How high is the Empress Dowager Cixi?

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How high is the Empress Dowager Cixi?

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Yehna Lara - Apricot, also It was Cixi, the Manchu inlaid with the blue flag, born in 1835 in a Manchu aristocratic family, and lived a life of pampering. In 1852 (the second year of Xianfeng), Cixi was elected to the palace at the age of 17 and was named Langui. He was favored by Xianfeng Emperor and entered the seal. He was born after the only son of Xianfeng Emperor (ie Tongzhi Emperor). Into the seal is the 懿妃 and 懿 妃, in the palace is second only to the queen button.


Everyone is curious about the cultural level of Cixi. This point is also a matter of fact, the Cixi recorded in the history book is a talented woman. Is this record correct or not? Now let's take a look at how much ink is in the stomach of Cixi?

Ci Xi has been educated in traditional feudalism. "At sixteen o'clock in the year, the five classics are completed, the Manchu is full, and the twenty-four history is also browsed." But in fact, her cultural level and cultural literacy are not high!

When in 1865, in order to humiliate and sue, she took out her handwritten Zhu Xi and handed it over to the ministers such as Huanren and Zhou Zupei, and said: "There are many words and sentences in the decree. If you don't know, you can wait for it." This is already a good indication of her cultural level.

The word of Cixi

There has been no investigation into the world situation and the situation of various countries. , a scale and a half claw, know very little, simply do not have modern consciousness. In 1889, when Cixi summoned Sheng Xuanhuai, he asked what was meant by "schools"? Sheng answered: "It is a school that teaches Western affairs. It has been played in Tianjin and Shanghai." Hosted a 30-year foreign affairs, I still don't know what the school is!

Why is the level of Cixi’s paintings and calligraphy works very high in the world? In fact, these paintings and calligraphy are all "catch the knife" fake! It can be clearly seen after comparing the personal texts of Cixi in different historical periods. In 1900, Cixi’s personally-written Zhu Xi and the 1904 Cixi’s copy of the Prajna Paramita Sutra, although improved compared with the book Zhu Xi in the 1860s, did not change significantly, but the font structure was sluggish and loose. Cowardly, pen-like and tender, never had a little calligraphy, still at the level of beginners. It’s just a little bit more than a forty years ago, and the text is slightly correct. How can such a level be written?

Ci禧 paintings

缪素筠 is one of the writers of Empress Dowager Cixi. The flowers she painted were all written by the 缪素筠 first, so that they could be photographed. Sometimes they even ordered the 筠 筠 。. When you need Cixi to write automatically, use the outline method. Generally, the master first writes the prepared words on paper, and then the craftsmen use needles to make small holes, sprinkle white powder, put the paper to be written underneath, and the white powder falls down to form a glyph. Cixi is like Linyi. It is generally written in the glyphs.

So Cixi was born in the bureaucracy, Wen can draw and write, and Wu Neng An Bang set the world, in fact, it is an illusion.


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