Liu Zongmin broke Li Zicheng's big event. Why did Li Zi become Liu Zongmin?

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Liu Zongmin broke Li Zicheng's big event. Why did Li Zi become Liu Zongmin?

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Li Zicheng is the leader of the peasant uprising in the late Ming Dynasty. He was the general of the prince Gao Yingxiang. After Gao Yingxiang’s death, Li Zicheng succeeded him as the king. Liu Zongmin was Li Zicheng’s subordinates. After Li Zicheng entered Beijing, Liu Zongmin made a fuss, abused the penalty, and even Li Zicheng did not. In the eyes, Li Zicheng also smashed into the sky.

Because Liu Zongmin robbed the sanctuary of the Shanhaiguan keeper Wu Sangui, Chen Sangui originally intended to surrender Li Zicheng, listened to the news, rushed to the crown and became angry, colluded and surrendered the Qing army, defeated the peasant army, The Qing army pursued all the way, and Li Zicheng eventually withdrew from Beijing and went to defeat. It can be said that Liu Zongmin had smashed a major disaster, caused trouble, and broke the great event of the king.

So, Li Zicheng is the king of scorpion, why not kill Liu Zongmin?

Is Li Zicheng not so powerful to kill Liu Zongmin? Obviously not, Li Zicheng’s killing of Liu Zongmin is completely okay, as simple as pinching an ant. However, why did Li Zi not kill Liu Zongmin?

In fact, this is a deep-seated reason, because Liu Zongmin once helped Li Zicheng at the most critical juncture of Li Zicheng. Without Liu Zongmin, perhaps Li Zicheng couldn’t turn over the salted fish. It is how it happened?

Liu Zongmin was born in poverty. He was a blacksmith in Lantian, Shaanxi. After Li Zicheng’s uprising army was in Lantian, Liu Zongmin participated in Li Zicheng’s uprising army. Because he was very brave, he fought many battles. Some of the irons are strength, strong and strong, and of course fierce.

In the spring of the 11th year of Chongzhen (1638), the Ming army defeated Li Zicheng’s peasant army, and Li Zicheng led the army to Baishui, and the food was gone. Hong Chengchou and Sun Chuanting defeated Li Zicheng in Shaoguan. Li Zicheng died and suffered numerous losses. At this time, only 18 people including Liu Zongmin and Tian Jianxiu broke through and flowed in Fushang and Shangluoshan. It was Liu Zongmin who helped Li Zicheng to clean up the remnants, reorganize the team, and slowly saved the power, laying the foundation for the future resurgence of the mountains and making great achievements.

History of the Ming Dynasty: In the eleventh year, the official The army defeated the thief, and it ran into white water and consumed it. Cheng domain and Chuan Ting combined in Shaoguanyuan, breaking it. He died in his own life, and Liu Zongmin, Tian Jianxiu and other 18 riding down, surrounded by merchants, Luoshanzhong.

Thirteen years of Chongzhen (1640), Li Zicheng was trapped in the hills of Brazil and Yubi, and Li Zicheng was ready to commit suicide. He was dissuaded by the adopted sons. Many of his men surrendered, and Liu Zongmin killed. After his two wives, he swears to follow Li Zicheng to express his determination. The people in the army follow Liu Zongmin and swear to follow Li Zicheng. Therefore, Li Zicheng burned and squandered. To the Henan development team, tens of thousands of people invested in the peasant army. Then, Li Zicheng led the crowd from Nanyang, attacked Yiyang, killed Tang Qitai of the county, attacked Yongning, killed Wu Dalie of the magistrate, attacked the division, and killed the magistrate Xu Ritai. . Fighting all the way, Liu Zongmin fought fiercely and severely attacked the Ming army.

"History of the Ming Dynasty" records: the official army surrounded by Brazil, fish in the mountains, self-contained, self-sufficient, foster sons double happiness. The thief will go out more. Liu Zongmin, Lantian forging workers, also the most brave, also want to drop. Self-contained and step into the clumps, Gu sighed: "People say that I should be the emperor, 盍 Buzhi, not good, break my head to drop." Zong Minnuo, three Bu Sanji. Zong Min also, killing his two wives, said that he is self-contained: "I am from the monarch." The military strong man smells, and also kills his wife. Self-contained is burned and heavy, and the light rides from the hustle and bustle, all go to Henan. Henan drought, Shibuya million money, hunger people from their own tens of thousands.

After Li Zicheng entered Beijing, Chongzhen Emperor hanged himself on the coal hill. Liu Zongmin went to the Shanhaiguan keeper Wu Sangui’s home, and seized Wu Sangui’s love 妾Chen Yuanyuan (Chen Yuanyuan’s name, round), which irritated him. Wu Sangui, who surrendered Li Zicheng, immediately turned around and returned to Shanhaiguan. He immediately colluded with the Qing army and offered to surrender. He and Li Qingcheng jointly defeated Li Zicheng. Li Zicheng eventually lost and returned to Beijing.

Of course, after Li Zicheng’s defeat in Shanhaiguan, he killed Wu Sangui’s old More than 30 mouths of the whole family, to vent their anger.

The Qing army pursued all the way, Li Zicheng eventually rushed out of Beijing, and was killed by the landlord in Jiugong Mountain, Hubei.

"History of the Ming Dynasty" records: Sangui enshrined into aid, to Shanhaiguan, Jingshi fell, hesitant to enter. Self-made robbing his father, making a book, Sangui wants to drop. To Zhangzhou, Wen Ai Ji Chen was taken away by Liu Zongmin, and he was very angry. He went to the mountains and seas and attacked the thief. Self-inflicted, more than 100,000 relative thieves, Wu Wu Yujun, East attack Shanhaiguan, to be away from a stone. Sangui fear, he fell to my Daqing. On April 22, 200,000 troops were formed, and they were in Guanzhong, from the Beishan Mountains. Our soldiers set up the thief, Sanguiju right wing, the sharp war, killing thousands of thieves, thieves also fight, surrounded by compound. After a long war, my soldiers stood out from the Sangui array and rushed to the thief's backbone. Wanma leaped and flew, and the wind and the wind blew, the wind and the wind flew away, and the thief was like a thief. Since the founding of the prince of the party, Gao Ganggang has watched the war, knowing that it is my soldier, and rushing to go down. Our soldiers chased for forty miles, and the thieves were defeated. The self-respecting stepped on the dead was nothing, the zombies were everywhere, and the ditch was full.

Because Liu Zongmin made great contributions, he helped Li Zicheng to make a comeback many times. His credit was too great, his qualifications were too deep, and Li Zicheng gave a loyalty. Therefore, Liu Zongmin made a mistake. Li Zicheng also shot a rabbit and blinked his eyes. Closed one eye, did not kill Liu Zongmin.

And Liu Zongmin angered Wu Sangui and colluded with the Qing army to enter the customs, which led to Li Zicheng’s defeat. The victory of the peasant army was stolen by the Qing army. It is very regrettable.