The most comical rebellion in history: being defeated in the country and running to a neighboring country

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The most comical rebellion in history: being defeated in the country and running to a neighboring country

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As the saying goes: One will be a million. Since ancient times, if you want to achieve a great cause, you will have to go through a lot of hardships. If you are not careful, you may die young. Therefore, in the history of China, apart from the troubled times, in the era of peace, few people publicly rebel, because it is not too bad, but it is too difficult. If we take a closer look, the case of successful rebellion in history is estimated to be a few of the Ming dynasty's Zhu Xi. However, the rebellion we are going to say today is also very funny in history. There is no rebellious success in the country, but it has successfully landed in neighboring countries. What the hell is going on? Let's take a look at it!

< Before I understand this, let us first briefly introduce the hero of the rebellion, Hou Jing. In 503 AD, Hou Jing was born on the occasion of the chaos in the world. Because he was born in Huaiyin Town of the Northern Wei Dynasty, where people are popular, people advocate martial arts, so Hou Jing is also influenced by local customs. From childhood to small festivals, good riding and shooting, brave and aggressive, he was chosen as Huaizhen Town After the promotion of the public to the history of Gong Cao!

Hou Jing entered the official not long after the end of the Wei Dynasty in the north, the various princes have risen, Because of his weak strength, Hou Jing led his troops and rushed to the powerful Er Zhurong. After Hou Jingtou Ben Zhu Rong, he was appointed as a pioneer by Er Zhurong. At the beginning, Hou Jing, as a pioneer, only bravely rushed, and did not understand the art of war. Later, Hou Jing, under the guidance of Murong Shaozong, was slowly becoming a master of wisdom and courage!

However, although Hou Jing grew up as a general, his master Er Zhurong was quickly wiped out by Wei Gaohua. Hou Jing has no way to go, only through the old friendship of the former Huaizhen soldiers, climbing a very powerful Gao Huan. Gao Huan felt that Hou Jing was a rare material of the generals. Feng Houjing was the governor of Dingzhou, with more than 100,000 troops and ruled Henan.

The world of the Central Plains, after decades of turmoil, the form is finally clear. Basically formed the status of the three countries. The power of the South is Liang Guo, while the North is the Northern Zhou Dynasty established by the Gaoqi family and the Qiwen family. Although Hou Jing seems to be the subordinate of Gao Huan in the north, it also has hundreds of thousands of soldiers. It is also a prince who is independent of the three countries!

In 536 AD, Gao Huan of the Eastern Wei Dynasty died. Hou Jing knew that Gao Huan’s eldest son, Gao Cheng, could not tolerate himself, so he rebelled. At the beginning, due to the improper use of Gao Cheng, Hou Jing’s power was very strong, and once it wiped out the momentum of the Eastern Wei family. Later, Gao Huan promptly opened the Murong Shaozong of Professor Hou Jingbing. When Hou Jing learned that Murong Shaozong came with the soldiers, he was scared to say to himself: Gao Huan is not dead! Soon Hao Jing was defeated by Murong Shaozong!

After Hou Jingbing’s defeat, he first went to the Yuwen family of the Western Wei Dynasty, but the Yuwen family refrained from Hou Jing’s ambition and did not accept him. Hou Jing was helpless and could only go to Nanliang. At this time, Nanliang was trying to calm down the north, so he appointed Hou Jing as the general and led the troops against the Eastern Wei. As a result, because Murong Shaozong was so powerful, everyone in the past of Nanliang was quickly defeated, and even the Liang Dynasty royal family Xiao Yuanming was captured. After the Eastern Wei won this victory, he did not launch an attack on Liang Chao. Instead, he took the opportunity to propose a settlement to Liang Chao!

Because he was defeated by the Eastern Wei Dynasty, Liang Chao accepted the reconciliation and carried out a series of friendly interactions. However, this series of activities of the Eastern Wei and Liang Chao moved Hou Jing to panic. Hou Jing feels that if Liang Wudi continues to negotiate with the Eastern Wei Dynasty, he will soon become a chip!

So Hou Jing will fake Gao Cheng Liang Wudi wrote a letter proposing to exchange Hou Jing with Xiao Yuanming. Liang Wudi actually agreed. Hou Jing was so furious that after three months of secret preparation, Hou Jing only led eight thousand pro-militaries to launch a coup. Soon after, he hit the Liang Chaotai City. Liang Wudi Xiao Yan was starved to death. Hou Jingli's prince Xiao Gang was the emperor. He was self-proclaimed as the governor of the capital and officially mastered the military and political power of Liang Chao.

Hou Jing did not take long to grasp the power of Liang Chaojun As soon as the Emperor Liang was abolished, he became the emperor and established the country as the Han. However, due to the improper position of Hou Jing, the second year of the emperor's reign, he was defeated by Liang Chen and Wang Yu, and Hou Jing also had a situation where there was no bone.

Speaking of Hou Jing’s life, he is both brave and funny. At that time, there was no rebellious success in the Eastern Wei Dynasty, and it was very funny to go to the neighboring country Liang Guo but succeeded as an emperor!