Why didn't Nurhachi pass to Dorgon after his death?

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Why didn't Nurhachi pass to Dorgon after his death?

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Dolce is one of Nurhachi’s very loving sons, and his mother, Abahai, is Nurhachi. The most beloved nephew in his later years, Nurhachi died of illness in 1626, and then Huang Taiji succeeded to the throne. Why is it not Dorgon? In fact, on the talents, the origins, and the power of Dolly at that time, they could not compete with Huang Taiji.


1. After the death of Nurhachi, the main reason for competing for sweat is to emperor To the very top of the four major Baylor and Abahai headed by Dole, in terms of both forces, Dolce is in absolute disadvantage. In 1616, Nurhachi established the post-gold, and at the same time enshrined the four major Baylors. Later, the four major Baylors carried out a monthly rotation to jointly deal with the imperial government affairs. At that time, it was a powerful moment. In 1622, Nurhachi established the power structure of "eight kings rule together" and Dolce was not directly involved. And on the political status, Dolce has only a half-flag, and the gap between the flag bearer and Baylor is very obvious, even less than the same four small Baylor's Azig and many. The four big Baylors were very disdainful to Dorgon, so the United States has supported the Emperor Taiji and succeeded in forcing Abahai to be buried in Nurhachi.

Second, in terms of experience, Huang Taiji often went with his father and established a heroic battle. His ability was naturally recognized by Nurhachi. On the other hand, Dolce has not had a battlefield before, lack of experience, who is superior and who is inferior. Nurhachi’s ultimate goal is to enter the Central Plains and realize the unification. After he lost to Yuan Chonghuan in Ningyuan, he was greatly stimulated and wanted to revenge. Therefore, he needed an heir with outstanding military abilities. Dolce is simply unable to afford this important task.

Three, when it comes to age, Dorgon is also in a disadvantage. When Nurhachi died, Huang Taiji was 34 years old, and he was just as bloody. Dorgon is only 14 years old. Once he succeeds, he must be assisted. At that time, the most suitable for the auxiliary government was Daishan and Abahai. However, Daishan and Abahai had earlier dyed and had caused Nurhachi. Furious, Nurhachi certainly will not be assured that the two will help.

Fourth, about the birth, Huang Taiji's biological mother and Nurhachi can be described as childhood, very affectionate, she unfortunately died, was chased as Xiaoci high emperor. Although Abahai is the favorite of Nurhachi in his later years, she is not very strict. The previous affair with Daishan was exposed and Nurhachi was extremely angry. Later, she privately possessed property. After Nurhachi learned it, she was furious and gave her three chapters of the law, which triggered a true and false "divorce case." How much will affect Dolce’s position in Nurhachi’s heart.

In summary, Nurhachi’s passing to Huang Taiji can be said to be reasonable. It is said that Nurhachi’s dying and Abahai’s preaching to Dorgon’s rumor are not to be able to withstand scrutiny.


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