What level of officials in the Qing Dynasty can wear "Yellow Horses"? Can the military minister be worn?

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What level of officials in the Qing Dynasty can wear "Yellow Horses"? Can the military minister be worn?

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Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, yellow became the exclusive color of the royal family. The Qing Dynasty is no exception, they also raised the yellow to a highest position. The most well-known is the bright yellow on the robe. The royal yellow of the Qing Dynasty originally had many species. But they listed the bright yellow as the color that only the emperor, queen, and queen can use.

This is the color of the sun shining on the earth, bright but not glaring. As for the emperor, it is only using golden yellow. If you are above the king of Shuo, you can use willow yellow and goose yellow. In this respectful yellow atmosphere, the status of the yellow horse is naturally rising.

Because this is a costume that other people can wear besides the royal family. In the case of the Qing Dynasty costume system, Huang Ma's natural horse is a kind of "suit". It was often worn during horseback archery, and it was convenient and convenient. Simply look, the yellow horse has only one color. But if you divide it carefully, there is actually a difference between bright yellow and golden.

The yellow-yellow horse is bright, and the condition is higher. This is of course related to the status of Ming Huang in the Qing Dynasty. Only the imperial minister, the inner minister, the inner court king, and the guardian who accompanied the emperor to patrol were qualified to wear the yellow horse of this color.

The ministers who have meritorious service, the emperor will also give them a special yellow horse. The golden yellow horse is the official of the Qing Dynasty and the soldiers of the Yellow Flag. If it is more subdivided, it will be divided into four different types of yellow horses.

The first type is the yellow horse that is rewarded to the hero. This kind of yellow horse, called "martial arts scorpion", represents a kind of reward for their past achievements. It is also an encouragement to latecomers. When wearing it, there are not so many restrictions.

Although there is only one, you can not be restrained on the occasion. In theory, this yellow horse can be worn for a lifetime without time limit.

The second type is called "walking scorpion". The Qing Dynasty immediately won the country, so the emperor has always warned the latecomers, do not forget to ride the martial arts. In addition to adding certain military training to the Emperor's daily curriculum, hunting is also a good way. The emperor set an example and was able to relax and entertain.

The "rows and scorpions" are those who hunt with the emperor, perform well, or give prey to the emperor, and will receive this yellow horse's reward. However, the "walking scorpion" can only be worn when accompanied by the emperor to hunt. Usually you have to close it up, you can't wear it casually.

The third is the attendant around the emperor, along with the emperor The yellow horse of the patrol minister. This kind of "professional scorpion" is similar to "line scorpion". If it is not at work, it cannot be worn.

In other words, if the guards step down and the ministers no longer accompany the emperor, they cannot wear such a yellow horse.

The fourth is the special envoy of the court. Officials representing the court can wear yellow horses. This kind of yellow horse is called "special yellow horse."

The official who received this reward would have to ride around the palace on a horse. As a gift to show. Of course, after the end of the work, the time to wear the yellow horse is over.

Besides these people mentioned above, everyone else is not allowed to wear yellow horses. Even senior officials like the military ministers and cabinet colleges can't wear Huang Mawei privately without the special approval of the emperor. Otherwise, it will be considered a prohibited. The emperor deliberately raised the status of the yellow horse, and made the yellow horse's reward a major event.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang was once seen through the yellow horse and wearing three eyes. However, during the Sino-Japanese War, Pyongyang fell, and Li Hongzhang’s treatment of Huang Majun and Sanyanhua was deprived. Later, because he did not preside over the negotiations with Japan after the Sino-Japanese War, the court once again awarded Huang Majun and the three-eyed flower to Li Hongzhang. It is obvious that it is repeated and repeated, and that it is insulting and insulting.

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