Is Cai Jing a reformist or a conservative, and how much responsibility does he have in the Northern Song Dynasty?

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Is Cai Jing a reformist or a conservative, and how much responsibility does he have in the Northern Song Dynasty?

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The Song dynasty was a dynasty established by the northerners. In the ruling class of the bureaucrats, they have always been very prejudiced against the southerners. They called the Sichuanese people "Chuan-chuan", which is a metaphor for stupidity and called Fujian people "Fujianzi". Trauding and embarrassing. Cai Jing was a "Fujian son". During his political career, he was quite unseen. At that time, there was a saying that "breaking the tube and splashing the vegetables, it is a good world in the world". The "tube" is Tong Tong, and the "dish" is Cai Jing. Later, Jin Renbing was under the capital of the capital, and the court wanted to liquidate the culprits of making a mess. He listed a "six thief" and Cai Jing was at the top of the list. It can be seen that Cai Jing’s reputation in the ruling and opposition is extremely stinky. A traitor who is indignant.

However, Cai Jing is still a good ruling. Cai Jing belongs to the reformist. He not only inherits the better part of Wang Anshi's reform policy, but also further deepens and innovates. He presided over the monopoly reform of tea, salt and wine, focusing on the management of all aspects of sales and circulation with business rules. Effectively increased fiscal revenue.

In terms of the people's livelihood system, Cai Jing created a social charity system and a rescue system, and established a “living home” that specializes in adopting “the widowed loneliness” and “Anjifang” for the treatment of patients with difficulties. Governance has created a good model and made substantial contributions to solving the problem of providing for the elderly and the medical treatment of the poor. It is pioneering and forward-looking. I don't think that because Cai Jing is a traitor, he deny his political achievements and credit. It is neither wise nor real, and there is no conscience.

His calligraphy talent is not to be said, but one thing is that because he is a traitor, the descendants will give the calligraphy of "Song Sijia" - "Su, Huang, Mi, Cai" Cai Wei, in fact, is Cai Jing.

Of course, people listed him as a traitor, mainly because he accompanied him Song Huizong played, labor and wealth. At that time, Tong Guan was ordered to go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to search for rare things. Cai Jing, who was a leisurely person in Hangzhou, came up with an idea. Tong Tong was responsible for collecting. Cai Jing was responsible for the identification. The ancient painting and calligraphy treasures were continuously sent to Song Huizong, and Cai Jing became the prime minister.

Cai Jing did not disappoint the trust of Song Huizong, Song Huizong was fun, he accompanied; Song Huizong liked treasure, he searched; Song Huizong wanted to build Longevity Hill, he would Daxing "Hua Shi Gang" In the battle, arrange for people to go to Jiangnan to search for the flowers, and send those exotic flowers and rare birds to Beijing.

The Northern Song Dynasty is dying, what responsibility does Cai Jing have? I think it should be a help for the abuse. The culprit is of course the ruthless emperor of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty. Cai Jing, at most, is an accomplice. If it is very sinful, Song Huizong will score nine points. Cai Jing and other thieves will share a maximum of one point. .

Cai Jing later died of long wave, and he made "Xi Jiang Yue" before his death. The word: "In the past eighty-one years, there are no homes in four thousand miles. Now it is flowing to the horizon. Dreaming of Yaochi. The five halls of the jade hall are dying, and the court is a few times." Because of this glory, there is now Things are also." This is a brilliant portrayal of his life, but also a reflection of dying.