Why are there so many crows in the Forbidden City? No wild history says so much

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Why are there so many crows in the Forbidden City? No wild history says so much

2018-09-27 00:25:32 476 ℃

The crow is called the "bird of death", but there are a lot of crows in the Forbidden City. Is it really because the Forbidden City is too yin?

In fact, in satisfying people, the crow is a god bird. According to the records of Manchuria in the Qing Dynasty, the ancestors of Aixinjue Roche had a man named Fancha, who was chased by the rebels in the same year. As a result, many crows fell on him, and the rebels mistakenly thought that no one had escaped. Legend has it that Nurhachi was chased and killed by the enemy in the past, and when he ran without a word, it was also a day when a group of crows surrounded him and escaped. In the same year, Huang Taiji was chased by enemy forces and was also surrounded by crows and escaped.

Therefore, in order to thank the crow for the salvation of the crows, the family loved the crows and offered a crow in the palace. The top disc was filled with meat and other food for the crows to forage. After hundreds of years of feeding, the clever bird of this kind has been proliferating in the Forbidden City.

But the Qing Dynasty has long since perished, no one has come to feed the crows. Why are there still many crows clustering now? According to the observations of scholars, it is not that there will be crows all over the year, but only in the winter night. This requires the use of geo-disciplinary knowledge to explain that the city is hyperthermized due to a large number of artificial heats, and the heat island effect, making the suburban temperature much lower than the city center, and the Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing, the highest temperature, so The crow will choose to go to the suburbs for food during the day and go to the Forbidden City to avoid the cold at night. In addition, the crows like to stop at the tall trees at night, and there are a large number of old trees and ancient buildings in the palace to provide conditions for the crows to avoid winter.

It turns out that there are so many crows in the Forbidden City, just because in the winter, they need a warm home!