Song Renzong issued a microblog to warn the parents of the official: the Imperial Examination. Your child does not come.

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Song Renzong issued a microblog to warn the parents of the official: the Imperial Examination. Your child does not come.

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In 968 AD, Song Taizu, who had stabilized his country, suddenly frowned when he reviewed the list of newcomers.

There are a total of 18 people on the list, which are ready to be accepted as scholars after the test. “Is it because there is no Zhao family?” Prime Minister Zhao Pu soon became ashamed of his embarrassing thoughts.

"This sixth place is Tao Xun, is the son of Hanlin Bachelor Tao Gu?" Song Taizu's brow wrinkled like rag. Zhao Pu said carefully: "Yes, Tao Shu’s study is very hard, his performance has been good, and he has three good students every year." However, Song Taizu’s brow did not stretch and asked who the examiner was. Zhao Pu said that it is Tao Gu.

"Why does the son take the test, why don't you avoid it?" The sudden "fairness and fairness" made Zhao Pu unprepared, but he still replied. At the beginning, Tao Gu was the chief examiner. He actually refused. But for a while, I didn't find the right person, and Tao Gu was an honest person, so that's it. Song Taizu listened, and said with anger: "Taogu is honest? It doesn't last long! Do you want to shake the country?"

"Harmony" is the impression of Song Taizu to all the courtiers, even if it is to demote the power, it is a smile. Awkward and whispered. But this time, Tao Xun took the sixth place, how did he get him so excited?

Before, before Chen Qiao, he and Tao Gu were senior employees of the post-Zhou Dynasty. After Chen Qiao's mutiny, when the Emperor Gong of the Zhou Dynasty made the meditation, Song Taizu suddenly thought of an important question: After the Zhou Emperor was still a child, how could he write a retreat to Zen? At this time, Tao Gu stood up and waved out a piece of paper from the sleeves, saying that it was a script, Song Taizu was overjoyed and used it. On the surface, Tao Gu is very clever, knowing the time and learning. Song Taizu likes smart people and people who have talents to learn. But if you are smart enough to have Zhao family, there is a problem with morality, but you still have to promote him, so Tao Tao is a book of the Ministry of Rites.

"Taogu’s character is problematic, his son’s grades are so good, I suspect cheating. You will come out again The question is given to him, it is an additional test." Emperor Jinkou opened, Zhao Puxin led the gods, so the book province also issued a question for Tao Wei to try. The results showed that Tao Xun did not cheat, and Song Taizu’s face could not be hanged. In order to conceal his own embarrassment, he gave a sacred decree on the spot: In order to be fair, in the future, the Zhongshu province must re-examine, if it passes, before The results will be abolished, lest some unskilled people rely on the relationship to mix their names.

Although this rule is not scientific at all, at the later, at least in form, the emperor after the Song Dynasty was unswervingly executed.

The 1038 year's palace test, six famous on the list, Song Renzong immediately issued a microblogging comment: the college entrance examination is not a means of classification of the wealthy, but the only way for poor children to counterattack, then @所有 The parents of the official - quickly do the ideological work for the insiders, try to make the children of civilians also on the list.

The nephew of the prime minister is an obedient child, who voluntarily gave up the palace test and went to the sea to do business. The famous scholar Shen Kuo’s schoolmaster, Shen Yu, did not listen to the persuasion and participated in the college entrance examination. Before the exam, he was already a small official. After the results came out, Shen Yu took the champion. When Song Renzong was on the list, he looked at his resume and directly reduced him to the second place. Shen Yu once again explained the truth of his origins in determining fate!

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