Revealing the bizarre Ming Dynasty apocalypse explosion

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Revealing the bizarre Ming Dynasty apocalypse explosion

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The Ming Dynasty Tianqi six years, that is, at 9:00 am on May 30, 1626, the gunpowder store of the Wanggong factory in the Ming Dynasty in Xicheng District, Beijing, suddenly exploded. The roaring explosion and the hurricane-like explosions swept through the capital. The terrorist explosion that caused Beijing to fall into a bloody hurricane was the "Apocalypse Big Bang."

The tragic casualties and the peculiar phenomena during the explosion have made many scholars in the aftermath stunned. Some even listed it as "the mystery of the world." More people have opened their brains and wondered if the Ming Dynasty developed nuclear weapons. All kinds of bizarre sayings are passed on.

In particular, this "naked body" scene is also in the "discipline" of the Ming Dynasty imperial eunuch Liu Ruoyu. Clear site description. Compared with the style of the tabloids such as "Days of the Sky", "Last Discretion" is obviously much more rigorous.

This is the self-supplied material that the eunuch Liu Ruoyu was ordered to write after the Chongzhen step, covering the big events of the Tianqi period. For the sake of living needs, naturally, I don’t dare to write in a word. There is a more description of the "naked naked" scene: where the deceased's limbs are incomplete, both men and women are naked, and the undead are more shocked by their clothes.

The description of the Discretionary Chronicles, the dead on the scene is indeed naked, and the limbs are incomplete, the dead escapers, many people have also been shaken off the coat . With reference to many bombings, it is a common phenomenon that victims in the explosion are crushed by huge air waves. The statement in "The Sky is changed" is just a mystery.

▲Tianqi Emperor Zhu Yu School

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In fact, in the "Limited Zhongzhi", which also records the actual situation of the explosion, there is also a clear description of this "no trace of burning": Wherever the house is flat, the fire in the furnace is extinguished. However, the wooden foils of the two or three liquors sold in the wine were burned, and the rest were not burned. That is to say, the fire in the collapsed house was destroyed, and few houses were burned. Where is the "not burning wood"?

In this sense, in the "Apocalypse Big Bang", these two piles of scientists called the future generations of even the strange phenomenon, the first-hand information on the lighting generation, can be said to be serious.

The most serious accident is the casualty of the "Apocalypse Big Bang". In the "May of the North" scholar Ji Liuqi's pen, this incident is even more shocking: the thirteen miles of the surrounding area have been fried into powder, more than 20,000 people were killed, five thousand pounds of stone lions on the stone horse street, have been A huge air wave hit the sky and flew away from the gate. This is comparable to the big scenes, and it is also amazed by some military fans: How powerful is the modern explosive to explode this effect?

The biggest one is the number of deaths. "Discriminate Zhongzhi" said that "there are thousands of people who have names, and those who have died and who don’t know the name, but they don’t know thousands of people." In "The Days of Change", it became "people Tens of thousands of years, more than 20,000 people in the "The Northern Season of the Ming Dynasty" after more than 20 years. Referring to different historical materials, it is a very different scene of the explosion. This matter can only be said to be more and more evil.

With reference to the historical background of the time, the records in "The Northern Season of the Ming Dynasty" are mostly collected from all kinds of rumors in the Ming Dynasty. "Tianzhuo copied" is a 100% folk tabloid, and the Ming Dynasty is similar to the "Tianzhuo copied" publication, which has always been known for exaggeration. If you look at other similar notes of the Ming Dynasty literati, it is almost like reading a fantasy novel. The most authentic and explosive scene is the record in the Discretionary Chronicle.

A tragic gunpowder explosion, so late in the night In the chaos of the world, after word of mouth, it became such a bizarre "mystery of the explosion."