During the war in Turkey, 70% of the territory lost. Why did you stand in the wrong team and Germany?

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During the war in Turkey, 70% of the territory lost. Why did you stand in the wrong team and Germany?

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Before the First World War, Turkey was still across the Ottoman Empire on three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. After World War I, only part of Asia Minor was left in Turkey, and direct territorial losses exceeded 70%.

Before the outbreak of the war, the British Empire was a first-class powerhouse with colonies all over the world. Tsarist Russia is the world's most land-based region. The vast regional powers, compared to the rising stars of Germany, do not have much deep war potential. Then why did Turkey abandon the Allies and chose to join the German Olympics, and finally it was the liquidation and dismemberment of the victorious country?

The Ottoman Empire has been attacking Europe since its occupation of Constantinople, Europe during the Cold War The Cavaliers apparently lacked an effective response to the Muslim army full of jihad enthusiasm. For a long time, the entire Europe was talking about "soil". However, the opening of the new route and the application of hot weapons made the Ottoman Empire gradually defeated. The former made Istanbul lose the role of the Eurasian transfer station and reduced the economic income. The latter allowed the Muslim army to lose ground in front of the firearms.

In the two centuries, the Eastern issues discussed by Europeans have always centered on "how to deal with Turkey" Expand. The most representative of all the bullies of the Ottoman Empire is the United Kingdom and Russia, compared to Russia, which poses a greater threat.

Because it is a typical land-right country, Tsarist Russia has been demanding territorial claims in Osman, in annexing the Crimean Khanate After sweeping out the periphery of the Black Sea, Tsarist Russia even wanted to occupy Istanbul. This will inevitably lead to a strong resistance from Turkey. From the 1600 years to the next three hundred years, there have been no more than 27 wars between Russia and Turkey. One in every three ancestors of Turkey’s sacrifices has died in the battlefield against Russia.

The UK is a typical sea power country. Compared with the occupation of land, the UK is more concerned with commercial interests, so London One of the starting points of the policy is to maintain traffic safety in the Mediterranean and prevent any powers from forming a unilateral advantage for Osman. The Ottoman Empire has keenly captured this, so more and more Turkish elites are willing to use the gap between Britain and Russia to make them restrict each other.

However, this kind of "contemplation" is at best "leading the tiger to drive the wolf" "What is even more terrible is that the advent of World War I has made it impossible for Turkey to even use this strategy of "drinking and quenching thirst" because at this time, Britain and Russia formed an alliance.

The establishment of the Allied countries has made the Ottoman Empire an inorganic one, just two of Turkey’s custom-made orders from the UK. The large warships were completed, but in order to maintain the maritime advantage over Germany, the British expropriated the two warships, which made Turkey very angry.

After a few consultations, the relationship between the British and the British has turned sharply, while Germany has seized the opportunity to throw olive branches. After all, as Ottoman Turkey For a weak country, in any case, it is impossible for both parties to offend at the same time. Since the United Kingdom is not benevolent, it will be transferred to Germany. Everyone knows the final outcome. When the post-war conference in Versailles ended, Osman was left with the mainland of Turkey today.