"Do you want to pay attention to the left-door censorship of the court?"

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"Do you want to pay attention to the left-door censorship of the court?"

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The official position of Zuo Du Yu Shi was first produced during the Ming Dynasty and was used exclusively to exercise supervisory powers and responsibilities. The Qing Dynasty also supervised this system. When Huang Taiji was outside, he used it to supervise Wang Gongbaiguan. However, the name Zuo Du Yu Shi was in the Shunzhi period and was established after the entry.

It’s officially changed and has undergone many changes. At the highest time, it was a product, and later it was transferred to the second product. In the end, it was established as a product. Zuo Du Yu Shi became the chief of the Ducha, and the right capital was the part-time of the Governor. To understand the history of Zuo Du Yu, you must first understand what the court is doing.

Different from the supervision institutions in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Qing Dynasty’s courts did not have much restrictions on the emperor itself. Mostly supervision of officials. Knowing this will be of great help in analyzing the role of Zuo Du Yu Shi. For officials, the scope of the inspection can be monitored.

The six departments of Jiuqing, Jingguan local officials, the House of Internal Affairs, the Zongren House, and the Prince of the Royal Family are all within the scope of supervision.

The matter of supervision is not only an issue of official anti-corruption, including whether officials violate the etiquette, but also Within the scope of the hospital's duties. In the past dynasties, etiquette was considered a very important part of the entire national affairs.

From the great ceremony of worshipping the heavens and the earth, the ancestors, to seeing the emperor daily, if the officials’ words and deeds are not in accordance with etiquette, they will be impeached by the imperial censor.

In order to encourage impeachment, the emperor also stipulates that if he is known to cover the censor, the censor will also be heavy Penalty. In order to encourage them to impeach, during the Yongzheng and Qianlong periods, they were forced to ask the supervisors to play every day.

The picture shows the portrait of Yongzheng

from the taxation of money and grain, the selection of officials, the military and the people's livelihood, the judicial criminal, The affairs of the imperial examinations and the like are the terms of reference of the courts. The civil service official performance appraisal, the assessment of the military commander, the court must participate. Even if you go to work on time, you need to be supervised by the court.

I have to be efficient after work, whether I am being lazy or not. There are regulations in the Qing Dynasty. All matters in Tuen Mun must be registered. After the matter is completed within the prescribed time, it will be cancelled. The person responsible for the cancellation is the official of the court. In other words, officials who are not completed on time or falsely registered will be impeached.

In the specific practice, in addition to regular supervision, there are temporary random inspections. It is not just the monitoring of paper files, but it will also be handled on the ground. Especially for some project projects, it is difficult to see how stupid it is by relying on monitoring documents.

They can also directly punish officials and hear the prison. The Qing Dynasty has regulations that for major criminal cases, especially death penalty cases, supervisors can directly review the file. Can also participate in the trial process. If there is a defamation case during the inspection, the trivial matter can be handled by itself, or reported to the local governor, and the major event should be played. When the death penalty is imposed, officials from the court must also be present.

The things that the officials of the court are doing, and finally they must be handed over to the left-wing imperial examination to exercise supervision. effect. However, Zuo Du Yu Shi can only be assessed, but can not directly interfere with the specific practices of the underlying supervisors.

The Qing Dynasty’s monitoring system was finally formed and it was constantly revised. One of the most important people is Chen Tingjing. He served as the Zuo Du Yu Shi twice, playing a very important role in the development of the entire inspection process and scope, as well as the selection and inspection of bureaucrats.

Inspector, this is the scope of Zuo Du Yushi’s powers. And it is located in one of Jiuqing's status, let it be in addition to the supervision officials, but also participate in the "Nine-Yuan-Qian" and "Ting-tru", these two important parliaments.

The "Jiuqing Conference" was discussed by the Zuo Du Yu Shi, Liu Bu Shang Shu, Dali Si Qing, and Tong Zheng Shi on the major political affairs issued by the emperor, and then submitted to the emperor for approval.

The matters involved in "the court" are even more significant, both of which are military affairs and even the institutions of the court. In addition to Zuo Du Yu Shi, the participation of ministers, princes and other ministers. It can also be seen from the side, the weight of Zuo Du Yu Shi in the court.

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