Why did Li Shiqun, the leader of Wang Puppet 76, dare to swear?

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Why did Li Shiqun, the leader of Wang Puppet 76, dare to swear?

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Ma Zhenduo, curator and research librarian of China Second Historical Archives. Research Center of the Republic of China History of Nanjing University, Research Center of Nanjing Massacre of the Japanese Invaders in Nanjing Normal University, and Visiting Researcher and Graduate Instructor of the Research Center of Chiang Kai-shek and Modern China at Zhejiang University. The State Council special allowance recipient. I am a guest speaker at the school.

Army, deputy research librarian of the Second Historical Archives of China, has published many articles on the archives of the Republic of China and the history of the Republic of China, and edited the "Japanese Invasion of China"


Wang Jingwei made a speech

Li Shiqun led the No. 76 spy responsible for the security work of the Qingdao conference. He boasted of Haikou and his chest was shot. The mountain rang, and repeatedly asked Wang Jingwei to rest assured that he had arranged everything and absolutely guaranteed the safety of the meeting. Why did Li Shiqun dare to make such a big package? It turns out that Li has mastered an important card for the Chongqing military unit Dai Dai.

Daily was blamed by Chiang Kai-shek for being unsuccessful in several times, but he has never given up. At this time, the Wang Pseudo Group’s low morale due to Gao Tao’s departure is a good time for the thorns. Therefore, Dai Wei once again issued the thorny secret, and the executor was Fu Shenglan, the stationmaster of the Qingdao Station of the North China Military Region. Coincidentally, Li Shiqun had a military general who fell into the water, Wang Tianmu, this person is the old boss of Fu Shenglan, and he knows everything about Fu in Qingdao.

Wang Jingwei visits Japan

Wang Tianmu is a native of the Northeast. He used to be one of the "Four Kings" of Dai Wei. In his early years, he organized a cross-disciplinary organization with Dai Wei and Tang Zong. It is the predecessor of Chiang Kai-shek's secret organization of the Renaissance Society. Its status within the military system is not low.

When Wang Tianmu worked in Shanghai, he was dissatisfied with the dissatisfaction with Dai Dai’s handling of the problem, and Dai Rongrong was not allowed to resist his life. Wang Tianmu’s anger was surrendered to the 76th. The traitor. After surrender, although the qualifications were very old, Wang Tianmu was not trusted and reused by Li Shiqun because he could not get a decent meeting. This time, Wang Tianmu actively invited the war and took the initiative to ask Li Shiqun to go to Qingdao to defend Wang Jingwei's safety. He wanted to make a big contribution, so he raised his head in front of Li Shiqun and re-made it as a man of the wind.

When Wang Tianmu arrived in Qingdao, he immediately took people around to capture the military's Fu Shenglan, but he found a few places and failed to return. Wang Tianmu thought, where is this Fu Shenglan hidden?

Fu Shenglan is less than 30 years old and has a talented person. He is very romantic. Ding Meizhen, the accountant of the military unit Qingdao Station, is a pair of lovers. At that time, the two opened a small department store for concealment and lurked in Qingdao. After receiving the secret order of Dai Jing’s assassination of Wang Jingwei, Fu and Ding had already discussed the situation. They bought a Qingdao waiter’s waitress who was selected by the tripartite traitor. They put the time bomb into the vase base and quietly brought it into the hotel. Good explosion time, only to detonate when waiting for a meeting. After Fu Shenglan arranged everything, he and his lover were safely hiding. On this day, Wang Tianmu was finally blocked by a group of people living in secret cohabitation.

Fu Shenglan was arrested by Li Shiqun and only said that he would no longer carry out the assassination of Wang Jingwei. He would not fall into the water as a traitor, but his girlfriend Ding Meizhen did not think so. Because the military system has very strict regulations on marriage, the two have lived together for a long time but have not been able to publicly become married. Ding Meizhen is deeply regretful. Ding Meizhen saw the future of the war of resistance. Under Dai Dai’s hands, he could not get enough money and was subject to strict control. He simply fell to Wang’s embrace. Therefore, led by Ding Meizhen, Fu Shenglan proposed surrender conditions, first asked to agree to them to marry in Shanghai, and secondly asked Li Shiqun to arrange for Fu Shenglan not to be lower than Wang Tianmu. After Li Shiqun agreed, Fu Shenglan immediately handed over all the people, guns and radio stations of the military uniform Qingdao Station.

Li Shiqun did not say anything, and then held a grand wedding for Fu and Ding at Shanghai Bailemen Restaurant and presented a room for one. Building, gold one hundred and two. Fu Shenglan betrayed the military system, but together with Li Shiqun and Wang Tianmu became the protectors of the Qingdao traitors conference, while the military unified Qingdao agent station was completely destroyed. Fu Shenglan later served as the stationmaster of the Wuhan Puppet Agents Wuhan Station and the Hangzhou Station. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he was shot by Dai Wei.

The game between Chongqing Agent and Agent No. 76 in Qingdao ended with Dai Tong’s failure. Dai’s hatred of Li Shiqun also laid the initial foreshadowing of Li Shiqun’s poisoning.

Ma Zhenduo, Army, "Agent No. 76", Chongqing Publishing House, 1st edition, October 2017.