Laughing history book of abdominal muscles: spend 30 minutes, enjoy reading 3000 years

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Laughing history book of abdominal muscles: spend 30 minutes, enjoy reading 3000 years

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Complex and boring history often discourages people. 啃啃 "Historical Records" or "Han Shu", small for months, more than half a year, it is difficult to insist. Today, some people have built a "high-speed rail" in history. In 3,000 years, the past and the past in China and abroad quickly read through.


This can tell history Such a popular strange person, actually a 99K pure science man. The pen name is two mixed, whose real name is Chen Lei. With 3 million fans, the "Stone Historical Drama" column under the public number, the average number of articles read is 300,000, and the cumulative number of hits is 100 million.

A few examples from Xiaoxin’s book, Explain the Amway reason for everyone!

1. Humorous

There is such a big chaotic relationship in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. I can’t figure out which one to follow. How can I analyze it? Then set, the entire Eastern Zhou Dynasty, is a noisy class!

The teacher in the class, the bully boss, follow the class They all correspond to the various countries. These class members compete in the class, grab resources, pull allies, and crowd out disgusting classmates. Occasionally, the big brothers will come to a heavyweight contest, and the younger brothers will come to a small trial from time to time.

And associative memory method, Han Zhaoqi Chu Yanqi Qin = "Call Zhao Wei to play Qi Qin." Hey, not only remembered the Seven Heroes of the Warring States, but even their order of extinction was arranged! (Qin's unification brings the end of the situation, Qin is not ruined)

2. Simple enough

Every dynasty rises and falls, the Emperor Come and go. For example, if there is only one Western Han Dynasty, there are 14 emperors. How can people remember? But in fact, there is no need to remember all.

As long as you understand the most important 5 groups of emperors, according to the rhythm of "one, two, one, two, one", you can understand the rise and fall of the entire Western Han Dynasty! Moreover, this is a learning method that is alive and effective. As long as the core formula is captured, it is very useful regardless of the history.

or the banquet of the period of Chuhan "History of the nine songs and eighteen bends in the history books, the children's age may not understand." But to put it bluntly, it is the struggle between two dull little people.

City Grassroots Liu Bang VS proud Jiaochu Overlord Xiang Yu, he learned this famous allusion in a fun and easy way. You look at Xiang Yu, live a "single cell" stupid, and the adviser reminded me that the brain can't turn, but it's no wonder that Liu Bang took the opportunity to escape!

3. Strict enough

The book seems to be a gag, no haha, but the events it tells are verified by experts. Consistent with historical dry goods. In addition, due to the author's research spirit, but with some ambiguous details, he will die in the end, and then live a lively science.

For example, the battle of Chibi is a good way to borrow Dongfeng, that Dongfeng How was it formed?

It turns out that some places on the surface of the earth are cold, and the air is cold into dogs. They have fallen into high pressure. Some places are too hot, and the air has risen, forming a low air pressure. The place where the air pressure is high is uncomfortable, and it runs to a place with low air pressure. This run forms a wind.

On the day of the Battle of Chibi, the weather may be fine and the sun is too strong, and the beach water behind the Cao Cao ship is heated. When it was night, other places became cold and became high pressure. The lake was still hot and became a high pressure. The wind began to blow like this... Everyone knows what happened later. Hey, a good boat of poor Cao Cao!


As the cover of the book says, “It’s actually a rigorous minimalist Chinese history.” "Half-hour comic Chinese history 1" from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to the Chu and Han contends, "Half-hour comic Chinese history 2" from Han Ding Tianxia to the Three Kingdoms and Jin Dynasty, "Half-hour comic Chinese history 3" from the North and South Dynasty to the Shengshi Datang... ... people can only shout "The original history can be so interesting!"

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