Let’s see if a cognac is excellent, but it’s a bad emperor.

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Let’s see if a cognac is excellent, but it’s a bad emperor.

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The Northern Song Dynasty Huizong, a talented artist, a faint dying country, this period comics adopted a mainstream historical review.

In fact, in the history of the Song Dynasty, there is a new view that Song Huizong has political ambitions. Beyond Taizu Taizong, not only his political fantasies, he also put political practice into this.

The collection of granite is to build a highly ceremonial building in the capital, as a carrier and symbol of the world.

Teaching Taoism can be regarded as the pursuit of legitimacy of Huizong on the level of mysticism. This act of reshaping the imperial power is to adjust the power structure after the political rise of the scholar-officials since the Renzong Dynasty.

The one-handed thin gold body is not only for the pursuit of art, but more importantly, it wants to bypass the instrumental decree system and highlight the weight of the emperor.

Reusing Cai Jing is to better spread the wealth and the foreign wealth distribution policy. During Cai Gong’s tenure, the income of Jing Shi’s Cargo Salt Class was the highest since Song. With a financial foundation, we can promote policies in the areas of sects, schools, charities, and rituals, and even recover Yanyun.

The policy of Song Huizong's unification of the Liao Dynasty accelerated the fall of the Northern Song Dynasty and was ruined by the later generations. His original intention was precisely to complete the unsuccessful business of Song Taizu's recovery of Yan Yun.

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