Funny things about Chinese characters and historical celebrities!

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Funny things about Chinese characters and historical celebrities!

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Chinese characters were born more than 4,000 years ago. It has undergone a long process of evolution. Chinese characters are the most populous characters in the world. Chinese characters are also a unique art. There are many interesting things about Chinese characters in history.

Ouyang Xiu Chasing

Ouyang Xiu is a famous writer in the Song Dynasty and has many books. The attitude of creation is rigorous. Every time he writes an article, he always rethinks and is meticulous.

When the Song Dynasty was built, whenever a pavilion was built, it was always necessary to ask the famous people in the literary world to write articles. Han Qi is a friend of Ouyang Xiu. When he was in Xiangzhou, he built a villa named "Jin Jin Tang". When Jin Jintang was about to be completed, he wrote a letter and sent it to Ouyang Xiu, asking him to write an article. The letter also specifically stated that after the article was written, it was immediately handed over to the person to bring it back in order to engrave the church before the Chung Yeung Festival. Ouyang Xiu calculated the time and immediately closed the door to thank the guests. After drafting the draft, he wrote the "Zhu Jin Tang Ji". When you finish writing it, you will be handed over to someone. The person immediately returned to the horse.

Ouyang Xiu has a habit of taking out articles written during the day before going to sleep every night, reading them word by word. Taste, and find out where the dissatisfaction is timely. This evening, he rereaded "Zhu Jin Tang Ji", when he read "Shi Guan Zhi Xiang Xiang, Jin Yi returned to his hometown" stopped, I feel that these two sentences are too straight, and the context is not coherent. He carefully scrutinized and added a "and" to each of the two sentences, which became "the official and the minister, and returned to the hometown." In this way, not only the context is coherent and smooth, but the meaning is deeper than the original.

Ouyang Xiu thought of this, immediately pulled out a fast horse, woke his family from his dreams, and told the family about the words. The family hurriedly rode to Xiangzhou. The next evening, I finally caught up with the people sent by Han Qi and added the word "和". From then on, Ouyang Xiu’s quick words and chasing words will not leave.

Yang Xiuqiao's solution

In the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao had A counselor is called Yang Xiu. He is smart and wise, and he has known people. Cao Cao once built a Xiangfu Garden. After the garden gate was completed, Cao Cao went to see it personally. The man said: "Please take a look at this door and build it properly. If there is something wrong, then rebuild it." Cao Cao looked at it for a while, not to mention how the garden gate was built. The pen writes a "live" word on the door and leaves. None of the people knows what Cao Cao means. He is very anxious. He is afraid that he will be blamed for not rebuilding according to the requirements of the prime minister. So he asks the counselors of Xiangfu. No one else knows what it means. Only Yang Xiu said: "This is an easy task. The word 'live' in the 'door' is a 'wide' word, which means that the garden door is too wide." It all makes sense. Therefore, the garden door was re-constructed and the transformation was completed. Cao Cao was also asked to see it. Cao Cao was very satisfied after seeing it. He asked: "Who is this who guessed what I mean?" The man said: "Yang Xiu." Cao Cao praised Yang Xiu.

One more time, someone sent a box of crisps from Caesar. Cao Cao wrote the words "一一酥" on the box and placed it on the table. When everyone saw it, they didn't understand the meaning of the prime minister. After a few days, no one dared to move. At this time, Yang Xiu saw it and said nothing. He even opened the crispy lid and gave it to everyone with a spoon. Everyone took a bite. Afterwards, Cao Cao asked Yang Xiu: "How do you give me a box of cakes for everyone to eat?" Yang Xiu said: "The prime minister clearly says 'one person, one mouthful' in the box, how can you violate the order of the prime minister?" Cao Cao nodded with satisfaction. It turns out that the "one-in-one" written by Cao Cao is to split the word "he" into "a person", which is read as "one person, one mouthful".

Write more and lose a battle

1930 5 In the month of the war, Jiang, Feng, and Wei broke out on the land of the Central Plains. Taking Feng Yuxiang and Yan Xishan as one side and Chiang Kai-shek as one side, the battlefield was opened in the southern part of Henan Province. The two sides invested a total of more than 1 million troops.

Before the war, Feng Yuxiang and Yan Xishan agreed to reunite in Fuyang in northern Henan, and then concentrated their forces to destroy Jiang Jun. However, when Feng Yuxiang’s combat staff prepared the order, he wrote “Xiangyang” as “Biyang” and wrote more. As it happens, both Xiangyang and Biyang are a county in Henan Province, except that Liyang is on the north bank of the Yellow River, while Biyang is under the Tongbai Mountain in southern Henan. The two places are hundreds of kilometers apart. In this way, Feng Yuxiang's troops mistakenly entered Biyang, failed to meet with Yan Xishan's troops, delayed the gathering of Jiang Jun's fighters, and allowed Jiang Jun to take the initiative. In the Central Plains war in the past six months, Feng and Yu’s coalition forces were beaten passively and ended in failure. If the staff did not write more than that, Feng and Yu’s coalition forces would successfully meet and fight against Jiang Jun. The outcome of the Central Plains war may have to be rewritten.