How strong is the US military during World War II? Three points stronger than the German army

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How strong is the US military during World War II? Three points stronger than the German army

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The United States is the main participating country in the Second World War. On December 7, 1941, Japan sneaked into the US Pearl Harbor, and the United States was involved in World War II. After the Pearl Harbor Incident, the United States, which was fully engaged in the war machine, broke out with an amazing war potential. The US military has been playing more and more in World War II. It has become the most powerful army in World War II and is much stronger than the German army. So how strong is the US military in World War II?

After the outbreak of World War II, the United States carried out comprehensive military mobilization, mobilized more than 20 million troops, and the number of troops reached 13 million. By the end of World War II, there were still 10.5 million troops, second only to the Soviet Union. The United States not only has more troops, but also has good equipment and strong firepower. It is the most modernized unit in World War II, and its overall strength ranks first in the world.

In the navy, the United States has the most powerful navy in the world. In 1945, the United States had 10,759 ships of various types, and there were more than 120 aircraft carriers. The total tonnage of the ships was 18.32 million tons. The entire world's navies were not as strong as the US Navy. At that time, the German navy was not enough for the US military. In the Air Force, in 1945, the United States owned 67,700 first-line combat aircraft, and the aircraft production capacity was even more unparalleled. In the Second World War, the United States produced 298,400 aircraft, and only the B-24 Libertador heavy bomber produced more than 19,000 aircraft. The United States is the only country with global strike capability; in the Army, in 1945 the United States had 12,800 tanks and self-propelled artillery, and the number of cars was over one million. The mechanization level was the highest in the world, and it was stronger than the semi-mechanized German army. Little by little.

In addition, the United States has strong logistical support and industrial production capacity. In World War II, the United States produced nearly 300,000 aircraft, 102,000 tanks and self-propelled artillery, more than 150 aircraft carriers, 372,000 artillery pieces, and 3.25 million military vehicles. The military production capacity ranks first in the world, and it is typical of more and more. Types of. At the same time, the United States has strong logistical replenishment capabilities, and the United States can easily transport materials to any battlefield, which is unmatched by other countries. In addition, the United States also mastered the atomic bomb technology, the only nuclear country in World War II. The United States during World War II was undoubtedly the country with the strongest military power in the world, much stronger than Germany and the Soviet Union at the time.

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