Shen Guo borrowed a dog's knife to dagger the Western Zhou Dynasty royal family, the beacon tower back three thousand years of black pot

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Shen Guo borrowed a dog's knife to dagger the Western Zhou Dynasty royal family, the beacon tower back three thousand years of black pot

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About the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty, it is very clear in the historical documents that the dogs broke through the Zhou Dynasty and killed the Zhou Yuwang, which led to the Western Expedition of the Zhou Royal Family, and had to move to the Eastern Song Dynasty, ending the Western Zhou Dynasty. In addition to the dog's killing of Zhou Youwang, there is also a famous allusion, that is, "the bonfire drama princes", the effect is that Zhou You Wang sings a smile for Bo Qi love, ignites the beacon tower to tease the princes, and the result is untrustworthy in the world, in the dog When the blasphemy struck, the princes no longer rescued, eventually leading to the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Studying history is actually a black pot that has been backed by the beacon tower for three thousand years, and the bark does not mean the meaning of the Western Zhou Dynasty royal family. Killing Zhou Youwang is actually "excessive force and misuse."

Is it true that the bonfire princes are true?

The beacon tower has a black pot for three thousand years.

The demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty has a great relationship with the royal family in the first week of the dog. This is true. But it is not right to let the "beacon tower" back to the black pot. Now it seems that the allusion of the bonfire drama is more like a funny piece of the ancients. To put it simply, the beacon tower first appeared in the Warring States Period, and it did not appear at all in the Western Zhou Dynasty. However, it should have been applied to the military in the Qin and Han Dynasties, and in addition to Sima Qian’s records in the Zhou Jiji on the bonfire dramas, other pre-Qin classics. I don’t see any relevant records. The so-called "lone proof does not stand", so the record of Sima Qian is not enough. Zhou Youwang was easily decapitated by a dog. The beacon tower does not carry this pot. This should be hidden.

The bonfire drama is a drama

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"Historical Records-Zhou Benji": "I don't know how to laugh, the king wants to laugh at the party, so he doesn't laugh. The king is a big drum, and there is a slap in the face. The princes know that they are innocent. Yan is laughing. The king said that it was a bonfire. Afterwards, if you don’t believe it, the princes will not benefit.”

The dog’s cockroach was too hard to use the knife to kill people

< p> According to the inscriptions of unearthed cultural relics in recent years, especially the records of "Tsinghua Tub - Department of the Year", the true correspondence of the bonfire drama princes should be like this: Zhou You Wang Chong is fortunate and wants to establish his youngest son as a prince. This kind of act of blatantly destroying the system of longevity, in the Zhou Dynasty, a dynasty that attaches great importance to ritual and music, is a matter of inability. Since the patriarchal rituals of hundreds of years ago, these ridiculous things have not yet appeared.

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At this time, the family of Zhou Youwang (after the Shen, Shen Guo Shen's daughter) family's power is still relatively large, to protect the position of the prince Ji Yizhen. Zhou Youwang was afraid of Shen Guo, so he first started to be strong, and entangled some younger brothers to take the lead in attacking Shen Guo. However, Shen Guo and the western dog bark, the Zhou Youwang was decapitated when he did not pay attention. The dog bar was originally a knife borrowed from Shen Guo. It was just a smashing fire. It was not intended to set the royal family to death, but did not want to force it too hard. It was cheaper for the scorpion Ji Yizhen and boarded the throne, which was later Zhou Pingwang.

The barking force is too violent to kill Zhou Youwang

Tsinghua’s "The Year" on the murder of Zhou Youwang