Xu Zhimo's last choice: all the faults of love

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Xu Zhimo's last choice: all the faults of love

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This is 1921, about the same year, he met Lin Huiyin. However, according to Jiang Baili's statement: "Before Zhimo went abroad, she saw Lin Huiyin (in) in Beijing. At that time, although she was young, she was already very moving. Liang Gongzi sent Huiyin (in) to Europe, or two. The little scorpion smashed on the head. At that time, Shima’s enthusiasm, thoughts, and literary talents were blossoming in Europe. The little girl was fast, especially when the sea breeze blows, living in the environment of European material civilization. Look at her like a flower in the spring, after a gust of wind, after a burst of sunshine, after a burst of rain, opened, opened! The stunner created by the sky, to the world to find beauty, looking for love, happened to meet Shima. Very good, today a letter, a letter tomorrow. Shima is back, Huiyin (cause) fell ill. "This kind of narrative full of vivid details and emotions, or you can talk about it.

Lin Huiyin

Zhang Youyi to the UK should be at the end of 1920. According to the "Xu Zhimo Chronicle", "Winter Lady Zhang Youyi went abroad with Liu Zikai to London, England." Obviously, this "winter" refers to the winter of 1920, about mid-December. Because Xu Zhimo’s home book on November 26 also mentioned when Zhang Youyi could come, he said: “The former 鈖媳 (Zhang Youyi) still has short and simple consolation from time to time, and has never written since the spontaneous journey to Europe. It’s pitiful, is the adult aware of it? Even if it’s a big deal, even if it’s a big man’s promise, I don’t know what day it will come?” However, after Zhang Youyi’s arrival, their husband and wife lived happily, even step by step to the end. . In March 1922, Zhang Youyi gave birth to her and Xu Zhimo's second child. "In Berlin, Germany, Wu Desheng (Jiu Xiong) and Jin Longzhen (Yue Lin) two witnesses," Xu Zhimo and his wife Zhang Youyi divorced. "And Zhimao parents can't bear to leave Xu family and think of sending women."

Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi

Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi divorced, one of the important reasons is that he fell in love with Lin Huiyin. Lin Huiyin is the daughter of Lin Changmin. Due to the intimate relationship between Lin Changmin and Liang Qichao, she was “promised” Liang Sicheng when she was 14 or 5 years old. However, according to Liang Qichao, parents only introduce and bridge their children. If they do not succeed, they must rely on young people to communicate with themselves. They decide that parents are not forced.

Xu Zhimo

As for the relationship between Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi, the relationship between them is " It’s hard to be arrogant, and the subtleties are complicated. I’m afraid only the parties can understand the truth and speak it. Moreover, the attitude towards marriage is dominated by a certain outlook on life. It can be said to be arrogant, but the emotions of two people, the hurt and the pain of the heart are not something that others can experience and taste. In this sense, Zhang Youyi's dictation in his later years is very rare and important. Zhang Youmei, the granddaughter of Zhang Youyi, after five years of interviews, finally enriched it into a biography of Zhang Youyi, whose reliability should be very high. Obviously, this "Little Feet and Suit: Zhang Youyi and Xu Zhimo's Family Change" provides us with a different perspective on Xu Zhimo's attitude towards his wife, Zhang Youyi. We know that, at least in Zhang Youyi's view, In the process of divorce, Xu Zhimo not only did not give Zhang Youyi the opportunity to be an independent person, but completely ignored the feelings of a mother who had just given birth, so that she had no chance to make a choice for her life.

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