If there is no change of Xuanwumen, who will eventually land on the throne of the Tang Dynasty?

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If there is no change of Xuanwumen, who will eventually land on the throne of the Tang Dynasty?

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Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji, with the opportunity to conquer the Turkic, transferred the elite soldiers of Qin Wangfu to his own team. At the same time, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji discussed the banquet of Li Shimin in Kunming, but the news was inserted by Li Shimin in Donggong. The eyeliner was informed and reported to Li Shimin.

Li Shimin learned that when Prince Li Jiancheng and Qi Wang Li Yuanji were preparing to kill him at the Kunming Pool Feast, he did not feel fear or shock, but instead had a sense of relief. When he told the news to the grandson Sun Wuji, Fang Xuanling and other staff, the people wanted to fight with Li Jiancheng more than one anger.

According to the records of Zizhitongjian, Li Shimin’s staff advised him First, it is strong, but Li Shimin is hesitant, like a coward. In fact, this is only Li Shimin's show, so that he will not fall into a cruel crime, but his men will persuade him to kill his brother.

尉迟敬德 said: "A big disaster may come at any time. How can the king despise his life and ignore it? If you don't listen to me, I will leave the house and wander the rivers and lakes." "

Li Shimin silently said nothing after listening to him. The more calm his performance, the more impatient his aides, and then the grandson said: "If the king does not accept the advice of Yu Chih-Tung, the big thing will be defeated." Then Wu Shimin will finally follow the words: "I want to wait for them to start first, and then consider it."

After listening to Li Shimin’s words, the audience is even more I am impatient. Of course, in the end, Li Shimin still listened to the words of Yu Chih-Jing and others. In the Xuanwu goalkeeper Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji killed him.

But in the process of persuading Li Shimin, there is actually a hidden The details that are easily overlooked are that even if Li Jiancheng kills Li Shimin, it is not him who inherits the throne, but Li Yuanji. In order to persuade Li Shimin, Chang Sun Wuji and others said to Li Shimin that Xue Shi, the guardian of Qi Wangfu, once said to the king: "The name of Qi Wang is a Tang word." Li Yuanji was very happy after listening. Said: "If you remove the Qin Wang Li Shimin, replacing the Prince Li Jiancheng is a matter of ease." (But Qin Wang, take the East Palace as the anti-palm.)

Now go back and taste the Zizhi Tongjian This record is still quite true. Qi Wang Li Yuanji is a cruel man. He has repeatedly persuaded Li Jiancheng to kill Li Shimin.

In addition, born in the emperor's family, Li Yuanji is also very much interested in being an emperor. If Li Jiancheng really removes Li Shimin, then Li Yuanji is most likely to be an emperor.

Because Li Jiancheng has always regarded Li Shimin as his biggest competitor, once Li Shimin After being removed, the Prince will relax his vigilance and will give Li Yuanji the opportunity to kill himself, because Li Jiancheng is unprepared for Li Yuanji.

If Li Shimin is actually built by Li to "catch up", then Li Yuanji is the "red bird", otherwise he will not say "but the king of Qin, take the East Palace." p>