Cannot forget the cat ear hole: the residence and position of countless soldiers in the Sino-Vietnamese war are here

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Cannot forget the cat ear hole: the residence and position of countless soldiers in the Sino-Vietnamese war are here

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(Article source: Ordnance Technology)

Warriors are not fighting On the day of the cat's ear hole, explore the head to relax.

Since the main battle of the Vietnam Self-defense counterattack on March 5, 1979, the entire 80s During the period, the Sino-Vietnamese borders fought from time to time. Especially during the two mountain wars, our troops were stationed at the front line positions. Sometimes they were kept for ten days or even months. In order to conceal themselves well, the soldiers excavated a lot of fortifications according to local conditions. The small one can only be hidden by one person, and the big one can accommodate three or five people. Because of the digging in the side wall of the gully and the slope, the internal space is similar to the shape of the cat's ear, and the soldiers are commonly known as the "cat ear hole". .

For those who have participated in the counterattacks, the "cat ear hole" is a temporary shelter for self-defense during the first-line position. It is also a position that can directly launch an offensive or defensive battle. And life is by no means an easy task.

As a cat's ear hole in a temporary residence, the internal space is small and narrow, and the entrance and exit will be bowed. Standing will bend over, even if you lie down, you have to bend your arms and legs, as if you were sentenced, the feeling of sorrow is not Most people can understand it. The darkness and dampness in the cave is hard to describe. Typical subtropical climate, high temperature, high humidity, mildew, and food spoilage. Especially after entering the rainy season, the rainy rain continued, and the cat's ear hole was low and the entrance was narrow. The water in the cat's ear hole was filled with ground. Sometimes the water depth crossed the knee and could not sit down. It is extravagant to lie down and rest for a while. The warriors had to use the used ammunition as a platform to support the extremely tired body, sitting on it and taking a break to take advantage of the hardships. Separate dampness and sultry can also endure the teeth, the dirty air in the cave, the smell of sour and sour, mixed with the indescribable stench, almost suffocating; more terrible is the crazy invasion of various tropical insects. , scorpion, scorpion, vicious mosquito mites specifically attack the skin of the yellowing and yellowing, swollen from the bite at the blink of the eye, the water is inflamed, the ulcer rots, and the pus flows out from time to time.

The medical staff of the field hospital went to the cat ear hole to explain the health knowledge to the soldiers

A long-term burrowing life makes the body's physical endurance reach a critical point, all kinds of strange diseases, especially rotten, most common, cat ear hole people There is almost no rotten. Because there is no water and conditions to bathe, and the long-term humidity in the cave, the cotton underwear worn by the soldiers becomes thick and hard on the body. When they walk, they always rub the crotch. Almost all gay men wear it because they are in action. Grinding the place. At first, everyone was embarrassed to say that until some comrades went to the health team to see that the problem was very serious: because the damaged areas were not cleaned well, most of them were already inflamed, and the serious ones were mostly in the scrotum. If it is itchy, it will be scratched by hand. If you want to control it, you will not be able to control it. If you break it, it will break out and it will be very painful. In the end, the soldiers simply took off their shorts and didn't wear clothes all over the body. For a long time, everyone was not surprised.

The cat's ear hole as a battle fort, the soldiers who are in it, attack the enemy several times a day in the battle when the battle is tense. In the battle, the shells will collapse the cat's ear hole. The soldiers splattered the wall, swear to death, and let the people be in the position, swear to coexist with the position, when the soldiers sacrificed their lives, or they were seriously injured, and when they could not withdraw their positions, they could only be in the ruined cat. The last drop of blood in the ear hole, such a dark and sunless half-place, became the "morri" of the martyrs who finally bid farewell to the world and bid farewell to their comrades.

Despite the hardships of life and fighting conditions, our soldiers in the cat's ear caves maintain a positive optimistic spirit. Everyone encourages each other and truly turns themselves into a group. Individuals will consciously leave the last piece of compressed dry food to their comrades, leaving the last drop of water to their comrades, willingly leaving their lives to their comrades, leaving their death to themselves, showing a dauntless heroism.

The soldiers are most happy to receive a letter from the back

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The story of the battle and life of the soldiers in the cat's ear hole on the frontline battlefield, after being reported back to the country by news reports, aroused strong social repercussions, and the spirit of the soldiers who have forgotten their lives has been greatly shocked. People in all walks of life in the peaceful environment behind the scenes, learning from the front line of the warriors, carrying forward the spirit of the cat's ear and hole, became the concerted action of the whole society.

The soldiers of the People’s Army today still have many people stationed in the frontiers of the motherland all the year round. No matter where the place is hot or cold, the soldiers have suitable standard clothing and equipment, resident life and training conditions. It is no longer the same as it used to be, but today and even in the future, the past and the spirit of the cat ear hole still deserve our revisit and study.

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