There is a disease, even the most powerful people in the three countries have got it.

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There is a disease, even the most powerful people in the three countries have got it.

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This is the case. Recently, when I was reading a novel (completely impossible), I found many protagonists. I like the "playing pigs and eating tigers" this kind of routine, I can’t help but think about it. In the three countries, what are the faces that look lazy, but the real strength is actually strong enough to burst the table? ?

The end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, is an era full of wars and opportunities, as long as you have the true ability, the basic small case of promotion and wealth, but in this year, there is a wayward Boy, is obviously full of talent, but he has to be absent from work, and he is dismissed by the boss. This man is called Pang Tong

Pang Tong nickname "Feng chick", as one of the characters who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Xiao Liangliang, but Own main action is dead, Pang Tong likes lazy is notorious. Before he turned to Liu Bei, he especially liked to praise others for the sky, so the protagonists would not only not To recruit him, he can still have fun.

After the order of Shangyang County, Pang Tong also continued to implement can trouble others,I will never do it myself, I have been working for several months in a row, and I am angry that others have gone to find Liu Bei’s complaint. But this is a person who likes to be lazy. Why does Liu Bei love and hate him?

The reason is that his strength is actually unfathomable.

In the battle of Chibi, the fire-burning serial meter was proposed by Pang Tong, and was completed by Liu Bei. After the warning, Pang Tong only took a few hours, to finish the work accumulated for several months, not to mention that when Liu Bei entered the Sichuan levy, it was Pang Tong. The whole process followed the offer of the military division, and Zhuge Liang was left behind, which is enough to prove how high Pang Tong’s talent is.

< p> Slang Slack is the ladder of human progress, This sentence is placed on Zhuge Liang, it is still very correct, but fans may have to say it again.

What is said here is not the military officer who was left behind, but the early turbulence Xiaoliang, how bad is Zhuge Liang? It can be seen from his nickname "Wolong", "lying", that is, lying down.

In the story of San Gu Mao, Liu Guanzhang visited Zhuge Liang three times, how is Zhuge Liang? made?

< p> Some people think that Zhuge Liang was deliberately loaded, including the third time is also testing Liu Bei, but it turns out that this is really just Zhuge Liang lazy, otherwise how to get up after panic Zhang to meet Liu Bei, In 《师师表》, Zhuge Liang expressed his inner desire. If he was not touched by Liu Bei’s three visits, he would rather be lazy to farm as a otaku at home, and he would not want to run out as an official.

Chen Ben cloth, ploughing in Nanyang, squatting in troubled times, not seeking Wenda In the princes. ——《师师表》

The next guest, the name may not be familiar to everyone, but if To his nickname "Mr. Water Mirror", many people may have an impression.

Yes, he is Mr. Water Mirror Sima Hui, as one of the three countries The lazy cancer patient, Sima Hui's mantra is "You are really good," and has always flattered the principle that "all you say is right" and "no more BB with you."

< p>Sima Hui never argues with others, and who is good at anyone, can be called a new generation of good Mr., Liu Biao also specially came to Jingzhou to recruit him, but Sima Hui is too troublesome to go, Take the initiative to say to Liu Biao, he is actually a spicy chicken, others lie to you.

After someone came to bother him, Sima Hui would simply put Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang directly. Pushed out as a shield, also claimed that these two talents are real Junjie, then where is the Sima Hui in the end?

Xu Wei, Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong, are Sima Hui The disciple who personally taught, Sima Hui's position in the three countries, in fact, is similar to Lu Zhi and Pang Degong. They are all conducting remedial classes in various places as famous teachers and sending a large number of talents to the three countries.

So don’t look at these people, one will be lazy, actually one The strength is super bulls, they are just covering their talents with laziness, then the problem is coming, how can you reflect yourself in a late-stage fat farm like 朕?