynasty people are reflections, but the Song people are more rational

The discussion of the "wrong mistakes in the middle and late Song Dynasty" goes beyond the Northern Song Dynasty. The historical argument before the middle and early period has certain advanced nature. However, in the historical thoughts from the Northern Song Dynasty to the present, there have been even worse ideas. It is to explain the later generations of the Jianwen Emperor and Kangxi’s cuts.

At the same time, the erroneous image in some literary works and film and television dramas has turned into a "little man who only struggles for power", and it is out of the entire history of the evaluation of wrong.

The error can be said, but it cannot be intentional because of errors. Go to the character. Because anyone will have something for themselves, they will do something that is not righteous. Unless he is air. If you use something as a lifelong, three-dimensional life, then it is naturally wrong.

(2) Is it because of "excessive urgency" four times?

Some people are now cutting their mistakes, cutting them in the Western Jin Dynasty, and building them. The four times of the reduction of Emperor Wen and the reduction of Emperor Kangxi were said to be caused by the "excessive urgency" theory. Two of them failed and two succeeded. The Western Jin Dynasty was somewhat far-fetched, mainly because the "eight kings" took the initiative to fight for power.

"The chaos of the Seven Kingdoms" "The chaos of the Three Kingdoms" "The change of the Jing Dynasty" is indeed caused by the "cutting". However, don't think that only the emperor and the minister are smart, and the emperor “cuts the mind” and “the king” does not know. How many people in the DPRK-Chinese ministers are the kings of the kings, or who are inclined to accept the bribes who knows the king!

There are two kinds of people who hold the idea of ​​"disordering and rushing too fast": one: wrong political opponents or dissidents; second: later generations, "the success or failure", the latter is only When I saw that I was wrong, I was judged that the reason was his fault.

There is no suggestion that the king’s power will be weakened unless the emperor does not care whether his power is contained, whether his or her decree and decree can be enforced by the king, his own couch. Whether one or more people are allowed to sleep next to it!


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There must be a cut!

The person who has been cut is not a fool!

Early cutting is more advantageous than late cutting!

(3) Why are the Song Dynasty people happy to overthrow the historical views of the ancients?

The two mouths of the human mouth, as long as your language logic is strong, "white horses are not horses" can not be the philosopher's ability.

As the Tao Te Ching has words: the avenue has a benevolent righteousness; the wisdom of the wisdom has a great falsehood; the six parents do not have a filial piety; the country is confusing and loyal.

It is no exaggeration to say that the people we are arguing about today are basically spoken by the Song people.

Additionally, dissatisfaction with Wang Anshi’s reform and Huizong’s many traitors led many people to have sympathy for their mistakes and many talkers.

At the same time, the Song Dynasty’s compromises were based on extensive public opinion. The “Peaceful flooders” and “Sour Confucianism” were particularly numerous, leading to those who could not “self-forbearance” and who were more reluctant to obey the imperial power. many.

No matter whether the Song Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty or the Song Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty, the wrong character was relatively concentrated. The main tone is: learn to protect yourself!

However, when you learn to protect yourself, the interests of the state and the government are at a critical juncture with personal interests and group interests!

The degree of "self-protection" is difficult to grasp. Qin Lan can also say that he is "self-protecting" - because the resistance has succeeded and his political future is over.

The wrong cuts defeated the "seven countries' chaos" by force, and shocked the Hanwu Emperor's era! Without the power of mistakes, it is impossible to shock other kings.

Wu Wang died early, is there no other person in the country?

Time will destroy enemies, and will train more powerful enemies that you don’t know to grow up!

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