Who is Chen Deng? Why is Xin Qiji admiring his personality?

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Who is Chen Deng? Why is Xin Qiji admiring his personality?

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The author of this article is Li Wei, a member of the Jiu Nu Nu School Youth Association.

In the famous song of the Southern Song Dynasty, Xin Qiji’s masterpiece "Shui Longxuan • Deng Jiankang Xinting Pavilion", there is such a sentence: "Seeking the field, I am afraid to be ashamed, Liu Lang is angry." Here, an allusion in "Three Kingdoms • Chen Dengchuan" was used. The famous scholar Xu Wei and Liu Bei and Liu Biao together commented on the characters, saying that Chen Deng had "Huhai Haoqi" and complained to Liu Bei that he had visited Chen Deng and Chen Deng. "Long time does not match words", completely not relative to the hospitality. In the evening he will be arranged to stay, and he will fall asleep. Liu Bei listened and said: "Jun has the name of a national sergeant. Today, there is a big chaos. The emperor has lost his position. He hopes that the king will forget the country and have a sense of salvation. What is the name of the word, and why is it with the Jun language?" The words expressed appreciation for Chen Deng. Xin Qiji is here to use this allusion to express his ambition to be the best in the world and to be with Liu Lang and Yuan Long.

The image of Xin Qiji imagined in later generations

This is not the only time Chen Deng appeared in the words of Xin Qiji. When he talked about his friendship with Zhishi Chen Liang, he said: "Like now, Yuan Long stinks, Meng Gong Gu Ge, I am sick to come to drink, to shock the floor and fly snow." ("Groom groom • Father See you, and then use the rhyme to answer the question.) He also sighed Chen Denglai to express his unrequited resentment: "Yuanlong daddy, may wish to lie high, curling cold. The ages rise and fall, a hundred years of sorrow, a moment to visit. "("水龙吟•过难涧双溪楼") by Chen Deng praised friends: "I feel more than a hundred feet of Yuanlong Building, Huhai is very proud. Since the years of sigh, look at the flowers, the old is not as good as people." Nian Nujiao and Zhao Luguo and Yun" can be seen that Xin Qiji is not only aware of Chen Deng’s life, but also admires his personality. According to statistics, in the more than 600 words of Xin Qiji's existence, the three-character figures Cao Cao and Liu Bei are 10 times each, and Chen Deng has 7 times. The grandson of the three kingdoms has only three times, saying that Xin Qiji cited Chen Deng as the same tone. For too.

In fact, in addition to Xin Qiji, the Song Dynasty poets, especially the bold scholars of the Southern Song Dynasty, seem to have a soft spot for Chen Deng, a character who was nearly a thousand years ago. For example, Zhang Yuanqian's "dream in the original, wielding tears, all over Nanzhou. Yuanlong Lake sea heroic, hundred feet tall high-rise." ("Water Tune Songs and Chasing") lamented that although Chen Dengxin is in the world's aspirations but the merits are difficult. Another example is Zhang Xiaoxiang's "Snow-washing and dusty, the wind is about to stay in Chuyun, who is writing a tragic and strong, blowing the corner of the ancient city tower. The lake and the sea are full of pride, closing the scenery now, cut the candle to see Wu hook." ("Water Melody · And Pang Youfu") This is what he heard when Yun Yunwen defeated Yan Liang's good news in Caishiji.

Contemporary Publication of "Zhang Xiaoxiang's Poetry Anthology"

From the Record of "Three Kingdoms·Chen Dengchuan" It can be seen that Chen Deng was born in the Huaipu Confucian family and was extremely arduous. In the second year of Jian'an, Yuan Shu was the emperor in Shouchun, and sent Lu Bu to tell the emperor, and please marry the daughter of Lu Bu. Chen Dengshi was a subordinate of Lu Bu, worried that Yuan Lulian’s marriage would be an alliance and “will be a national disaster”. So he offered Cao Cao and removed Lu Bu. After that, Cao Cao added Chen Dengfu, general, and served as Guangling. Chen Deng was in the Guangling Taishou, "declared rewards and punishments, prestige announced", and thus "the earth is returning to life", "the people think and love". "Daxing water conservancy, grain storage training, even Jianghuai between the heart, so there is In this way, his conflict with the Jiangdong Sun brothers is inevitable, so there are two battles of Qi Qi. For the first time, facing the enemy army ten times his own, the subordinates requested retreat, Chen Deng was calm and fought, and defeated Sun Wu. "There are thousands of people." In the five years of Jian'an, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were confronted with Guan Du, and Sun Ce was trying to attack Xu. But Chen Deng was stationed in Sheyang, and he Inscriptions and Yan Baihu's remaining party, in order to see the ruin of the murder." Sun Ce helpless, "reconnaissance, the army to Dantu", was assassinated. Soon, Sun Quan for the brothers hatred, and attacked Chen Deng in Qi Qi. Chen Deng On the one hand, Cao Chenjiao asked Cao Cao for help. When he was faced with danger, he finally broke Sun Quan and “decapitated 10,000.” Chen Deng’s two battles made him famous, attracted Cao Cao’s suspicion, and adjusted him. After a few years, he was depressed. At the end of the year, he is only 39 years old.

In the film and television works Deng image

has the ambition of supporting the country, has the ability to govern the country and the people, and has the strategy of leading the war, making Chen Deng a model of the main war literati in the Southern Song Dynasty. Cao Cao, who was under the control of the Han Dynasty, was arrogant and unrequited. He was similar to the situation of Xin Qiji and others, and it was easy to cause sentimentality and resentment. Therefore, Chen Dengcai of "Huhai Haoqi" appeared repeatedly in Xin Qiji and others.


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