Which of the governors of Shaanxi and Gansu and the governor of Shandong is even more powerful?

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Which of the governors of Shaanxi and Gansu and the governor of Shandong is even more powerful?

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In the Qing Dynasty official system, Shandong Governor is a more prominent official position. Generally speaking, the official positions of the governor are all from the second rank. The governor of Shandong is an exception. It is the official rank of the second grade, which is one level higher than the general governor. It is a special case. This is the only case in the country.

This situation is due to the fact that there is no general local governor in the jurisdiction of the Shandong governor.

The transaction it has to deal with, in addition to raising the grain needed in the army, appease the people, assess officials, and salt In addition to the affairs of the Suiyun, the Shandong governor is also responsible for military affairs such as military training. In other words, in the jurisdiction of the governor of Shandong, it is the actual leader in the locality, in charge of the military and political power of a province.

This has great similarities with the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu. The Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu is also in charge of the military and political power of the local government. It is also necessary to appease the people, manage the troops and officials in the jurisdiction, handle various government affairs, and maintain local law and order.

However, compared with the Shandong governor, the governor of Shaanxi and Gansu is divided into several regions and provinces. In the early days, the provinces under the jurisdiction of the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu included Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan. Later, the jurisdiction of Sichuan was abolished. Therefore, the jurisdiction of this position has undergone many changes.

However, there are big differences between the two jurisdictions. Shandong is on the sea and there is a yellow river. Shaanxi and Gansu are located in the northwest and are relatively dry. In the same year, there were ancient tea-horse roads.

This difference also affects the differences between the governor of Shandong and the governor of Shaanxi and Gansu. In the environment of the sea, there are very good ports, and it is also close to the conditions in the hinterland of Gyeonggi, so that the governor of Shandong must deal with the problem of sea defense.

In the five years of Xianfeng, the Yellow River was diverted to Shandong. The court also let the Shandong governor take up the river affairs. This was originally the authority of the Governor of Shandong River.

In this way, the Shandong governor will have to live alive and die. All kinds of affairs, people are overwhelmed. Especially in the late Qing Dynasty, when diplomacy was difficult, the affairs increased, and the governor often did not care.

The picture shows Zhang Renjun, governor of Shandong during the Guangxu period.

Guangxu thirty-four years, the Yellow River broke. At that time, the Shandong governor was busy reviewing the Corps, preventing foreigners from encroaching on the concession, and simply did not care about the Yellow River breach. It has a very bad influence on the management of floods. It is also because the Shandong governor has to bear many important functions.

So, in the early period of the Qing Dynasty, the court gave this position to the officials who were born in Mongolia. From the five emperors between Shunzhi and Jiaqing, there are 75 governors in Shandong, of which 55 are full of nobles. Until after Xianfeng, in the Shandong governor, the number of Han officials was the majority.

The official selection of the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu is almost the same. It was not until the Yongzheng period that the Han officials were appointed. Because in the official official certification, the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu is one of the nine major seals. The ancient Tea Horse Road under its jurisdiction is also an ancient Silk Road in the past.

In the past, people used this trade route to exchange tea for horses. In the past it was the corridor of the southwestern economy. It seems that we can only say that these two positions are different in their positions and do different things. The status is the same.

But it is not. Because the Shandong governor has no way to serve other official positions, the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu can concurrently serve as a higher-level official. For example, the Governor General of Shaanxi and Gansu concurrently serves as the sect of the Ministry of Military Affairs and the Imperial Court of the Imperial Court.

This is for them to better control the officials and the military in their jurisdiction. At this time, the grade status of the Shandong governor was already lower than that of the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu.

However, this is not over yet. The Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu will also serve as a university graduate of Zhengyi. In the late Qing Dynasty, Zuo Zongtang was once the governor of Shaanxi and Gansu, and served as a member of the Dongge University. Let them have more scheduling rights.

And, in military affairs, the Shandong governor will be subject to certain interference by the governor of Zhili. Therefore, in general, the status of the Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu is still higher than that of the governor of Shandong.

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