Is Wanli the laziest emperor in history? Not in the 28th year, but the country is well governed.

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Is Wanli the laziest emperor in history? Not in the 28th year, but the country is well governed.

2018-09-26 00:25:32 390 ℃

The Wanli Emperor is the year of Ming Shenzong Zhu Xi. His people are just like his year number, that is, the longest emperor during his reign. As we know, the longer the incumbency is, the responsibility is also assumed. The bigger the government, the more complicated the government is.

But who can think of it? In the forty-eight years of the succession of the Wanli Emperor, there were 28 consecutive years of continuous dying. What exactly is this? What makes people even more puzzled is that they have not been in the dynasty for 28 years, but the country has been well managed. Is there any reason?

According to some folk remarks, the Wanli emperor is really the laziest emperor in history. ? But the truth is not the case. Then, what kind of explanations should he make for all kinds of people who are in front of him?

If a country is well managed, and the people live and work in peace, and the national treasury is sufficient, can it be said that Wanli Emperor Is it the most lazy?

So it should be mentioned at this time, the three right-handers encountered during the reign of Emperor Wanli are also called It is a noble person - Empress Dowager Cixi, Feng Bao and Zhang Juzheng.

The Empress Dowager Cixi has a kind motherly love and is very caring for the Wanli Emperor. Therefore, the Wanli Emperor is very respectful and respectful to him. Sometimes she will assist the Wanli Emperor in political affairs.

Feng Bao is a friend of his childhood, and his position in the court is to deal with some trivial matters, or to point out the emperor in some places. mistake. Make things more complete.

Zhang Juzheng is a real noble person, and has the greatest influence on Wanli. As a strict teacher of Wanli Emperor, Zhang Juzheng assists the emperor in handling political affairs and managing national affairs, and is sincerely helping Wanli Emperor. . Therefore, it is this kind of relationship between the monarch and the minister that can be called a mentoring relationship, which makes the country well managed.

Therefore, the saying that the Wanli emperor is the laziest emperor in history is absolutely non-existent. It is precisely because of the help of these noble people that even if they do not go to the early dynasty, they will keep the state well-organized. Embody the emperor's achievements.