What is the monthly salary of the Qing Dynasty eunuch? Can live a well-off life but have no sense of security

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What is the monthly salary of the Qing Dynasty eunuch? Can live a well-off life but have no sense of security

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Eunuchs are the existence of the ancient royal family, and they have repeatedly stirred up the political situation. However, in the last dynasty, the Qing dynasty, the eunuch surprisingly guarded the duty, there was very little political situation, and there was no such situation as "the eunuch's exclusive power."

This is because at the beginning of the founding of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor learned the lessons of the former dynasty and was particularly vigilant against the eunuchs, not only strictly limiting the number of eunuchs in the palace, but also strictly restricting their behavior.

At the beginning of 1751, Emperor Qianlong decreed that the number of eunuchs was set at 3,300. In fact, in the end of the Qing Dynasty, the number of eunuchs in the palace was not enough. In the late Qing Dynasty, it was generally maintained at around 2,000 people.

Chonghua Palace sergeant Zhang Shuanglin.

The Qing court used the eunuch as a slave and hard labor. Kangxi Emperor called it "the most squat, the insect ant." With the positioning of "bug ants", in addition to doing their own jobs, but where there are violations of the law, theft of bribes, the submission of Manchu officials, the evaluation of the bureaucrats, etc., that is, the execution is delayed.

The vast majority of eunuchs are poor people. They endure great pains and go into the palace, not to grasp the power, but to seek a food and clothing. So what is their income situation?

The eunuch’s income is related to their status and place of work.

Taking the eunuch of the court of honor as an example, the "Presidents in the Palace of the Imperial Palace" records that "the four-product palace supervised and served the monthly food silver eight or two, rice gossip, the public expenditure system has always been three hundred; Wupin Palace Supervisor is responsible for the monthly food silver seven or two, rice seven baht, the public fee system has always been two hundred; six products palace supervision monthly silver five or two, rice five baht, public money system consistently one hundred; seven products are bound Waiting for the monthly food silver four or two, rice four baht, the public fee system has been consistent; eight products waiter monthly silver three or two, rice three baht, public money for seven hundred."

Gao Hengmao, the eunuch of the Zhonghua Palace.

There is no ordinary eunuch of the grade. According to the qualifications, the monthly silver is 22 to 32, the rice is one and a half to three, and the public money is 600.

The difference in income brought about by the workplace, for example, the eight-product servant of the Qing dynasty, the monthly food silver, four meters, four meters, the public fee of seven hundred, almost with the seven rooms of the deacon The observant's income is equal.

In the history of the Qing Dynasty, the income of the eunuch was roughly the same, and there was little change before and after. To put it another way, the title of the four titles is the highest grade of the eunuch. Like Li Lianying, who is wearing the second item, it is an exception that exceeds the regulation.

Hua Shun, the eunuch of the Zhonghua Palace.

For an ordinary eunuch with a monthly salary of three or two, his annual salary is 36, which is more than the thirty-two of the nine-person civil servant. It should be said that the eunuch's income is still good, allowing them to transition from the bottom of society to a well-off society.

In addition to the rated monthly case, the eunuch has multiple sources of income. For example, the new eunuchs between the ages of 10 and 20, each with a silver medal of six or two, and a flag of four. If the eunuch goes out with the main son, he will also be rewarded with the silver fee. The eunuch and the chief eunuch will pay twice a day, and the ordinary eunuch will pay a day.

When the emperor enthroned, pro-governance, big marriage, longevity, and the empress of the empress, the birthday of the empress, or the birth of the princess, the palace will celebrate, and the eunuch will receive a reward as usual.

The eunuch of the Chonghua Palace was Zhou Decai.

If the discretion is savvy, eloquent, and able to talk about the favor of the master, the reward is also great. Small to a purse, a few silver, to a jade, leather robe worth hundreds of dollars, all in the palace between the masters of the wave.

The above is the eunuch’s bright income, and there is reason to believe that they still have a very good gray income. Although the emperor forbids eunuchs to interact with officials, officials need to listen to the news in the palace, often at the expense of buying eunuchs. It can even be inferred that the eunuch's grey income exceeds their normal income.

The economic situation of the eunuchs has greatly improved compared to their origins. However, they have no sense of security in their hearts. On the one hand, the rules in the palace are many and strict. They may be expelled from the Forbidden City at any time because of mistakes. On the other hand, how to live after they are out of the palace is a difficult problem and cannot be considered in advance.

So, the money earned by the eunuch is mainly to bet on the future and prepare for the pension.

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