Although he was a bitter Queen of the Han Dynasty, he was sacrificed as a flower god after his death.

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Although he was a bitter Queen of the Han Dynasty, he was sacrificed as a flower god after his death.

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Lv is the original match of Liu Bang. He gave Lu Yuan Princess and Han Huidi for Liu Bang. Although Princess Lu Yuan was later a royal family member, he was fateful when he was young. When he was in the battle of Chu and Han, his father Liu Bang met Lu Yuan and Liu Ying on the way to run. The Chu Cavalry was chasing after chasing. Liu Bang saw the situation in a critical situation. He actually pushed their brothers and sisters out of the car. Fortunately, Xia Houying took the two in the car and finally fled the tiger's mouth.

Later, Liu Bang went to attack the Xiongnu, encountering Bai Deng’s encirclement, in order to live to promise the Huns and pro, originally It was to marry the Princess Lu Yuan to the Xiongnu, because Lu did not agree, and finally gave up.

The Princess Lu Yuan later married Zhao Wang Zhang Wei as his wife, and he gave birth to Zhang Huan and his daughter Zhang Wei. In order to consolidate his own power, Lu later also wants to kiss his relatives, but he does not care about Renren’s eleven-year-old Zhang Huan marrying his own Han Han Hui Di Liu Ying.

It is this move that brought Zhang Zhen a tragedy of his life. Liu Ying was deeply influenced by Confucianism. It is unacceptable for this disregarding practice, plus Zhang Yan’s young, Lu Hou’s After trying to get pregnant and not, Lu Hou designed to teach her to pretend to be pregnant, and then to take the son of Han Huidi and the daughter of the palace, Liu Gong, who lied to be born by Zhang Wei, and then killed Liu Gong’s mother, and stood Liu Gong is the crown prince.

Han Huidi saw Liu Ying in the latrine, and her wife was maimed by her mother. After the tragic situation, the wine was poured into the disease, and in the first 188 years, Liu Ying was depressed after the disappointment, when Zhang was only 14 years old. Lv Hou supported Liu Gong as the emperor, and he was called the emperor, and still called the Empress Dowager. Zhang Wei still called the Queen.

In the first 187 years, Zhang Wei’s mother died, and Zhang Hao lost her closest relatives. After Lu’s resignation, Liu Gongkou’s resentment ruined him’s change to another Han Huidi. Liu Hong was the emperor, and Lu later continued to use the system of the DPRK. Zhang Wei was still standing by the side. Before Lu’s death, Lu’s daughter was ordered to be the queen. Soon Lu was removed and Zhang Hao had no chance to be a queen. However, Zhang Hao also completely lost the last blessing.

In the first 180 years, the group of ministers removed all of Lu, and held Liu Heng as the emperor. Liu Heng placed him in The residence of the North Palace, in addition to the position of Queen Zhang. Zhang Wei lives in the North Palace, silent, and the sunrise and sunset are seventeen years old. After the death of Zhang Huan, he was buried in Anling with Han Huidi, nicknamed "Queen Hui Hui", 40 years old.

Zhang Wei was a peerless beauty since childhood. According to the "Han Gong Chun Se", Zhang Wei went to the palace with her mother Lu Yuan, and her grandfather Han Gaozu Liu Bang Let Mrs. Yan hold her and say to Mrs. Yu: "While it is unparalleled, even after ten years of this woman, it is impossible to do it." It means that ten years later The beauty of Zhang Huan is by no means comparable to that of Mrs.

But her beauty can only be self-respected. After all, she married the wrong person, but the later TV series "Beauty of the Beauty" took her love with Zhou Yafu. She wished to marry her favorite person, but Before the return of Zhou Yafu, he died of illness. After dying, Zhou Yafu did not see one side and died. After the death, Zhou Yafu put a hair in her hand to send a grief.

But this is a romance, and the difference with wild history is still very big. "Han Gong Chun Se" records: not many days later, the year forty-one. The maid heard the sound of the air, and the fragrance was not scattered for several days. After the absence of flesh and blood, the prostitute was on the side, when the small converged, the maid was bathed after the examination, and the lower body after the inspection, all said: "Poor, then the real virgin also.", meaning that Zhang Hao is still the virgin body when he dies. In the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Guanzhong people respected her as a silkworm god or a flower god, and she was a temple. It is said that today's flower festival is still offering her.

Zhang Wei is the first queen in China who did not make the Queen, the first relative, the first queen, who was automatically deposed.

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