Why is Zhu Changzhen a king of the Ming Dynasty who is not worthy of sympathy?

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Why is Zhu Changzhen a king of the Ming Dynasty who is not worthy of sympathy?

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History in Henan is the land of fish and rice. In the late Ming Dynasty, the seal of the seven kings of the royal family of Zhu Ming was here, resulting in a high concentration of land. In addition to the disasters that occurred during the years, the people did not have enough food, not starving or fleeing. Or, to be a robber, at least not to be a starving ghost.

When Li Zicheng first entered Henan, only a thousand people followed, and few people were willing to follow him. However, this situation was quickly changed by the Ming Dynasty government's strong taxation.

Because it is hard to bear the pressure of the government, the people here have joined the volunteer army of Li Zicheng, reaching tens of thousands of people in just a few months.

Under Li Zicheng’s command, the peasant army won Yiyang, Yongning, Yanshi, Lingbao, Baofeng and other places, and also executed the Ming Dynasty Wan’an Wang with hundreds of county officials. .

When a person’s good luck comes, the block can’t stop it. This “law” is used to describe Li Zicheng at the same time. Because at this time two "intellectuals" joined his peasant army, namely Song Xianze and Niu Jinxing. Among them, Niu Jinxing is the "lifting person" who is guilty of breaking the law, while Song is the warlock of the rivers and lakes.

Don't look at the lives of these two people are not glorious, they have helped Li Zicheng's great help, and he is deeply reused by Lao Li. In particular, Song Xiance, when he saw Li Zi’s achievement of the "18 masterpiece artifact" proverb, made Li Zicheng very excited: "The surname of Li should be the emperor!"

The seven Ming dynasty in Henan Wang Zhong, the richest is the number of Fuyang Zhu Changyu in Luoyang. This person is the third son of Ming Shenzong, and he is born with the favorite of Zheng. The Queen of the King did not have a son, and Wang Hao gave birth to the eldest son, the later Guangzong, and Zhu Changzhen was smaller than him.

The Shenzong had not established a prince for a long time. The imperial court thought that Zheng Zheng wanted to establish his son as a prince, but the Queen Mother and the ministers strongly opposed it. In the end, Shenzong was "forced" in the twenty-ninth year of Wanli to establish the eldest son of Wang Shuo as the prince, the later Ming Guangzong, and Zhu Changzhen was enshrined as the king of Fu, sealed in Henan.

Since it is the prince, Ronghua Fugui, Jinyi jade food will naturally not be less Zhu Changyu, the day of indulging in wine, looking for joy and happiness, the weight reached more than 300 kilograms. It may be that Shenzong felt that he had "deficited" Zhu Changyu. He was sent to Luoyang after he was 30 years old. He was afraid that the son would not be good and gave him 40,000 hectares. However, there are not so many fertile fields in the area, and they are allocated from neighboring provinces. Despite this, Zhu Changyi was still not satisfied. He asked Shenzong to hand over the salt tea tax of Chuanxiong to himself. He did not expect Shenzong to agree without saying anything. After that, Zhu Changyu opened his mouth to Huai Salt and immediately received the approval of Shenzong.

Don't underestimate these two taxes, but that was an important source of tax revenue in the Ming Dynasty! In stark contrast to this, the people in Henan are not displaced, or they are forced to die by rigorous taxes.

In the long run, the grain of the Ming army at the time was affected, deepening the "hate" of the officers and men against Zhu Changqi. At that time, the Ming Dynasty soldiers who passed through Luoyang to levy the peasant uprising army were very angry: "Luoyang is rich in the palace, and Shenzong consumes the world's wealth to fatten the king, but let us go to war on the empty stomach, killing the thief, how unfair!" >

Even the Lv Weizhen of the Nanjing Military Department of the Ming Dynasty, who was retired at the time, repeatedly entered the Wangfu to persuade the Fuwang: Even if only for his own purposes, he should open the treasury to make some money and help the people.

Fu Wang does not listen.

The peasant army attacked in Henan, the primary goal is Fuchang Zhu Changyu of Luoyang.

In the 1641 (Chongqing 14th year) Spring Festival, Li Zicheng led the army to attack Luoyang.

Because the Luoyang city wall is high and very strong, the peasant army had to pull the riprap machine to help out. Even so, it could not be attacked all day.

Until the evening, hundreds of Ming Dynasty soldiers suddenly appeared on the wall. They were calling out loud, and the peasant army under the city seemed to respond to the gangs of the Ming dynasty.

The hundreds of defending soldiers may have been resentful because of their grievances. They suddenly tied Wang Haochang, who is commanding the defending city, to prepare for the door to surrender.

The general soldier Wang Shaozhen rushed to persuade, these soldiers shouted: "The thief army is already under the city, Wang Zongbing can you give us how!"

When you finish, you will defend the city. Other soldiers who did not want to surrender attacked, and many soldiers were stunned by the city.

The peasant army under the city saw this situation and quickly attacked the city. The transformed soldiers helped to lift the ladder. In this way, the solid Luoyang City fell into the hands of Li Zicheng.

The tied Wang Haochang was rescued by the attendants, and he saw that the horse was running on the horse and was later ridiculed by the Chongzhen Emperor.

The son-in-law of Fuwang and Wangfu hid in the secluded Yingen Temple in the suburbs, and his son Zhu Yucheng escaped, that is, the emperor of the “Hongguang regime” in the future.

The unfortunate Fu Wang was quickly caught by the peasant army and returned to the city. On the road, Lu Weiwei, the Nanjing Military Department, who was about to be executed, Lu Shangyu encouraged: "The name is very heavy, and the prince is humiliated!" After that, he began to swear by Li Zicheng until the moment he died. It’s a man.

But what Lu Weizhen did not expect was that Fu Wang was a bear bag. After seeing Li Zicheng, he immediately fell to the ground and screamed.

The three hundred pounds of fat prince looks very funny, and Li Zicheng laughed.

When seeing the church, Zhu Changyu, crying and crying, Li Zicheng simply let people strip him and wash it, and then he slaughtered a few deer in the back garden, and put it in a giant pot. The name is "Fulu Banquet" and shared with the soldiers.

Afterwards, Li Zicheng ordered the Ministry to copy the Fuwangfu.

The insurgents were stunned by Zhu Changzhen’s family. Finally, thousands of people were used to carry the gold and silver treasures and food in Fuwangfu.