How did Chiang Kai-shek change the lascivious problem?

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How did Chiang Kai-shek change the lascivious problem?

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Text: Yang Tianshi

The Confucian school believes that self-cultivation is the first major event in life and the starting point of all undertakings. "University" has the so-called "University Way, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties", and there are so-called "slim, family, rule, and the world" life procedures. In the Song and Ming Dynasties, Taoist scholars put forward a series of self-cultivation ideas centered on "preserving the heavens and going to the human desires". On the one hand, they raised the Confucian ethics to the height of "Tianli", and on the other hand, they designed all kinds of finely. The way to curb "human desire."

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Jiang Jieshi has been in contact with Song and Ming Dynasties for a long time, not only for service And it is a practitioner. In his diary, there are a lot of self-cultivation records. Not only can he see his personal cultivation process and the extremely secret inner world, but he can also see his three characteristics of his early years: the floating children of the upper ocean field, the Taoist believers, and the revolutionary champions who follow Sun Yat-sen.

Focus on self-cultivation and self-cultivation according to the requirements of Taoist scholars

Wang Jieshi was not well educated when he was young, and he developed many bad habits. On July 24, 1919, he recalled his personal experience during the Revolution of 1911, and wrote in his diary his own eight-character testimony of "the ridiculousness, the slap in the face". Because of these bad habits, for a long period of time, friends can't afford to see him. In March 1920, Dai Jitao was drunk, "with dog and cow smashing", Chiang Kai-shek was excited, flashing and desperate thoughts, but he immediately calmed down and reviewed himself. "He usually treats me as bad and scorns me." Psychology, this can be inferred", "I can not hurt yourself from the police!" Until the 1930s, Chiang Kai-shek remembered the early years of misdeeds, but also regretted. Diary Cloud: "The young teachers are not good, the German industry does not talk, and today, want to be self-cultivation, sleepy knowing that you have lost the night!" Cloud: "The youngsters have not heard of the gentleman's avenue, self-repair is not strong", " It’s hard to chase afterwards." Insufficient words, repeated words, when the system is out of the heart, not the general word.

In order to overcome these bad problems formed during his youth, Chiang Kai-shek used to Efforts to read Taoist writings in an attempt to extract nutrition from them. On May 24, 1919, the diary of the diary: "Today's study of the book of nature, thinking of anger and reversal, to self-recover, and not to seek peace of mind for a long time." The so-called "sexual book" refers to the Taoist scholar since the Song and Ming Dynasties Works. Chiang Kai-shek not only reads, but also chooses a quotation that is useful for his own progress, writes into a diary, and even serves as his own rumor or motto. For example, in 1919, the rumor he chose for himself was the word "Jing Jing Jing Yi". In August of the same year, he was changed to "Essence, Devotion, and Diligence". On January 5, 1923, he imitated the practice of Taoist scholars and made his own inscription: "Youyou Han Yong, arrogant, empty, self-sufficient, leisurely, this nutrient is also a good thing. Outlines, analysis, and separation, successively After the beginning of the plan, the method of doing this is also." After that, he still feels that there is not enough, and he also transcribes what Taoist scholars often say: "self-cultivation is strict, people are sincere, and things are done in public. I should fight with a "word" as a requirement for my own life.

Song and Ming Dao School has two schools of science and psychology. The former is represented by Zhu Xi and the latter by Lu Jiuyuan and Wang Yangming. Chiang Kai-shek has been involved in Zhu Xi's writings, such as the diary of January 4, 1923: "Chen Xing, Si Liangyou, stealing Zhu Zi' from the court of ritual and law, sinking into the land of Renyi's second language to follow the province." Visible, He has an understanding of Zhu Xi’s theory. In the history of philosophy, there is a dispute between Zhu Lu and the similarities, or Zhu Feilu, or Lu Feizhu, Chiang Kai-shek has no Xuanyuan for both factions, and there are often records in Wang Diming's works in the diary. For example: November 17, 1926, Diary Cloud: "Sit in the car, think about Yangming motto."

In this respect, he is eclectic.

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